So... hey again :) I am in a posting mood right now. Post holiday high I think. Here is my newest story. It's not really a story as such. It's just little ficlets explaining things about my characters that you might know, you might not know, or you might find interesting. This one I thought was particularly cute. But it won't always be about Harry and Ginny. It will be about a vast range of characters :) Please enjoy xx

Fact Number 1: Ginny Weasley knew she was going to marry Harry Potter the moment she saw him.

"Mum!" cried Ginny as she watched her brother and Harry Potter board the Hogwarts Express for the first time.

"Yes, dear?" asked Mrs Weasley, dabbing at her eyes while she watched another of her children leave her.

"Do you know who that boy was?" she asked excitedly, her red hair flying around her face like a flame as she bounced around the platform.


"It was Harry Potter!" she exclaimed.

"How do you know that?" asked Mrs Weasley suspiciously.

Ginny sighed in exasperation at her mother. "Isn't it obvious mum?"

When Mrs Weasley gave her young daughter a blank stare, her daughter continued speaking excitedly.

"The initials on his Hogwarts trunk were H.P, and I heard Mr Malfoy talking to his son about Harry Potter's return to the Wizarding World! Isn't it exciting mum? He's a celebrity! And I just talked to him. We had eye contact!" Ginny's brown eyes glazed over fondly. "We're definitely going to get married!"

Mrs Weasley shook her head. "You said one word to him, dear. I doubt that's a basis for any lasting relationship let alone marriage."

Ginny scoffed and turned up her nose. "You're just jealous that you aren't going to marry someone as cute as Harry Potter! Did you see his hair, how it was all messy at the back? That is so cool! And his eyes... they are so green... and he even makes wearing glasses look cute! And did you see..."

Mrs Weasley tuned out to her daughter's ramblings as they gave a final wave to the disappearing Hogwarts Express. She found Ginny's determination to marry the famous Harry Potter quite adorable. Little did she know that Ginny's dearest wish would be granted in the future.

What did you think? I always thought Ginny was fairly certain about her relationship with Harry- at least when she was young. It's a little adorable really, her fixation with him. And then it blossoms... sorry getting carried away :) Please read and review! xx