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"Primrose Everdeen!" the capitol representative announces into the microphone. The name echoes eerily across the silent crowd and my heart stops in my chest. It feels as if my ribs have turned into a boa constrictor, steadily crushing the life out of me.

"PRIM!" I yell, rushing to my little sister "PRIM!" I don't cry, I've hardened my heart too much for that. The Peacekeepers won't let me get close enough. I don't think. I don't stop to contemplate what will happen if I say the words at the back of my mind. They force themselves off my tongue; firing like the arrows I shoot to feed my family.

"I VOLUNTEER" I cry desperately and the whole district turns to me in shock. Prim is the most surprised. "I volunteer as tribute" I say calmly, forcing myself to say it loud enough for everyone to hear. I's distantly aware of Prim screaming in protest but I knows Gale will look after my.

I'm lead to the platform and Effie, this year's representative for District 12 congratulates me. I am quickly taken into the Hall of Justice and the family visits pass in a blur. I dimly remember telling Gale to look after them and making sure my mother would be there for Prim.


The bullet train to The Capitol has stopped for the penultimate time, picking up the tributes from District 2. I am jolted out of my reminiscing of The Reaping as my door is thrown open and there in the doorway is a girl who looks about 15.

"Oh… didn't know there was a tribute in here…" The girl says apologetically, a slight blush gracing her cheeks. I look at the girl for a long time, taking in her small yet lithe and obviously strong figure, her long black hair in a braid, her stance, her nervous smile and finally her eyes. Those eyes, although I don't know it yet, would come to haunt my every waking and dreaming moment.

"Hello? Capitol got your tongue? " The girl waves her hand in front of my face and I am suddenly snapped back to reality.

"Oh, yeah… I mean no, I can talk… I mean um… yes. There's a tribute in here… Me.… but I have a double bed in here if there's no other room… I'm Katniss" I stumble over my words, momentarily stunned by the girl's beauty and scramble from the bed in a jumble of arms and legs and accidentally fall into the shorter girl.

"Well, you're going to do well in the games aren't you?" says the back haired beauty as she catches me in her arms. I mumble an apology and step back, turning away to hide my blush.

"I'm Clove. District 2. What district are you?" I hear the other girl say and the name rings in my mind. Clove. I turn around to see Clove looking at me oddly, her arm outstretched. My hand acts of it's own accord, gripping the younger girl's and shaking it in welcome.

"Well?" Clove asks expectantly and I blush again as I realise I'm meant to answer.
"12" I say hurriedly "District 12." Clove looks surprised but smiles warmly, assuring me that she'll be back to claim the other half of the double bed if there aren't any extras anywhere else.

I watch Clove walk back down the corridor before slumping into my bed, face buried in the pillow. Today is shaping up to be an extremely weird day.


I wake up suddenly, aware of the door opening silently. Pale light wanders in from the window as a warm body steals into the room.

"Who are you and what do you want?" I ask defiantly, sounding more confident than I feel. "I'm armed and dangerous if you try anything before the games begin" I continue. A blatant lie but perhaps it will deter the intruder.

"Chill out, Kat, It's just me. I couldn't sleep. Do you mind?" Clove stands by the double bed awkwardly as I realise what Clove is asking. I pull the covers away and make room for the younger girl in the bed, surprised when Clove lies extremely close to me.

"How come you can't sleep?" I ask softly, trying to forget the fact that in a week or two this girl would be my enemy.

"Cato was trying to come on to me so I went to bed early but I couldn't get used to the train moving" Clove replied, a sneer in her voice as she talked of Cato whom Katniss assumed was her district partner.

"That sucks. Don't you like Cato?" I ask curiously and for some reason I beam when Clove answers with a snort and says 'no way, he's a boy!'

"What do you mean, he's a boy?" I think out loud, suddenly wondering why I'm so hopeful that maybe it means Clove likes girls.

"I…" Clove starts, trailing off and becoming silent in the darkness. "Goodnight Katniss" she says abruptly and turns over so her back is facing my face. I try not to be disappointed.

"Goodnight Clove. Sleep well"


Morning light flows into the cabin and I awake slowly, surprised to feel a comfortable pressure on my chest and waist. I look down and there is Clove, her head resting on my chest and an arm flung possessively across my waist. I blush at the closeness, not ever being this affectionate with anyone, not even Prim. Clove makes a small mewling sound in her sleep and I try not to die from adorableness. Unwilling to move, I stay where I am, letting Clove wake up by herself.

"Hey there sleepy head" I smile at the girl from District 2 who looks up at me sleepily.

"Amanda, I had a nightmare, I got chosen for The Hunger Games" Clove replied softly, kissing a very confused me on the cheek.

"Clove? My name is Katniss. Remember?" I say slowly, trying to ignore the butterflies in my stomach and the burning on my cheek where Clove's lips touched my skin. Clove's eyes widen and she sits up quickly before hiding her emotion as her training kicks back in. She isn't just a fifteen year old anymore, she was a career. She's deadly.

"Why would I want to remember YOUR name, District 12?" She sneers and I'm hurt by the sudden attitude change. Clove stands up from the bed and stalks to the door, leaving abruptly.

"…Clove?" I whisper sadly, curling up with my extra pillow to compensate for the younger girl's missing body. I'd never be able to sleep by myself ever again.

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