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Take My Hand - Chapter I

To The Moon

A young girl wonders upon a boy in the rain. He was alone in the middle of a field, not even carrying an umbrella, sitting with his arms around his legs. She walks up to him slowly.

"Hey, why are you crying?"

She said softly.


The boy spun around, to face her. He seemed surprised someone was talking to him.

"What's wrong?"

"Uh ... Nothing"

The girl sighed, 'liar', she thought.

"Hmm, I'm Eva. What's your name?"

"It's Neil."

"Nice to meet you, Neil ... Can you tell me why you're here all by yourself?"

"I-I ran away."

Neil turned away with shame.

"Huh ... What do you mean ran away?"

"I ran away from home."


Eva brought her umbrella over Neil.

"My parents had another fight. I hate it, when they fight ... Today, I just couldn't take it anymore and I ran away."

"Are you stupid?"

"What!? How can you call me stu-"

"Your parents, they're probably worried sick about you, you doofus!"

"No ... They don't care anymore ... and now ... I honestly don't care either!"

"What do you mean?"

"Exactly what I mean!"

"That doesn't make sense!"

"You don't make sense!"

Eva brought her umbrella back and began to shout at Neil.

"Urgh! You're such a kid!"

Neil looked carefully at Eva's short figure.

"You're one to talk!"

Putting a smug expression on her face, Eva replied.

"Well I wasn't the one who was crying!"

Swiftly, Neil pushed Eva into the wet ground. Her clothes became soiled with mud as she fell into a puddle.

"Why ... You!"

Quickly getting up she pushed Neil into the ground, not even letting him react.

"Oh, it's on now!"

He said as he rose. Eva then replied with her arms crossed.

"Hah! You're no match for me!"

The two began to brawl in the rain, all seriousness evaporating from the air as they began to laugh.

Eva sat up, trying to wipe her stained dress.

"Urgh, that's enough ... I'm drenched."

"Me too ..."

There was a short pause as the two looked at each other.


They both shouted as they realised just how soaked they were. Neil stood up giving out his hand.


Giving him a curious look, Eva took his hand, he then pulled her up.

"Sorry I pushed you into the ground."

Eva smiled.

"It's okay."

They looked at each other, Neil's hand still firmly over Eva's. Feeling awkward Eva brought herself back but found that her hand was still within Neil's. He gestured a handshake and grinned.

"I'm Neil Watts!"

Eva took on a surprised expression, but calmly replied with an equally content grin.

"I'm Eva Rosalene."

Suddenly everything flashed red. The entire world broke into violent shades of colour. Everything became blindingly bright; everything seemed to break apart, the cracks in the ground only revealing more light. A woman's voice sounded.

"Eva! Where are you?

We're leaving now!"

"Oh, that's my mom."

Neil's smile faded.

"Are y-y-y-you."

Neil's voice looped as more red blotted out the sky.

"Are you leaving, E-E-Eva?"

"Yeah, I-I-I've got a go."


"Will w-w-we e-e-e-ever meet again?"


"I'm sure w-w-we wi-"


Eva's voice was cut off. The world seemingly imploded into darkness. It stayed that way for a while, until a constant beep could be heard. The beep sounded every second and pulsed just like a heartbeat.

A girl opened her eyes. Greeted with a familiar figure lying next to where she sat.

End Chapter I