Another story. I know! I just popping them out right now. Anyway... this pairing is probably my favourite marauders pairing ever... tied with James and Lily of course. I just see them working. It's tragic. It's heated and heavy and passionate. It's very Romeo and Juliet I think. Anyway please enjoy my Sirius and Marlene fanfic :) xx


A cold, harsh wind whipped through the otherwise lifeless room. It howled like a wounded animal, echoing loudly on the grimy stone walls. The room was dark except for a patch of silver moonlight that illuminated a crumpled figure in the right corner. He lay amongst a pile of gnawed chicken bones, empty bowls and strips of clothing that had been torn off in fits of madness. The searing light penetrated his pale skin; an indication of former nobility. Any trace of such, however, was decaying at a rapid rate. For covering that porcelain skin, was a layer of dirt and grime so thick, it was impossible to remove. Long bony fingers were clenched tightly into fists; the nails covered in filth and chewed down to the skin. The fabric that clothed his skeletal frame was torn and withered, hanging limply from his body like a sheet. But perhaps the most disturbing of all was the pair of stormy grey eyes that twitched in insanity; framed by a mess of matted black hair. If one looked closely, they might have glimpsed the remnants of the last surviving member of the most powerful pureblood family. They would have noticed the hair – once silky – framing the elegant regal cheekbones and strong nose; identifiable features of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black: the grey eyes that once glinted with amusement, now danced with madness and the long slender fingers that had once grasped the wand to fight against the enemy. Yes. If one looked closely, they might have glimpsed the former Sirius Black.

That beauty had vanished the moment he arrived in his Azkaban cell. With Dementors floating maliciously around the prison like ravenous vultures waiting for their next meal, any former glory he had held disappeared. All that remained was a broken shell of a man, void of nothing but his deepest and darkest regrets. His initial regret was simple. Their faces were easy to recognise. The messy black hair and round glasses belonged to his best friend, James Potter. The flame-red hair and startling green eyes were those of his wife, Lily Evans. Their faces hovered constantly in his mind, bearing expressions of betrayal and disappointment. The sight had caused many an emotional collapse during his time in Azkaban. Every now and then, the rodent-like face of his former friend Peter Pettigrew would creep in, causing Sirius so much rage and hatred that he had taken his aggression out on the opposite wall. The crumpled chunk of brick and smashed remnants of a bowl that lay at the foot of the wall served as a reminder of his anger. Why had he trusted that swine? Why had he convinced James and Lily to choose Wormtail as the Secret Keeper? If only he had seen through the traitor earlier; saw the flaw in his perfect plan. He would never have let them down. He would have rather died than betray his friends to the Dark Lord. The idea made him sick.

But underneath his mourning for the Potters and his hatred of Wormtail, another regret seeped into his mind. A smaller one. A regret Sirius didn't know he held until the power of the Dementors had surfaced it. As he lay in the corner of his prison cell, a girl came to mind. Her face materialized; regal (though she bore no noble lineage), pale and elegant. Her calculating eyes of a peculiar shade; not quite green, not quite blue, with flecks of silver sparkling inside the molten pools. Lips the palest shade of pink were drawn into a thin line, as though she was permanently scowling. And the long blonde hair he adored so much was elegantly twisted to the side and cascaded down her shoulder. Marlene McKinnon looked just as he had last seen her.

She had been a ruthless woman; stubborn, aggressive, determined. In some ways, she reminded Sirius of his cousin Bellatrix Lestrange (who coincidently was his neighbour two cells down). However, unlike Bellatrix, Marlene harboured a kindness that was a gentle as Lily Potter's and for those who could harness it, it was a beautiful thing. She had let him remove her walls and open up to him in their fleeting moments together and it was that insecurity that made Sirius admire her. No, love her. He was sure he had loved her. Marlene had been everything a woman should be; stern yet kind, fierce yet gentle, determined yet elegant. She was a walking contradiction and Sirius couldn't get enough of it. Her harsh exterior drove him mad with desire and her soft interior made him crave more. She had been intoxicating and Sirius was certain he would never meet another woman like her.

Of course he wouldn't. He had heard the news during the Order's meeting.

"– McKinnon's dead –"

"– Whole family wiped out –"

"– Marlene was killed by Voldemort himself –"

No amount of suffering in Azkaban could have prepared Sirius for that devastating news.



Horrible visions had crippled him, visions of Marlene's beautiful body, frozen forever by that cursed green light. And as he lay in his prison cell, with the doom of the Dementors haunting him, those same images burned his eyes and he shut them tight. For in that single memory was his deepest regret yet. He had loved Marlene McKinnon but he had never told her. And now he would never be able to.

Did you like it? It was a little dark wasn't it... compared with my other stories. But I wanted to capture Sirius' torment in Azkaban and hopefully I did that. Read and Review! :) xx