So it's been a little while since I've updated this fic... but I thought I would! And about my favourite Next Gen character apart from Teddy! DOMINIQUE! She's so awesome! Please enjoy reading about her! xx

Fact Number 9: Dominique Weasley was the first of the Weasley family to be Sorted into a House other than Gryffindor.

Weasley children were easy to pick out among a crowd and Dominique Weasley was no exception. Her copper hair stood out proudly against the brown, black and blonde heads of her fellow first years making their way nervously to the front of the Great Hall to be Sorted. To say she was eager to be Sorted was an understatement. She wanted so badly to please her parents and make them proud. For eleven years, Dominique had lived in the shadow of her older sister, Victoire. Finally, her time had come to prove herself.

By the time her name was called, Dominique was practically itching with excitement. She bounded up to the stool and let McGonagall place the Sorting Hat on her head. Her blue eyes scanned the Great Hall and found Victoire, flicking her honey blonde hair as she laughed with her best friend, Rachel Ferris; glancing at some boys on the Ravenclaw table.

Soon, however, her mind was preoccupied by the Sorting Hat, who startled her a little when it spoke inside her head.

"Of course... another Weasley... hmm...?" mused the Hat, making Dominique jump out of her seat. "But you're different... oh yes, such a desire for attention..."

Dominique blushed at the truth of the Hat's words. She sincerely hoped that it wasn't speaking out loud.

"But, my, I can see you are a hard worker… humble… so loyal… how interesting… I don't think this has ever happened before... against tradition but there is no denying where you belong..."

The Hat paused and Dominique held her breath in anticipation.

"HUFFLEPUFF!" roared the Hat.

It took a few moments for Dominique to understand what had happened. Then, suddenly, a huge grin broke out upon her face and she skipped away happily to the cheering Hufflepuff table. The prefects and her fellow housemates greeted her with smiles and for once, Dominique felt like she was special. As she sat down next to a fellow first year, Dominique glanced over at the Gryffindor table. Victoire was gazing at her in astonishment – and slight disappointment. But Dominique didn't care. Being Sorted into Hufflepuff was the greatest thing that could have happened to her. She was the first Weasley, going back generations, to be Sorted into a house other than Gryffindor. And that made her feel worthwhile… because she was different from the rest of them.

The thing I like about the next gen, is that it's so vague... you could literally put any of the children in whatever house you wanted and it would be totally fine and people just go with it. E.g Teddy is sometimes put in Gryffindor and sometimes in Hufflepuff. Al is sometimes put in Slytherin and sometimes put in Gryffindor! No one really knows... it's just an educated guess! And my lil Dom is a proud Hufflepuffian!

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