David. Cool. Calm. Lethal. A leader.

Marko. Warm. Energetic. A deceptively adorable killer.

Dwayne and Paul were of the opinion that David tolerated Marko, nothing more, and that Marko only stayed around because of his previous friendship with Paul. David let them think whatever they wanted – it was true at the start, but the curly-haired baby-faced vampire had grown on him.

Marko remembered when he first joined the Lost Boys… he'd been friends with Paul for a long time, so when the rocker (then a vampire, although his young friend was unaware) begged Marko to check out some concert, he followed willingly, trustingly. Foolishly, like a lamb to slaughter. He would never admit it, but his first meeting with the Lost Boys had left a lasting impression. Dwayne and David were intimidating, the former in his dark, silent way, the latter in his more arrogant and forward manner.

Marko was hypnotised by the movements of the black-leather-clad blond, the older man's silver tongue and glittering eyes entrancing him. David seemed so natural in his obvious leadership, so it didn't take much to coerce Marko into drinking the blood that granted him immortality. Immortality and powers beyond anything he had ever seen. The older boys made it clear to Marko he could have anything he wanted, and he did. Everything except David, because David was untouchable.

David was sceptical of Paul's insistence on his 'friend' joining the club, at first. That was until he saw the teen – big blue eyes, blond curls and an angelic face that made David want to steal him away forever. But he resisted, knowing how protective Paul was of the youngest vampire. He pretended to be 'giving in' to Pauls demands, finding it easier to explain Marko away as something of a new toy for Paul, to keep the hyperactive vamp in line so he and Dwayne didn't give in to the temptation to stake the bastard. David had always taken what he wanted, but he couldn't have Marko, because Marko was untouchable.