This is a scary story I wrote on my own. Its part one of my trilogy. They are all oneshots. it is about a girl, Ellen, whose nightmares start to come true. Better than it sounds. Hope you like it! Please review!

The burnt legs.

Chapter 1

Ellen recognized the place. It was Moor hill. She often came here in her recent nightmares. Her nightmare world was quite scary. She started trekking down the mountain, cautiously looking for any sight of a monster or ghost. There was no one in sight. It was an eerie silence. "strange." thought Ellen.
"There's no one in sight. Something's wrong."Ellen started walking fast, eager to get down the hill.

She walked on a used trail and soon in front of her, she saw the old lady, as usual lighting a fire. She had been having this nightmare for 2 days, each time getting closer and closer to the old lady.

Today, she was determined to talk to her. She walked up towards the lady and said quite boldly, "hello. What are you doing?" the old lady looked up, and Ellen almost shivered in fright. Her face was gnarled and twisted, her mouth twisting into a would-be-smile. Most of all, her eyes unnerved Ellen. They reminded her of cold, evil, dungeons.

"I'm lighting a fire to roast my meat." the old lady said, smiling eerily. "Let me help you" said Ellen, thinking the sooner she did things, sooner would her nightmare end. Slowly slowly they started roasting the meat. It was unusually tough, and all the wood was finished but a little meat was still left.

The old lady said, "Only four more sticks and it's done." "But the wood has finished." Said Ellen.
The old lady once again smiled and said, "Oh. We have wood. Your 2 legs and my 2 legs." Suddenly Ellen saw that the old lady's legs were burning in the fire and were scorched black. Not only that, but the lady was pulling her both legs into the fire and 2 scorch marks had appeared where she had touched them.

Ellen screamed loudly and woke up, gasping for breath and wildly looking around. She was trembling hard, tears streaming from her eyes. She switched on the lights quickly, not wanting to stay in the darkness.

After her heart had stopped pounding and her breath had become almost normal, she shakily removed the blanket from her legs. Nothing, except two small marks where the lady had pulled them.

How was that? Hope you liked it.