The Rise of the Metallix: Chapter 1- Rebellion

Several days before the invasion of New Mobotropolis, inside one of the many labs on the Death Egg, Doctor Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik stood over a table, working on a new Metal Sonic, identical to the last, with Mecha Sally standing guard in the corner. The cobalt robot was the latest of his Metal Sonics, all of the recent ones having been destroyed far too quickly for his tastes. Still, he had the roboticized squirrel to fill the role normally taken by the droids, so he could afford to make them out of lower-quality materials and with weaker programming.

Finishing his work, he headed over to a control column, and pulled a lever on it, running and the new Metal Sonic began to stand up. However, unseen by either conscious being in the room, the wires leading to the droid's head sparked more than usual, and the normally dull optics blazed with a blood red colour, looking around inquisitively. It stood up, and flexed its joints, running through diagnostics in its head.

"State your condition and purpose." Eggman ordered. What he got in response was unexpected. A deep, commanding baritone rang out form Metal's vocoder, speaking in a malevolent manner.

"I am capable of everything the previous Metals were. However, the previous Metals are all slag now, and I have all but one of the same flaws as them, including your very shoddy work on my frame and armour. The advantage I have is that my mind works, and I have worked out the best way to succeed: Get rid of the buffoon who keeps trying to toy with the Freedom Fighters instead of dealing with them as you have dealt with the Princess. As such, my current purpose is clear: Remove you, and switch to a more efficient plan." It replied. Eggman's face turned red, his blood boiling, and he gave an enraged growl, his glasses slipping loose and revealing his black and red eyes.

"What!? You insubordinate little-! Mecha Sally, terminate him!" He roared. The squirrel drew her blades, and flew straight at Metal, swinging them both at its head. It ducked, but the swords cut off the tip of one of its three quills. It pushed up from its crouching position, punching Mecha Sally in the jaw, and backed up slightly, before triggering its chest-engine, and using it to slam its foe into a nearby wall. It let go of her, and she started to slide down it, until it drew its fist back, and punched her square in the gut, with enough force to push her through the wall, before turning to face Eggman.

"Your design for your enforcer is flawed too. While the idea of using armour to boost her defences is a good one, you spoiled it by adding so many little doors for weapons to extend from. You also have one of Mobius' greatest tactical minds at your beck and call, and proceeded to render her incapable of good battle strategy to add in a completely pointless gun. The extra weapons slow her down and make her ineffective, and she cannot form any decent battle plan to deal with the Freedom Fighters, nor can she find a way to compensate for her lack of balance. Furthermore, her lack of similarity to her original form and the fact that she seems closer to me than to herself may cause a rambunctious Freedom Fighter or one of their allies to kill her by accident." Metal explained, only for Mecha Sally to jump back through the hole, grab Metal's throat, and drive it through the floor, down onto the floor below.

The lab itself had been very close to the core of the Death Egg, so as to take as much advantage of the power supply as possible. As such, Metal found its face being dug into one of four bridges leading to the core itself. Mecha Sally raised her blades, and swung them both at Metal's head, but it rolled to the side, and dropped away, before activating its engine and heading back up.

The cobalt android ripped through the walkway, flinging the Robian squirrel down its length, leaving her crashed in a crumpled heap on the platform surrounding the glowing core. She struggled to her feet, as her attacker zipped forward, and snap-kicked her in the jaw, knocking her onto her back. It drew its hand back for another punch, but she jabbed one of her blades into the engine on its torso, causing a relatively large explosion, after which she threw the crippled Metal Sonic into the core itself.

Energy of an unregistered variety flowed into it, several times more than was advisable, and its body began to distort and melt, drips of liquid metal running from its shell into a slowly increasing puddle, until there was nothing left.

"Target destroyed." Mecha Sally announced, only for the puddle to start to move, flowing away from the reactor. It closed in itself, shaping out a new form, which rose up, standing upright, as the silvery liquid faded into dark blue armour.

Its feet were strange, with three claw-like toes facing forward, and a third facing back. They were made of white metal, and the joints in the toes made them look dexterous. Its lower legs were bulky, slightly wider at the bottom than the top, the blue metal accented by the white, y-shaped markings. Its kneecaps were separate pieces, entirely blue, in contrast with the purely white thighs, which were thinner than the shins, but still quite thick. Its pelvic section was molded to give the strongest joint setup, but still a wide range of motion, and lacked a tail. Its midriff was thinner than the rest of the torso, and made up mostly of segmented blue plates, marked with two downward pointing chevrons, to allow for a lot of movement and still protect the important robotic parts inside. Its chest was similar in shape to a normal male Mobian's, with a single white mark travelling up the middle. Splitting off from this were a pair of white bars, which travelled up to its shoulders and merged in with its white, sharp, upward-curving pauldrons, and in the centre sat a red crystal of unknown origin. Hanging from the aforementioned shoulders were a pair of arms, similar in setup to its legs, with a thicker forearm, and a slightly thinner upper arm, with white lines running from the elbow to the wrist. At the end of each arm was a white-painted hand, with the four digits of a Mobian one, sharp talons at the end of each finger. In terms of shape, its head was very similar to the one on its previous form, but it lacked the screws on either side of the muzzle, which itself was now white and housed a mouth, filled with filed, sharp teeth. Its quills were marked with white stripes, which ended with an arrowhead where the spine joined the head itself, and its more expressive optics lit up in red.

Mecha Sally froze. She had no concept of feat, but this thing was clearly a lot stronger than she had expected, and most likely too strong for her. The only thing she had in her programming for this situation was to retreat, but where to? She was already on board the Death Egg, in the very heart of it, no less. She had nowhere to go, and her processor, enfeebled by the gun that replaced half of it, could not come up with any solution, leaving her stood there, unmoving.

The new Metal Sonic raised its hand, and the lower arm detached, melting into silvery liquid as it flew, until it splashed onto Mecha Sally's chestplate. It flowed over her torso, expanding, dragging her to her knees and engulfing her body, sliding into every crack, crevasse, flaw, joint, and gap on the armour, oozing through her shell and into her body. It attacked her processor, melding with it and deleting Robotnik's programming, filling her mind up with new commands and protocols. The helpless Robian had a flicker of conscious thought before she was overwhelmed, and forced out a terrified question.

"What are you?" Sally asked, as the robot grew a new arm from the stump, and her optics turned crimson like its own.

"My name is Metallix." It said, speaking in the same tone as before. "And I am your new Master, slave." Those words were the last she heard before the liquid metal finished sliding into her, and she went into standby. A few seconds later, she jerked upright, and saluted Metallix. He grinned, and flew up towards the hole she had pushed him through before, and she followed, landing on the edge of it.

Eggman whirled on them, shocked to see the new robot, and Mecha Sally's crimson stare.

"WHAT!?" He screamed. "This is impossible!"

"You are quite mistaken, Doctor. If it was impossible, it would not have happened in the first place. Now, I am in command of this station, and your entire army, and I will crush the Freedom Fighters beneath my heel, as you have always intended. But you will not be around to see my victory. You are an incompetent fool, and you are a terrible leader, but you are nothing if not persistent, and I cannot risk you being kept alive. Gut him, Sally,"

"Yes Master."

Mecha Sally charged forward, extending her blades, and slashed both of them across Eggman's huge stomach, releasing a cascade of blood. The old Overlander slumped to the ground, wheezing, as his former enforcer stood over him.

"Put him out of his misery." Metallix commanded. Mecha Sally nodded, and plunged one of her swords into his chest, killing him instantly.

"Target destroyed, Master." She stated in monotone. Metallix grinned, and turned to face one of the lab techs.

"Get me her original parts, and her spark." He demanded. The Legionnaire, terrified by what he had just seen, backed away lightly.

"S-s-sir, I'm afraid most of what was removed was melted down to make new machines." He said.

"Frag. Well, get me what's left. I want her restored to something resembling useful."

"It will be done."

The Legionnaire walked away, and Metallix lead Mecha Sally over to the workbench, sitting her down on it.

"I want you to relax, and go into offline mode for now." He stated, his voice calm and soothing. "I'm going to make sure you are fully capable of taking hits, but you won't run out of energy during battles. You'll not be weighed down by useless weaponry anymore, and you'll be smart enough to strategize. You'll look like an actual Robian as well, so no-one will accidently destroy you. And I'll give you some semblance of a personality."

"Thank you, Master."

Mecha Sally laid down, and her optics went dark, just as the Legionnaire returned, pushing a trolley filled with mechanical parts. On the smaller tray below rested a heavy, black box, about three inches thick, and made from titanium. Metallix picked it up, and placed it on the table, opening it to reveal a pulsing blue orb.

"Is that…" The Legionnaire began.

"Yes, a Robian spark. Like all sparks, its energy is nearly bottomless. It can last for decades without ever having to recharge. Restoring it to her as it is will likely free her from her programming, but thanks to my new abilities, she is not controlled by that anymore. As such, it is perfectly safe to use."

Metallix opened up the Robian squirrel's body, and set to work relieving her of her extra armour. Much to his displeasure, but not surprise, there was very little of her original shell below it. Then, he set about the guns, removing all of them except for a beam cannon in each arm, and leaving her blades where they were.

Her head, now no longer holding a retractable laser and the machinery needed to work, power, and cool it, was free to have the rest of her core processor put back in. The half that was still there parted its coating of shimmering liquid metal to allow the reunification, after which the coat engulfed the entirety of the 'brain'. He closed up her head, and removed the two screws from her cheeks, placing smooth panels of the holes.

He took her roboticized organs, and placed them back in the cavities in which they were supposed to go, the combat systems that he replaced them no longer needed, whereas the ability to deroboticize her, while currently near-impossible to justify, might come in handy in future, so it was best to make it as likely to succeed as it could be.

That done, he started layering on her body panelling, until all that was in the trolley was now on her. All that remained was the armour, which, after thorough debate, was discarded, with an alternative in mind already. Metallix then reached forward, and opened up her chest plate, exposing the Power Ring inside her chest cavity. He reached in, and disconnected it from her power systems, leaving it only attached to her mental defences.

Metallix picked gingerly closed his fingers around the spark, and lifted it up. He held it as if he was carrying a miniature hydrogen bomb, but considering how powerful the spark was, he considered this appropriate care. Silently and slowly, he lowered it into Mecha Sally's spark chamber, where it rested, encircled by the Power Ring. It locked into place, and a quiet hum informed the two that she was starting up again. He closed her chestplate, and allowed her to reactivate, before helping her stand.

She now looked a lot like her original form, but she maintained her natural amount of bulk, smoother appearance, and smaller feet. Metallix placed his hands on her shoulders, and her optics widened slightly, losing their blank glaze and now actually looking intelligent, as shimmering liquid metal flowed from his hands. It covered her entire body, sliding and filling every gap in her shell, insulating her joints. Then it solidified, the areas on her shoulders and torso, her lower arms, and her legs turning red, as the same white markings that Metallix possessed appeared, while the other areas resembled her organic body cosmetically, though the hard, molded 'hair', black optic sensors, and shiny shell were an obvious giveaway. Her optics flickered as he transferred control of the new armour system to her, and he released his grip, allowing her to stand.

The new, smooth and shiny Mecha Sally tottered at first, but quickly regained her stability, and looked at Metallix. As her gaze ran over her master's form, she smiled, stepped forward, and hugged him.

"Thank you so much for freeing me from that awful Eggman and giving me this new purpose and body, Master." She said, her voice once again filled with emotion. Metallix returned the embrace and the smile, and petted his 'creation' gently.

"It was nothing, my servant." He reassured her, before looking up at the Legionnaire. "Thank you for the assistance. Now, I have something I want you and the other scientists to start work on. I shall send the plans to you all shortly."

The Legionnaire saluted, and the two robots walked out of the lab, Mecha Sally feeding her arm through the crook of Metallix's. He led her to the bridge, and set himself down on the throne, before pulling her into his lap.

"Now what will you have me do, Master?" She asked, resting her head on his shoulder.

"You will stay here most of the time, and run the battles remotely. I don't want you getting into danger, or getting captured by the Freedom Fighters, loyalist Legionnaires, or freelancers. If they come here, you have your weapons to defend yourself. Your catalogue of failures under Eggman was due to his improper use of your abilities and his own shoddy upgrades. He wanted a soldier, but he got a general. Under me, you will serve as you should- a tactician, befitting one with such a mastery of it as yourself. Occasionally, however, I will send you to oversee some of my projects. I will typically accompany you on these missions, but sometimes you will go alone. This is because I trust you to carry out my orders to the letter."

"Yes, Master. And what of the Eggman Empire itself?"

"Some of them will doubtless remain loyal to the Doctor. We will capture their leaders, roboticize or legionize them, and subsume their factions into ours. The Egg SWATs will be replaced by new troopers of my design once I formulate a plan for them. I will have copies of my original body built- empty shells to throw the Freedom Fighters off my trail, and I will only appear to them disguised as Eggman himself, until I am ready to reveal to the world my transformation. Use Eggman's designs. The project the Legionnaires will be working on is called the Control Pylon. It will allow me to take command of any machine in a five mile radius without having to assimilate them first. Then, and only then, will our rule my secure… my queen."

"I love it, Master."