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Chapter 7 – Eternal Flame

"True love is a durable fire, in the mind ever burning." – Sir Walter Raleigh

The fire that burned between Pam and Tara was proving inextinguishable. Not to say that it didn't have its moments of panic. There were periods where the fire flickered hard against icy blasts of cold air that seemed hell bent and awfully determined to stamp it out. There were intermittent moments where the furious clash of proverbial swords emitted so much acid that it fizzled the fire down to a dangerously low burn. There was also that one fight that threw so much frigid cold water over the fire that it had sputtered and smoked for days before the barely there glow of drenched embers managed to rekindle its arsenal of flames.

Yes, Pam and Tara fought, passionately and unabashedly as it was in their respective natures to do so. They fought with each other and for each other. They fought because they were simultaneously too similar and too different, often clashing in a spectacular display of fire and ice and mingling about as well as oil and water.

However, underneath all their arguments and conflicts, the love they had for each other outweighed and out burned any verbal or physical collisions the pair stumbled across. It was their utter devotion and love towards one another that fed the flames of passion, kept it going even in times of uncertainty and turmoil. It helped that they never went to ground angry at each other; it was their cardinal rule. Even if one half of the party walked away, only to return the next night, the other half would stay awake, subjecting themselves to The Bleeds until the matter between them was resolved. Or they would endure the lethargy brought on by dawn along with The Bleeds as they fought to fix the mess that more often than not transpired between them.

Pam and Tara weren't perfect, far from it. But it was their willingness, their determination to fight for each other, for their bond, for the love they shared that kept the fire between them suspended in an everlasting burn.


Decades Later

The sky above was a surreal canvas of indigo and violet, disturbed only by streaks of rust and saffron. Far off into the horizon, where the ocean kissed the sky, brilliant bursts of oranges and reds were punctuated with smatterings of yellow and gold, a residual effect from the setting sun.

Humans called this phenomenon of nature, twilight. It was a time between sunset and dusk, where the world was neither lit by the sun nor cloaked by the dark of night. For a few precious moments, light and dark harmonized with each other, painting the sky in hues of warm pastels along with deep, bold shades of purples and blues.

Next to waking up in Tara's arms, twilight was Pam's favorite moment of her waking hours, for it brought her not only the protective cover of night but also allowed her to glimpse the effect of the sun caressing the sky.

The blonde was standing on a secluded beach, her body preternaturally still as she savored the quiet around her. The sand was soft and cool beneath her bare feet, the ocean's waves of deep blue and green lapping gently onto the beach in steady intervals. A subtle wind danced around her still form, carrying with it the tinge of salt and grass. It sifted playful fingers though her loose golden-blonde hair, gently lifting the silky strands before gravity forced them to return to framing her model-esque face in carefree waves.

A soft, contented sigh fell from her lips when an ebony colored arm snaked around her waist and the unmistakable presence of her lover appeared at her back. Another arm edged around to her front, presenting a bottle of Tru Blood Premium, which was dangling precariously between lean and supple fingers.

Pam took the proffered item, relishing the warmth emanating from the bottle. "Shukran, habibti," she murmured before placing the bottle to her lips and taking a long swallow. Her lips curled around the bottle's top when she felt more than heard Tara's huff of exasperation.

"We're on a beach in Ireland, and you thank me in Arabic?" Tara dropped her head forward until it rested between the crooks of Pam's shoulder blades. Her other arm, now free from its burden of the Tru Blood bottle, reached down to complete the half circle her right arm had begun around Pam's waist. Lacing her fingers together as they rested over Pam's stomach, she sighed in patent disbelief. "Why do you this to me? When we were in Germany you kept waxing poetic in French and when we spent Christmas in Stockholm, you wouldn't stop speaking dirty to me in Spanish." She nudged her fingers gently against the abdominal muscles that were prominent despite the long-sleeved scoop neck t-shirt that covered Pam's's torso. "You do it on purpose, don't you?" Tara's ire was evident in her voice and she punctuated her annoyance with another long-suffering sigh.

Pam's curled lips turned into a full blown grin at Tara's tirade. At Tara's repeated huff, she emitted a low chuckle. She took another swig from the bottle. "Of course," she replied dryly, her amusement obvious in posture and tone. "Driving you crazy is one of my lifelong goals." Another chortle followed, the sound brimming with mirth and her body twitched delicately in response.

"Bitch," Tara grumbled into Pam's shoulder, though there was no bite behind the insult. She tightened her hold on the blonde and nuzzled her nose into Pam's sweet smelling hair, drenching her senses with the smell of apples and vanilla. "I don't know why I put up with you."

"You love me," came Pam's dry Southern drawl. She leaned unashamedly back into Tara, delighting in the closeness of their bodies.

"I do. God help me but I do," Tara responded helplessly. She angled her head in order to press a loving kiss to the side of Pam's neck, smiling against the lily-white skin when the action elicited a shiver. "Gráim thú," she whispered into a pale ear, her voice losing its sharp edges as she verbalized her love in melodiously tender tone. She backed up her words with a kiss to shell of Pam's ear.

"I love you too," Pam replied, her voice quiet with devotion. She lifted the bottle of synthetic blood. "Want a sip? The new Premium stock is marginally better than the original."

Tara shook her head as she resumed placing butterfly kisses along the side of Pam's jaw and down the column of her neck. "I had a Bloody Quick Bite before I left the house," she murmured around a kiss.

Pam rolled her blue eyes at the name then made a face. "I don't know how you stomach those. I know technology has evolved far enough for the breathers to market blood-infused food at commercial prices but a vampire version of a trail bar?" Her nose scrunched in disgust and she took another swallow of her Tru Blood Premium in an attempt to wash away her disturbing thoughts.

"You're just a blood snob," Tara mumbled, her distracted tone indicating that she was much more interested in tasting every inch of Pam's delicious skin than holding a conversation with her lover. Her fingers roamed the expanse of Pam's abdomen before temptation sank in and she shoved one hand under the t-shirt, nails lightly scratching at the soft skin her fingers found.

"And you're horny as hell," Pam observed, playfulness coating her tone. She turned in the circle of Tara's arms, a pale eyebrow arched and her azure blue eyes alive with wicked glee. "Did the porn fairy pay a visit to your dreams, lover?"

Tara scowled and stepped back from Pam, dropping her arms in the process. "Must you ruin every good moment?" She turned and stalked over to the low wooden fence, the one that separated the beach from the grassy grounds surrounding their beach house. She hopped on the top wooden beam and perched herself on it, glowering out at the open sea.

Pam shook her head affectionately at Tara's temper tantrum, drained the bottle then blurred back to the house to deposit it before she vamp sped back to her progeny. She deliberately positioned herself between Tara's dangling legs and dropped a possessive hand on the young vampire's hip, thumbing at the sliver of skin that peeked out from between the hem of Tara's t-shirt and the top of her jeans.

"Don't sulk." She pushed herself up to the tip of her toes and pressed a lingering kiss to Tara's cheek, almost moaning when the aroma of oranges and dark chocolate seeped into her mouth. "Grá mo chroí," she whispered sweetly against the ebony skin of her lover's cheek. Love of my heart.

Tara turned eyes the color of rich coffee brown onto Pam's cerulean blue. They didn't say anything for long moments, simply content to stare into each other's eyes. The bond between them pulsed happily, pushing love and affection back and forth between its two charges.

Pam took the quiet moment between them to simply marvel at the beauty that was Tara. Perched on the fence, with her raven hair blowing gently about her face, she looked disconcertingly innocent and exotically striking. Cerulean blue eyes tracked its way across Tara's proud features, from prominent cheekbones to the strong line of her jaw to the pillow-y softness of full lips that were slightly parted. Truly, Pam had never come across such exquisiteness and she was utterly captivated as her eyes continued to map every inch of her lover's gorgeous face.

Tara finally broke the stare when the world around them grew physically darker. She looked up at the sky; swathes of indigo mingled within the patchwork quilt of Prussian and cobalt blue. Ultramarine infused clouds smudged the otherwise flawless sky and speckles of stars were beginning to glitter like diamonds in the evening canvas.

"It's the color of your eyes," Tara breathed out, her tone saturated with wonder, her eyes shining with awe. She craned her neck, the corded muscles in her neck straining against smooth ebony skin as Tara tried to absorb as much of the night sky as she could. "Wow." Her own eyes, chips of bittersweet chocolate brown, flitted between Pam's deep blue gaze and the sky, as if she couldn't decide which was more resplendent.

"The French call it l'heure bleue," Pam explained quietly as she joined Tara in sky gazing. "The blue hour."

Tara allowed her gaze to linger on the darkening sky before she returned it to Pam's face. "It is beautiful," she began, a soft smile playing about her lips. She reached down and cupped her maker's face, stroking supple fingers down the impossibly soft skin of the blonde's cheek. "But nothing will ever compare to the splendor I see whenever I look at you." Her lips curved gently when Pam leaned into her palm, eyes fluttering shut at her tender touch. "You are everything."

"So sappy," Pam murmured though she didn't begrudge the sentiments. She shifted closer to Tara and wrapped her arms around the young vampire before leaning her head against Tara's chest. "But very much appreciated."

Tara moved her hand to cup the back of Pam's head, her legs closing gently around the blonde's waist and interlocking themselves via her ankles when they connected behind Pam. Her fingers sifted through the soft strands of golden-blonde, marveling at the silky texture. "So Ireland huh?" she said by way of segueing into a new topic of conversation.

"Ireland," Pam sighed in agreement. She nuzzled her cheek into Tara's bosom, almost purring when she felt Tara's fingers idly digging into her scalp, massaging gently.

"She was your first?"

Pam chuckled at the understatement of Tara's question. She lifted her head and her eyes immediately found Tara's, even in the dark. "Yes. First love, first time with a girl, first time making love." Her winter-blue eyes took on a faraway expression as she recalled the very first of her long list of lovers. "Meara was from here, Ballybunion. She loved the ocean." Another low chuckled emitted from Pam. "Ironic really, considering her name means 'sea'."

"You really loved her," Tara observed quietly. She reached down with her other hand and stroked the pads of her fingers along the side of Pam's jaw before reaching up with a thumb to swipe at a plump bottom lip.

Pam nodded, eyes half-mast from the loving administrations Tara was bestowing upon her. "I did."

The bond between them thumped unhappily against its confines of skin and bone when a white-hot flash of jealousy burned down from Tara's end. Embarrassment chased its tail; following so close it was nipping at jealousy's heels. Pam shifted her weight in response and Tara cut her eyes away from Pam, lest she see the shame in her eyes and dropping her legs from around the blonde in the process.

"Hey." Pam reached up and gently but firmly turned Tara's head so that she was once again facing her. "She was my past, Tara. You are my present." She removed the hand that was still lingering on her cheek and brought it to her lips, whispering a kiss across Tara's knuckles. "My future." Another kiss, this time to the inside of Tara's hand. "My eternity." She lifted her head and Tara bent obligingly to receive Pam's heartfelt kiss. "I just wanted to share a part of my past with you," she finished when they parted.

"I know," Tara mumbled, still embarrassed by her emotional reaction. "Stupid hormones," she muttered exasperatedly as she fought to regain control of her senses.

"You are too old a vampire to be laying blame on baby vamp hormones anymore," Pam deadpanned. She quirked an eyebrow and offered Tara a small smirk when her progeny's eyes narrowed dangerously down at her. "You know I'm right," she drawled unrepentantly.

Tara's response was to launched herself playfully at Pam. The blonde caught her flying lover deftly but the sudden force of Tara's body careening into hers sent Pam skidding backwards in the sand. Her heel had the great misfortune of catching the edge of a half-buried stone and immediately it upset her equilibrium, sending both her and Tara tumbling unceremoniously onto the ground.

Tara laughed giddily as she landed on top of Pam with a soft thump. Taking advantage of the moment, Tara began tickling Pam in earnest, her hands skirting under the thin material of the blonde's long-sleeved t-shirt to dig unrelenting fingers into Pam's ribs.

"Tara!" Pam was half-laughing, half-shrieking in protest and sheer joy as she squirmed about in the sand. Using her superior strength, she flipped them over and attempted to grab her lover's wandering hands but Tara quickly hooked her legs around Pam's calves and reversed their positions yet again. A spirited wrestling match quickly ensued and the stars that dotted the now pitch black sky seemed to twinkle merrily as it watched the two vampires roughhousing and rolling about in the sand.

"Tara, stop!" Pam gasped as she managed to wriggle out from under her progeny. She pulled herself into a sitting position for all of two seconds before Tara came at her again, sending her crashing back into the sand. Pam landed on her back with a thump and an "oof!" but recovered in a blink of an eye to roll Tara onto her back. Tufts of sands were sent kicking into the air, as maker and progeny frolicked about at vamp speed, their movements nothing more than smudges and blurs as they tousled their way down the beach.

The pair came to a stop when Pam finally had Tara pinned beneath her near the water's edge, her considerable age over her progeny giving her an upper hand in strength. "Yield," Pam purred, her face almost cracking under the triumphant Cheshire-cat grin stretched across her lips. The grin morphed into a decidedly wicked smirk as Tara showed no signs of surrendering as she writhed determinedly against Pam. "Yield, habibti, or I'll throw you into the water."

"You wouldn't fuckin' dare!" Tara's voice was indignant, her face going blank with shock. She struggled under the iron-clad grip Pam had on her wrists and fought back a whimper when the blonde pressed the length of her body fully against her own.

"Don't tempt me, Котёнок." Pam's voice had dropped several registers, her natural husky inflection deliberately low and seductive. She dropped her head forward an inch, her golden-blonde hair curtaining both her and Tara's faces. "Yield to me."

"I yield," Tara replied immediately, her own voice taking on a smoky inflection as Pam settled her hips between thighs that opened instinctively. She glanced up at the sapphire blue eyes that hovered so close to her own bittersweet chocolate ones.

Pam reached down and skimmed the pads of her fingers down Tara's cheek, marveling at the softness she found. "Lover," she whispered fondly as she looked down at her progeny, her eyes conveying a kind of love that only poets managed to describe so eloquently with words. "Playmate." Her fingers roamed over the gentle slope of Tara's nose. "Best friend." Her thumb caressed a full bottom lip. "Mine," she finished, her voice ending in a sub vocal growl.

"Yours," Tara responded in kind, as she basked in warmth of Pam's affections. Her breath hitched when Pam's thumb traced the curvature of her lip, the action sending a jolt of desire to zip down her veins. "Pamela," she husked, lips curving in affection when Pam shivered at the sound of her full name escaping from her lover's lips. "Kiss me," she pleaded, needing to feel the blonde's lips on her own.

Pam more than happily complied as she eagerly bent her head and sought Tara's full lips with her own. A petulant gust of wind blew granules of sand around and over them but neither vampire paid it any attention as they continued to explore each other's mouths with lips and tongue. It was only when Pam shifted her weight slightly that an uncomfortable sensation made its presence known between her breasts.

The blonde broke the kiss and sat up, a scowl crawling its way across her kiss-bruised lips.

"What?" Tara was confused by the sudden departure of Pam's mouth from her own. She propped herself up on her elbows and peered up at the blonde straddling her hips. "What's wrong?"

"There is sand in my bra," Pam scowled. She reached under her shirt and began shaking grains of it loose. She shot Tara an irritated glare when her lover simply dissolved into peals of laughter beneath her, her joviality causing her elbows to shake, which upset the balance of Tara's weight. The young vampire fell backwards into the sand, giggles and snorts following her every move. "It's not funny." Another shake dislodged a clump of sand that fell out from beneath her shirt. "I am not amused, Tara." Her dry drawl was back in full force.

"Well I am," Tara snickered, her dark eyes glowing with mirth. She sat back up when Pam growled at her. "Don't sulk," she cooed, repeating her lover's earlier admonishment. She even went so far as to pat Pam patronizingly on the cheek, the expression on her face completely tickled.

"Explain to me why I put up with you again?" Pam's infamous brow was arched as she glared down at the young vampire, fire flashing from her cerulean blue eyes.

"'Cuz you love me," Tara replied simply.

Pam scoffed but didn't deny the allegation.

"You also have sand in your hair," Tara observed, another smile chasing its way across her lips. "Close your eyes," she quickly instructed her maker before Pam could spit out another biting retort.

Pam shook her head in annoyance but complied. She sighed softly, her body instantly relaxing as Tara's fingers carded themselves through her hair, shaking out residual clumps of sand that clung to the blonde strands.

"All done." Tara's soft voice carrying itself through the air to tickle her ears. Pam opened her eyes to find Tara looking at her with such fierce love shining from her unwavering gaze that it threatened to turn her eyes bloody. Instead, she reached up and plucked Tara's hand from her hair, turned her head and dropped a kiss to the inside of her lover's wrist, lips lingering to catch a whiff of oranges and dark chocolate.

"Take me home, anamchara." Eyes cut from the purest of sapphires bore into eternal pools of rich coffee brown. "Make love to me."


"What are you writing back there?" Pam's voice was drowsy, her voice no louder than a languid murmur and half muffled by the pillow her cheek was currently pressed against. The blonde was lounging on a generously sized bed, stomach down. She was completely naked, but only her upper body was exposed, sheets of rich emerald green pulled down to puddle around her waist. A little further down the bed was Tara, who lay draped slightly sideways next to Pam. Her head rested on Pam's shoulder and she was busy writing sweet nothings onto the skin of her lover's back, only pausing to drop kisses or smooth caresses down flawless alabaster skin.

Pam released a soft sigh when she felt her progeny angle her head to drop a kiss to the back of her neck. Closing her eyes, she nuzzled deeper into the downy softness of the pillow, savoring the salty breeze drifting in from the open window and the close proximity of her lover.

Her state of lethargy and relaxation did not last. When Tara's finger traced a familiar shape over the lily-white canvas that was her back, Pam lifted her head and turned to look over her shoulder to throw a disbelieving glower at the young vampire. "Are you drawing hearts?!"

The sound of Tara's mirth, a deep throaty laugh that rumbled straight from the depths of her belly, echoed around the bedroom at Pam's outraged tone. She scooted closer to Pam's sprawled form until she was completely pressed up against the blonde's side. Then with a decidedly impish grin, she used her finger to write "P + T 4Ever", her strokes exaggerated and deliberate across Pam's back. To add insult to injury, she then enclosed the words inside a heart, chortling as she went.

Pam shook her head, sending tendrils of tousled blonde hair to sway gently about her face. "Nearly a century old and you're still a juvenile delinquent." Her face was completely unimpressed as she continued to level an unamused look at her lover.

Tara merely chuckled at the dark look on her maker's face. "Almost three centuries old and you still have the emotional capacity of a shot glass." She lifted a hand to blow Pam a mocking kiss. "You win some, you lose some, lover mine."

Pam dropped her head back onto the pillow with a groan. "Gawd, I wish I knew how to quit you," she bemoaned dramatically, her Southern twang purposely accentuated. She buried her head into the pillow, mumbling nonsensically.

Tara slithered up the bed until her face was level with Pam's head. She reached out and smoothed a hand down messy locks of golden-blonde hair before tucking an errant strand behind Pam's ear. Then she leaned down and ghosted a lingering kiss to the smooth skin of Pam's cheek before moving her lips up to Pam's ear.

"You can't live without me," she whispered into a pale ear, her voice neither arrogant nor boastful. Tara was simply stating fact.

At the words, Pam's face reemerged from the pillow and she found herself running smack dab into a pair of mischievous bittersweet chocolate eyes. "No," she agreed readily as she propped herself up on one elbow, her palm upturned to cradle the side of her head. Her other hand immediately snaked out and found purchase on Tara's cheek, cupping it and stroking sure fingers down the soft ebony skin. "I can't."

Tara leaned into the touch, the act completely instinctive and unconscious. Her eyes fluttered, threatening to close, as she relished the feel of Pam's fingers against her skin. "Good," she murmured. "'Cuz I can't live without you either." She inched forward to close the miniscule distance between them only to brush her lips against Pam's waiting ones, persisting long enough to soak up the taste of apples and vanilla. "Will you recite something for me?" she asked when she pulled back.

Pam's face immediately creased into a soft smile at the request, her eyes adopting a look of pure adoration. It had become a nightly ritual between them, reciting quotes, poems, lyrics or simply excerpts from their favorite pieces of literature whilst they lay in bed, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

"What would you like to hear tonight, schätzlein?" Even her voice was soft, the husky inflection of her tone demure and compliant.

The features on Tara's face lit up like a Christmas tree at the nickname, her expression utterly smitten. It was the first of many endearments Pam had bestowed upon her but because it was the very first, it held a special place in the young vampire's heart and warmed her soul whenever the blonde used it.

"Anythang," Tara breathed out, her voice bathed in veneration. She pressed her cheek further into Pam's hand, seeking touch and comfort. Pam reciprocated by gently caressing the soft skin she found beneath her fingertips. Between them, the bond wriggled about happily like an excited puppy, drunk on the intensity of their love and devotion to each other.

"I do not love you as if you were salt-rose or topaz," Pam began quietly, her dry Southern drawl slipping slightly into an accent of soft, rounded vowels as it so often did whenever emotions were heightened and her guard was completely down.

Pam watched as Tara readjusted her position under the covers, settling herself into a more comfortable position. Her lover balanced herself up on her elbows, her upturned hands cradling either side of her chin. The sudden close proximity of their faces would have resulted in them sharing the same pocket of air had they needed to breathe. Instead, they simply enjoyed the intermingling aromas of oranges and dark chocolate and apples and vanilla along with the calming presence of each other.

"Or the arrows of carnations the fire shoots off." A pale hand reached out and lazily twirled a lock of sable hair around its finger, relishing the silky softness. "I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and soul."

A smile born of pure unadulterated happiness played across Tara's lips as the sound of Pam's voice washed over like the most soothing and warm wave. She delighted in the slight shivers her maker's husky rasp made her body produce, reveled in the way Pam almost absentmindedly played with her hair and willingly lost herself in Pam's steady and unyielding deep-blue gaze.

"I love you as the plant that never blooms, but carries in itself the light of hidden flowers," Pam continued, her tone reverent. Her azure blue eyes never left Tara's twin chips of dark chocolate as she recited Pablo Neruda's Sonnet XVII from memory. Honesty rang loud and clear with every word she spoke, her expression almost painful with undying love. She moved her hand from playing with Tara's hair to resume stroking her fingers down the young vampire's cheek. "Thanks to your love, a certain solid fragrance, risen from the earth, lives darkly in my soul."

"I love you without knowing how," Tara interjected gently, smirking a little when the whites of Pam's eyes became more prominent in wake of the blonde adopting a wide-eyed look of surprise. Unable to resist, the young vampire rocked forward to press a loving, devoted kiss to Pam's full lips. "- or when, or from where," she continued sweetly, whispering the stanza against Pam's mouth. "I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride." Eyes the color of rich coffee brown locked onto twin pools of startling sapphire blue, communicating so much with just a single look. Love shone the brightest though, shone so bright that it almost blinded them. "So I love you because I know no other way."

"Impressive," Pam breathed out. She stole another sweet kiss drenching her mouth with the flavors of oranges and dark chocolate.

"I know I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed but I ain't completely stupid either." Tara's tone was self-depreciating and blasé but having known Tara as long as she did, Pam caught the undertone of insecurity and hurt lingering beneath her nonchalance.

Pam's hand sneaked to the back of Tara's neck. She massaged at the tense muscles and nuzzled her nose against Tara's, an action that always resulted in her progeny scrunching up her nose in a manner that the blonde secretly found utterly adorable. "You know that's not what I meant, min äskling." Her hand drifted up to tangle its fingers in thick raven locks. "Don't put words in my mouth, Tara."

Tara scoffed, hating herself for breaking up the magical moment but her sudden display of insecurity and pride caused her to hang her head in shame. She tried to remove herself from the bed in an attempt to compose herself but Pam tightened the grip she had on her lover's hair, disallowing any further movement. Her firm grip tapered back into sifting thoughtful and soothing fingers through Tara's thick dark locks when Tara slumped back towards her, her expression an odd mixture of remorse and wounded.

"I love you against reason," Pam quoted Great Expectations, her voice a soft burr. She looked deep into Tara's eyes to convey her love, her sincerity and smiled when she saw the hurt and ignominy immediately ebb away from the dark chocolate of her lover's irises. "-against promise, against peace." The hand that was nestled contently in Tara's hair popped out to catch a drop of ruby red clinging desperately to Tara's eyelashes. "I love you against hope, against happiness-" She felt her own eyes bloody as the bond that tethered them to each other for all eternity almost buckled under the weight of love its charges sent through it. "-against all discouragement that could be."

Tara surged forward and captured Pam's lips in a kiss that splintered her soul and made her heart weep. She kissed her lover, her maker, her everything until she saw nothing but Pam, felt nothing but Pam, tasted nothing but Pam and thought nothing but Pam.

"Never doubt my love for you, Tara." Pam's vision was blurry from unshed blood-tears. "And never doubt your worth because you are worth everything." She sat up on the bed, bringing Tara with her. She cupped Tara's face in her hands, held her like she was the most precious of treasures. "I want you for always…days, years, eternities." There was such steely conviction in her voice that it left no room for hesitation or doubt. "You and me, Tara," she vowed, her voice no louder than a hoarse whisper, her tone choked with raw emotion. "We're forever. This, I promise you."

And with that, Pam tilted Tara's head up and sealed her promise with a kiss.


"True love has no happily ever after because true love never ends." – K. Knight

A/N 2 – Translations! Why did I throw in so many endearments in so many random languages you ask? Because nicknames and words of love seem so much more romantic and beautiful in non-English languages. In my opinion, anyway. Plus, I think being well versed in many different tongues suits Pam.

Shukran, habibti– Thank you, my beloved/darling (Arabic)

Anamchara – soulmate (Irish)

Grá mo chroí – love of my heart (Irish)

Gráim thú – I love you (Irish)

Котёнок – kitten (Russian)

Schätzlein – my little treasure/honey/sweetheart (German)

Min äskling – my love (Swedish)