I know! This is the quickest I have ever updated for a single story! I feel so proud right now - I think this deserves some sort of award hehe. Please enjoy Fact #8! xx

Fact Number 8: Petunia Evans often stole Lily's textbooks and read them late at night, because she dreamed of going to Hogwarts.

The pale, thin face of twelve-year old Petunia Evans peeked through the gap in her sister's bedroom door. Her pale eyes strained to find Lily sitting cross-legged on her bed, her knees supporting a rather large book. She had a quill stuck in her mouth and she twirled her dark red locks around one finger as she sighed deeply. Petunia burned with curiosity as she watched her sister. She ached to know what Lily was reading, what made her sigh in frustration. She would bet all of her pocket-money that it was one of Lily's school text books. She's such a nerd, Petunia thought, who wants to do homework over the holidays? But deep down, Petunia felt jealous. No matter how much Lily complained about having 'so much work to do' and how 'History of Magic is such a bore', Petunia wished for nothing more than a day in her shoes. How could Lily think that something so surreal and amazing could ever be boring? It astounded her.

"What do you want, Tuney?" Lily asked, looking up and frowning at her sister.

Petunia glared at her. "Oh, nothing," she sneered. "I just can't believe that you want to do homework on the holidays. You're such a freak."

With a swish of her long, blonde hair, Petunia turned on her heel and slammed the door, leaving Lily confused and hurt on her bed.

But the next day, while Lily was spending the day with Marlene McKinnon, Petunia snuck up into her sister's bedroom. She searched through Lily's Hogwarts trunk and pulled out an extremely large book. She turned it over and read the title: A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot. Petunia's eyes widened immediately and she eagerly flipped through the pages. As she scanned the chapters, she felt a rush of excitement. This book looked incredible. She tiptoed back to her bedroom and hid the book underneath her bed.

Later that night, when the rest of her family was asleep, Petunia reached under her bed and pulled out the text. It was so heavy that she had to prop her knees up and rest the book against them. She turned on her nightlight and began to read. The book was fascinating. She couldn't believe half of the things that she was reading were real. It was as though she had slipping into another world; a world unlike the one she knew, filled with goblins and dragons and giants and other wondrous creatures she didn't know existed. Utterly absorbed in the text, she read well into the night, until her eyes started to droop and the words became blurry. When she finally drifted to sleep, she thought of herself in her own Hogwarts robes, brandishing a wand and attending potions and playing Quidditch and she realised, with agony, that it would never come true.

I really enjoyed writing this. I have always felt sorry for Petunia - imagine if your sister was a witch and you were just plain boring? I think that would be extremely frustrating and unfair. Please read and review! And feel free to drop me any suggestions :) xx