Thank you all for your patience. This memory is when the Marauders were deciding on their name. Little did they know who their inspiration came from :) Of course... this isn't necessarily true... just my interpretation :) but enjoy anyway :)

Name Calling

"What about the Fearsome Foursome?" suggested James proudly. The four boys were clustered around the Common Room one gloomy Wednesday evening. A dim, red light made the room glow as the dying fire burned away endlessly in the corner. Outside, rain pelted against the glass windows, which was eerily lulling for the snoring portraits on the wall. Mary Macdonald's cat, Butterscotch, was snoozing in an overstuffed armchair by the bookshelf; his yellow tail playing an uneven rhythm on the cushion.

Sirius raised an eyebrow at James underneath his curtain of silky dark hair. It had grown longer over the Christmas holidays and Sirius, much to his mother's disgust, had decided to continue letting it grow; partly because it made the girls swoon and partly because his mother hated it. He gave a husky snort and upturned his perfect, straight nose.

"Prongs," he droned. "To think I actually used to respect you." He shook his head, earning him a slap across the face with a textbook Remus had been studying with.

"Hey!" cried Remus, frowning as he snatched his book off James. He had been in the middle of researching for his Charms essay.

"Sorry, Moony," said James, smirking at Sirius. "He needed it though."

"You're the one who needed it," muttered Sirius darkly. "Seriously, Prongs, is that the best you could come up with?"

Peter gave a muffled sort of giggle and instantly shut his mouth when James gave him a stern glare.

"Well, I don't see you coming up with anything better." He crossed his arms and gave a large huff.

"What about the Gryffindor Gang?" suggested Peter timidly as he sat huddled in his dressing gown on the edge of the couch. Sirius and James both gave him identical looks of disgust.

"Wormtail!" cried Sirius. "If you want to remain in this group you will never mention that again."
"Yeah!" said James, astounded as he shook his head in disbelief. "I can't believe you just said that. Who do you think we are? Arrogant Slytherins?"

"We are definitely not a gang," confirmed Remus as he poured over his essay. "A gang is a group of three or more people who, through the organisation, formation and establishment of an assemblage, share a common identity and are affiliated with criminal activity."

The three boys stared at Remus in astonishment. No one spoke for a moment, and Peter was visibly trying to repeat Remus' words to try and understand them.

Remus looked up at his gaping friends and shook his head with a smile. "We're not criminals."

Recognition etched over Sirius' face as he sighed in relief.

"Moony, you're kind of scary when you start reciting things like that," Sirius muttered. "What did you do, swallow the dictionary?"

"It just so happens that I am 'all knowing', Padfoot," said Remus with a smirk, grinning up at his best friend.

"Well," said Sirius with a lazy yawn. "Seeing as none of you prats can come up with a good name, I guess it's up to me." He rose from his position on the couch and gave a slight cough, as though he was the Minister about to give an important speech.

"Here we go," James murmured to Remus, who sniggered.

"From now on, we shall be called, the Hogwarts Hunks!"

"More like Hogwarts Has-beens if you ask me," drawled a monotonous voice. "Or Hogwarts Hooligans. Either one suits."

Sirius turned abruptly to find none other than Marlene McKinnon standing on the staircase with her hands on her hips. She was dressed in a purple, fluffy dressing gown that came to her mid-calf, where the bottom of her blue pyjama bottoms flared to the floor. Her blonde hair was messy – which was quite unusual for her normally perfect, straight hair – as though she had been tossing and turning in bed. Sirius thought she looked beautiful, but he hid his feelings with sarcasm.

"Well, well, well," said Sirius with a smirk. "If it isn't dearest McKinnon, gracing us with her presence."

She scowled at him and continued down the staircase. "Sod off, Black. It's Potter I'm here to talk to."

James mimicked Sirius' tone of voice. "Talk away then, Marley, talk away."

"It's McKinnon to you, Potter," said Marlene aggressively as she stalked towards him. Sirius had never seen her so livid before. It intrigued him more than he liked to admit. "I'm got news from Lily."

"And what does precious Lily-flower have to say to me?" asked James, faking innocence as he fluttered his eyelids at her.

"She wants you to know that if you EVER do that to her and Snape again, she will personally castrate you."

When James frowned in confusion, she added, "And she also said that if you don't know what that means look it up in the dictionary!"

"No need," said Sirius, turning towards Remus expectantly. "Moony? Translation?"

"Erm..." began Remus, looking uncomfortable. "It means to remove a man's... er... genitalia."

James and Sirius' eyes widened in horror.

"She wouldn't dare," said James heatedly, pleading at Marlene.

"Oh, she would. So I suggest you keep your marauding to a minimum."

With that, Marlene turned on her heel and headed back up the staircase to their girls' dormitory. Her blonde hair whipped Sirius in the face as she left. He stared after her with an open mouth, admiring how stern and outspoken she was. It was one of the many things he loved about her. As he watched her ascend the staircase, James swatted him with a cushion.

"Oi!" roared Sirius. "What was that for?"

"Seems like you've got a thing for McKinnon!" smirked James. Remus and Peter sniggered. Sirius, though feeling extremely embarrassed, composed his features and looked James clearly in the eye.

"No," he said seriously. "It's McKinnon. Who could possibly have anything for her except a grudge?"

His reaction seemed to have convinced his friends and once they were satisfied that he didn't have any 'thing' for Marlene McKinnon, they left him alone. So, Sirius was left to think about Marlene as much as he desired. He thought about the way she had approached James, her face ablaze with raw frustration... her blue-green eyes shining in the light of the fire. He swore he could still smell her sweet scented hair lingering on his cheek from where it had hit him when she left. But the main thing he thought about were her words. Marauding. There was something about that which Sirius liked.

"Hey, guys!" he said as the thought struck him. "I have the perfect name. From now on, we will be known as the Marauders!"

James, Remus and Peter responded fervently to the name, proclaiming it was pure genius. Sirius couldn't help but laugh. Who would have thought that Marlene McKinnon would have inspired their name?

Who would've thought eh? As you can probably see, Sirius is adamant in hiding his feelings for Marlene from his friends- this plays a big part in the story :) please read and review xx