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"Hey" -Human speech

'Hey' -Human thought

"Hey" -Jutsu/Demon speech

'Hey' -Demon thought

Drip -Slight sound effects

Now, let's begin!

He stood over his fallen comrade, visibly shaken at seeing his supposed friend give his life for him. He hated him, called him a loser, the dead last, so why? Why'd he save him? He felt cold and yet, burning hot with anger.

"Is this the first time you've seen a comrade die in battle?" Haku said as he (Yeah, Haku's a guy in this one, sue me) retreated into an ice mirror. "Such is the path of a ninja." He added, solemnly.

"Shut up…" Naruto answered in a low, strained tone as he felt his eyes burn, but he guessed it was from tears falling. He felt the heat in his body build as steam formed a circle on the ground around him and the senbon stabbing him were propelled out by an unknown force as his wounds healed, leaving no scars. He fell onto all fours and grunted as his features changed. His whisker marks thickened, giving him a feral, wild look, his teeth grew into fangs, his nails grew into claws, but his eyes were the most drastic change. At first, they tinted red and the pupil became a slit. But then, his sclera and cornea both turned gray as his pupil seemed to grow bumps as if it was bubbling and parts of it stretched and curved out to the edges of his eyes, simulating a black hole. "I'm gonna kill you!" He snapped, his voice low and growling, like a demon.

Haku felt uneasy at his glare and the aura he exuded but felt dread grip him when he saw blood red chakra circle around the boy like an inferno then at the apex, the fire took the form of a grinning fox head but soon the inferno of this chakra grew gray streaks within it. He soon grew frightfully confused when he suddenly appeared outside of his mirror, looking behind him to see an empty black circle in the air where he supposedly fell out of. Trying to retreat to another, he found himself going through portal after portal, never reaching his mirrors. He felt something he was trained to never feel: fear. He feared this boy, or was he a demon? He didn't know. All he knew was, he was going to die. But, readying his senbon, he wasn't going to go down without a fight. He charged at the boy, intent on at least wounding him.

Naruto roared and charged back, rearing his clawed fist back. Seeing the arguably slow movement, Haku easily dodged the attack. But as he prepared to retaliate, the same fist he dodged collided with his face. He was thrown back by the force of it and rolled to a stop. He propped himself on one arm and spit out blood, looking to see how he was hit. He saw a smaller version of the 'portal' that moved him out of his mirror where the fist was retreating into and saw another portal like it connected to the blonde demons wrist as he pulls back, showing his now-whole hand again. His eyes widened at the implications of this. If trained correctly, no one could escape this child's attacks. He stood up, doing one handed hand signs as he did, and slid his sandaled foot forward, sending a cluster of ice across the ground, towards the demon child. Not knowing what it did, Naruto merely roared at it, the chakra-enhanced sound wave shattering it. Haku cursed at the retaliation. He ran at the child, intent still on at least hurting him, readying his senbon.

Naruto jumped back but disappeared into another of those portals.

Haku skid to a halt and frantically looked in every direction, intent of blocking where he came from. His eyes widened when he saw a portal form in front of every single one of his ice mirrors, a sort of copy of his Demonic Crystal Ice Mirrors technique.

"Let's see how you like it when you can't see what is attacking you and from where." The child's voice growled out. Then the attack began.

Naruto rocketed out of one portal, slashing at Haku with his claws on the way to the portal adjacent to his entrance, then repeated it from every direction, mimicking Haku's attack on him and Sasuke earlier. This continued for half a minute. Once done, Naruto stepped out of a portal as they all disappeared and stood over the bruised and bloody Haku.

Haku's mask was cracked and soon fell, showing his feminine face to the demonized boy. Naruto's eyes widened then his face became somber as the chakra he exuded dissipated but his eye remained their odd pattern.

"It's you… from the forest… Why?" He stated then asked simply.

"Why do you hesitate? I am weak; strike me down! I am useless to Zabuza-sama now…" Haku yelled then stated, a hopeless expression on his face.

Naruto didn't reply for a bit. "You think if we met before all this, we could've been friends?" Naruto asked.

Before Haku could answer, a yell from his master sounded off, and then he heard the sound of lightning crackling wildly. He stood and left quickly, intent on serving his master one last time, ignoring Naruto's cries of protest. When Naruto chased him, all he found was Kakashi's arm propelled through Haku's heart, said boy using himself as a shield for Zabuza. Naruto's eyes hardened then saddened, as he hung his head at losing a possible friend. They all then heard slow clapping from the other side of the bridge.

Looking, they all saw Gato behind an army of thugs carrying various weapons and evil grins. Gato had a smirk on his face. "Well, well. It seems that little freak was useful after all. Serves him right for breaking my wrist." He pointed out by moving his casted arm a bit. "Now, for unfinished business. Zabuza, our contract is rescinded. You are hereby fired. Boys, take care of him." He stated then ordered his armies, keeping that infuriating grin on his face.

"Wait just one moment!" A voice said from beyond the mist.

Everyone, including the army of thugs, looked in the direction of the voice to find a dark figure, fairly tall, perhaps 6' 8", a black cloak over him and a hood hiding his face. But upon closer inspection, one can notice he has eyes just like Naruto.

"I'm here to see my grandson."

End Ch. 1

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