call of duty: the fite for teror
Cpt john hanscock was in his giant house (which was bigger then dellas) and he saided to himself "the war is no over and i need to fite" so he got his gun and lefted towards "THE ENEMIE BASES".
Gen fred dickinson was trying to fite off the rossians with his hand pistol. "get out" he yelled like turtle. the rossians kept coming though so he kept fiting but was it nough? then Cpt. john hanscock broke into the base and karated kick the rossians and they all died.
"good work said gen fred dickinson" and then john said "yeh thx" and then they closed up the base door. "we have reports that a man named doctor xavier is helping the rossians build a bomb that can blew us up!11" said the genral john then said "yes we should flonk them" and then they got in a heliceptor.
the heliceptor roded towards the rossian base john hanscock backfliped out of the heliceptor and landed through rofe. "im here to kill guys and guns no work?" he saided with a hastily angry. "he began to bet up the rossians" saided the rossian genral and he ran way. "i need to find xavier111!" he said and then he flew towards xaviers base.
when he got there xavier was in his new invention...the...HUMEN ROBET. he bugn to fire at john hanscock but he doged the bollets and they riped off the arm but xavier activeted a self destroct seceunce and john rans away.
john then did a backflipe down to the heliceptor and he flew away and the bases blew up. "god work john but what happens next u decide1"