remembering or thinking or past; flashback

Speaking in english or for flashback: english

A brunette little girl was tinkering some woods and flowers for her creativeness. She was sweating a bit and then grinned, "Yatta! I did it." she beamed. Just then, a woman, in a white gown with red stripes and a red rose on its side came to her side. "Sa-chan, let's go now. We'll be leaving for Japan, now." she said, giving her a pat on the little girl's head.

The girl laughed and handed her the flower-crown, "Yes, mother."Her mother beamed and kissed her on the forehead.

12 years later. . .

"OI! O-CHIBI! WHY DON'T YOU JUST FIND A GIRL FOR YOU TO LEARN SOME CHARMS?!" Eiji Kikumaru, a cat dude guy, teased his seatmate (in lunch). Yeah, his seatmate is no other than, Ryoma Echizen, the prince of tennis. He was slightly annoyed by the behavior of his senpai, "Eiji-senpai, for the last time, I don't intend to to date on girls. Plus, they're pretty annoying. Like you." he said in a monotone voice. Eiji pouted, "Stingy."

"Echizen." Takeshi Momoshiro, Ryoma's close friend, called him with a grin on his face. "Ah, Momo-senpai." Ryoma smirked underneath his white, tennis cap. Momo saw this and shot a glare at him,"What now, Echizen? I've already finished your dare a while ago." he said while he sat. "Heh. . . so, how's it going?" he asked, quite in an impressed tone. "A-ahh . . ." Momo blushed from the experience that his kohai dared him. Ryoma slightly laughed, "I knew you would blush." "Of course! I-it's because. . .it's pretty embarrassing!" he yelled. "Hn. Mada mada dane, Momo-senpai." Ryoma took a sip at his Ponta as he said his phrase. "Oi oi, we're not in the court, Echizen. Yet you said that phrase." Momo bit his burger. "Well, it became a habit, though." Ryoma said.

As the three laugh and chat, Eiji saw Ryuzaki Sakuno, the brunette braided-haired girl, along with Tomoka by her side. "Ah! Sa-chan~!" He waved, hoping that Sakuno will notice him. Well, she did. Sakuno smiled, so did Tomoka. "Ah, Eiji-senpai. Konnichiwa." She beamed, "WAH~! RYOMA-SAMA!" Tomoka glomped on the said person, which is the 'prince'.

"Urgh." Was all Ryoma can say, grasping for air because of the tight hug, "A-ano. . .Tomo-chan, Ryoma-kun can't breathe." Sakuno sweat dropped. Tomo broke the hug then apologized. 'Geez, this girl.' Ryoma cursed in his mind as he was gasping. Eiji patted his kohai and gave him a peace sign, "Maa maa, O-chibi! Just smile~!" he said. Ryoma just stared at him, "What?" Eiji asked.

"All right, Seishun Gakuen Tennis Club, bundle up!" Their Coach, Ryuzaki Sumire, Sakuno's grandmother, called the boys. "Oh~! So, we're ditching class, nya~?" Eiji jumped off on his bench and stretched his flexible body. "Who said we're ditching?" Ryoma asked, raising his left eyebrow, "I did!" Eiji put his cat face on and ran their coach.

Ryoma sighed and packed his lunch box, "Momo-senpai, I'll be going." he said. "Oi! Wait up, Echizen!" Momo yelled as he dashed to him, leaving the two dumbfounded girls alone. "They left us." Sakuno mumbled. "Yeah, but I hope what they'll do something fun!" Tomoka jumped for joy then dragged Sakuno along, going to the coach. "Ah! Tomo-chan!" she whined.

"Okay, your Buchou is actually conducting a personal research today so, I'll be the one who'll list your strengths and weaknesses today. Now, everyone! Practice! Kikumaru, Momoshiro, Echizen. . . please meet up with your Buchou in his classroom. He's waiting for you three." Sumire smiled at them. The three nodded and headed to Tezuka's classroom. After Sumire saw their disappearance, she called out her granddaughter. She whispered something to Sakuno's ear, she (Sakuno) nodded and head out to her destination. Sumire smirked then turned to the courts where the students of tennis club practice.

Ryoma and the two opened the door of Tezuka's classroom. The three of them widened their eyes, they can not believe why everyone, the Seigaku Regulars gathered around the classroom. Tezuka was on his seat, typing something . . or more like researching.

"Buchou? Why's everyone here?" Momo asked their captain, Tezuka looked at him then rearranged his glasses. "I just want all of you to answer my question." He said as he stood up. All of them furrowed, "Then, what is it?" Inui asked him, scribbling down some notes. "Have any of you seen a sign of a cherry blossom petal?" Tezuka asked. It was silence. . .for awhile, when Eiji burst out laughing, "Ahaha! Buchou, you know, how can anyone never saw a cherry blossom petal, ever?! We're in Japan, Buchou! Of course, all of us saw it!" he choked. The boys in the room nodded then laughed. Except for the prince.

"No, I meant, a birthmark of a cherry blossom petal? Around here in the Seishun Gakuen?" He asked. Everyone stopped their racket, then Kawamura stepped forward, "B-but Buchou. .that's i-impossible for anyone who has that. If that were true, then t-that means, he/she m-might be special or something." He stuttered. Tezuka nodded, "That is why I'm asking all of you." "Why the sudden of it, Buchou?" Ryoma stared at him. Tezuka did the same, a stoic face. "It's because, if this person has this kind of birthmark or sign, it signales that person belongs in a high tennis family." He answered. All of them were shocked, "So-" "Wait, I think I saw a cherry blossom sign on the left arm of our Coach." Fuji cut Ryoma.

"Oh, is that so?" Tezuka, seeming impressed, asked in a such tone. "Yeah, that must be it." Fuji nodded, now opening his eyes, seeming serious about it. "Then, that might count it." Kaidoh said, leaning on the wall. "I also searched that the princess of this cherry-blossom-sign-thing came here in Japan few years ago, and is studying here in Seishun Gakuen." Tezuka said. All of them looked at each other, then to Echizen. Ryoma raised an eyebrow, "What? I've got nothing in this kind of situation, senpai-tachis. Plus, I haven't seen this kind of girl. So, please stop staring at me." he said, rearranging his cap.

"It might be possible that Sa-chan's-"

"A-ano?!" A girlish voice popped in the classroom. All eyes were on her, "Ryuzaki?" Ryoma questioned. Sakuno noticed that they were having a conversation. "A-ah! G-gomene, I have barged in your conversation! I'm. . gomen, I'm going now-" "Stay, Sakuno." Tezuka interfered. Sakuno shot up from her bow and looked up to him, he got her wide-eyed.

'English?" Ryoma thought, 'but, that's impossible, Ryuzaki doesn't know how to speak nor understand english.' Sakuno sweated a bit then, slowly shook her head, "A-ano. . I don't understand you." she said. 'Told 'ya.' Ryoma thought, staring at her.

"Don't underestimate me, Ms. Ryuzaki, why'd you come here in Japan?" Tezuka asked her. The Regulars don't believe what they heard but it's true, they heard him right. He asked Sakuno why she went to Japan. Now, isn't that a stupid question?


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