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"Hey" -Human speech

'Hey' -Human thought

"Hey" -Jutsu/Demon speech

'Hey' -Demon thought

Drip -Slight sound effects

Let's begin!

Naruto was currently sailing through the air, a powerful wind blast making him soar far away from his team as they were merely splayed across some tree trunks. He soon made contact with the ground, an audible thud rocking his body as he rolled into another tree, finally to a stop. He groaned a bit and slowly sat up, shaking his head and looking around.

"What hit me?" He asked no one. Surprisingly, his answer was a loud hiss, like some giant snake mocked him with its bizarre laughter. "Who's there?" He yelled out, jumping to his feet and looking around, his Meigan active.

His answer was a humongous tail whipping out of the shadows and slamming into him, crashing him through a tree. He grunted as he landed on the ground harshly, not even bothering to cry out from the painful breakthrough of the tree. He stood up and snarled at the snake, weaved a set of familiar handsigns, familiar to him anyway, unknown to the snake from the knowledge its master shares with it. It watched as the boy slammed his palms on the ground as if to do a Kuchiyose, and saw the ground become infected with an empty darkness, a shiver running along its scales as the blackness passed underneath it. It watched as the boy smirked at it and saw the ground and trees around them shifted, as if bending to the boys will. The trees quickly took hold of the snake like large restraints, negating any form of escape from the reptile summon. It struggled, but in vain, as the ground underneath it started to depress into a sinkhole, and the tree-restraints slowly pushed it into the depression, it struggling as it felt an ominous end at the bottom of the pit. The trees dropped it inside, and the snake tried to slither out, only to find as it felt millions of stabbing pains throughout its scaled hide. Looking around, the snake saw that spikes lined the wall, pointing down, so if it tried to go up, it would scrape itself. It resigned itself to its fate and fell, to a bed of spikes. It was skewered and soon poofed out of existence.

The sinkhole slowly closed up and the Infecting Darkness drained back to Naruto, the terrain completely unaffected.

Naruto was happy with his work and made his way to his teammates, hoping they were alright. He didn't know how wrong he was.

(Sasuke and Sakura)

Currently, Sasuke was holding his own against the Kusa nin, who he didn't know if it was a boy or a girl. Sakura was helping him, using her moderately super strength due to the chakra control exercises Kakashi had her do to make her less of a fangirl and more of a good kunoichi, with just a hint of teachings about Tsunade Senju, the Slug Princess of the Sannin.

The Kusa nin was beyond surprised at this fact, vaguely reminded of his old teammate; even down to the washboard chest.

Sakura and a blonde haired incredibly large breasted woman near Tanzaku Gai both sneezed for some off reason.

Sakura was pulling her weight as she powered her fists with chakra, using her excellent chakra control. She had also managed to build up her chakra reserves to a normal genin, kunoichi or not. She, of course, had plentiful food pills to replenish her chakra, as she would run out sooner or later. But she was also worried about an overdose of it, as it was possible, seeing as she had already consumed two of them and was reaching for her third. She disregarded it for now and aided Sasuke in fighting off the genin who was clearly high above the rank in terms of strength.

The worse part: this 'genin' seemed to be toying with them with this strength. It infuriated Sasuke to no end more than the fact someone was stronger than him. It reminded him of that day…

He ignored the inner need to reminisce his hatred of his brother and concentrated on the genin before him, as the idea of a genin being this powerful was looking more and more insane as they did.

He managed to tie to opponent down against a tree with ninja wire and used a Hosenka no Jutsu to set the wire, and subsequently the genin, ablaze. He sighed in relief at the screams of pain he heard and let his shoulders slacken. He immediately became rigid when he heard an all too disturbingly familiar laugh.

"Ku ku ku ku ku… Excellent, Sasuke-kun. It seems you have some fight in you after all. And here I was thinking this battle was a waste of time. Thank you for proving me wrong." The genin chuckled, showing his half burnt face to Sasuke as he turned around. Underneath the burn, Sasuke could see dreadfully pale skin and some odd purple marking along the side of his nose and the eye above the exposed skin was golden and slitted, like the many snakes he used in the fight. Sasuke felt on edge as he peered into the golden eye, as if it was the portal to madness, and he was falling deep, deep within its embrace.

He soon realized he couldn't move from fear and as a last resort, managed to muster the strength to raise his kunai in hand and stab his own upper leg, breaking himself from the chance, just in time to dodge a powerful looking right hook from the genin.

He jumped back to stand beside Sakura, both of them panting heavily and sporting a whole slew of injuries, as the genin opposite them held none but the burn on his face, but showed no negative reactions to it.

The genin soon raised his hand to his face, making the two genin playtoys stiffen, ready to retaliate. He smirked and chuckled to himself and grabbed the burnt skin, and pulled. He tore off his own face as if it were a mask, elicitng a few gags from the Uchiha and his pink haired teammate, as they thought the man was insane and tearing his own face off. He smirked when they saw that he merely had another face underneath, the new visage matching the glimpse Sasuke had after his attack, both eyes golden and slitted. He chuckled that infuriating laugh, like a snake mocking its prey as it continued playing with it like a new toy.

In shock, Sasuke was unprepared when the supposed 'genin's' neck extended greatly, like a snake, and launched at his neck. He tried to jump away, but for naught, as the man sunk his exposed fangs into his skin, eliciting a wave of horrible pain to erupt and spread within the Uchiha's body.

The snake man had a smirk as he retracted his head and had an idea: what would it be like to have a near Tsunade-clone under his control? He smirked, agreeing with himself, and elicited the same treatment upon Sakura, biting her neck to have her join Sasuke in their stupor of pain.

"You two will look for me, lusting for power. I can promise you it. Goodbye, Sasuke-kun. And goodbye, my new pet…" He said, smirking at Sakura at the last bit. As he started to sink into the ground to disappear, a fist lodged itself within his cheek, snapping him out of his escape and rocketing him towards a nearby tree.

He groaned and hissed, not at the pain, as it was nothing. He hissed at who would dare attack him. He looked through the cloud of dust his impact kicked up, and smirked. He saw Naruto Uzumaki, but his eyes were strange. They were grey and had a pupil like a black whole, drawing him in to their depths, mocking him with the appearance of something he believes he should know about. He knew nothing about these eyes; his spies said nothing about the Kyuubi brat having a Kekkei Genkai, a Doujutsu no less. He must have it.

He didn't have time to scheme as he had to dodge the Kyuubi brat's admittedly fast flurry of punches; the boy must have been training hard. But who would train him? The village wouldn't allow most to do so, the villagers would make sure of that, most jounin had to tend to their own teams, and the boys own sensei was too busy teaching the Uchiha and Haruno, perhaps ordered by the Council. So who?

He was knocked out of his musing by dodging a particularly close fist to his jaw, but then he felt the same fist make contact with the other side of his face, pushing him into the boy's arm for a clothesline maneuver. He gagged as his breathing was constricted but used this opportunity to grab the boy and throw him over his shoulder. "Very impressive, Naruto-kun. You seem to be stronger than my information says. I look forward to meeting you again, and crashing you." Orochimaru said and disappeared, leaving his infuriating laugh echoing around Naruto, as the boy was thrown head first into a tree.

He groaned and held his head and looked around for the snake-like man, but found nothing. Sighing, defeated, Naruto went over to his teammates and picked them up, hoisting them over his shoulders, and managed to jump away, looking for somewhere to rest and let them wake up.

He found a hollowed out tree and laid them down and sat, watching over them like a guardian. He felt very fatigued from fighting that giant snake and trying to fight against that snake freak. He had indomitable stamina but he was just learning the Black Hole Portal so it used more chakra than it probably should, draining him worse. Maybe he could sleep for a little bit…

Watching over the fatigued Team 7 was the team from Otogakure. A mummified genin in purple and white came and some odd shaggy thing on his back, another genin with black spiky hair similar to Kakashi's and some odd face plate framing his head and the kanji for 'Dead' on his shirt twice, and a kunoichi with long black hair reaching the small of her back; all smirking. It seems they found their target.

They would strike once the blonde brat fell asleep; he looked like a leaf could knock him over just as an excuse to rest. They then decided against waiting, as their target was unconscious and their only opposition was a weakened kid rumored to have been the dead last of this year's batch of Konoha genin, and jumped down, alerting the almost-asleep Naruto.

"Heh, take a nap, kid. We're here for the Uchiha, so just stay quiet and we might not hurt you." The black haired genin said to Naruto.

Scowling, Naruto stood up and blocked the Oto genin's path to his teammates, his Kekkei Genkai active. When mastered a great deal, the user wouldn't need to activate the Meigan for the elemental manipulation, at least that's what Kurieita told him. He didn't know because it seemed his Meigan was perpetually active, possible a side effect of the incident from when he was a child. Anyway, Naruto planned to take care of these genin with his chakra manipulation, instead of his Darkness affinity, so as to keep his secret weapon just that, a secret. He might also limit himself to Katon, as that was the norm in terms of affinity in Hi no Kuni.

Nodding to himself, Naruto made sure to keep his eyes hidden so as to keep that a secret too; can't have too many people knowing he had a doujutsu never seen before. He concentrated chakra to his lungs and the fingertips of his right hand. Exhaling, using the chakra to essentially breath fire, while turning his upper body so he faced right and turned left, breathing an arc of fire out and his chakra-laden hand trailing behind him, Naruto sent forth a secretly-wind enhanced fire wave. "Fire Release: Inferno Wave!" He yelled, and let the attack fly.

The Oto team was surprised as hell and managed to jump out of harms way, save for the mummy genin getting a few burns on his right sleeve.

Naruto smirked at his handiwork; it seems the technique he actually thought of on the spot worked. He had another idea and concentrated, sweat forming on his brow. He disappeared in a blur of speed, using the training from Gai and Lee to do so, and appeared in front of each member, and slammed his fist into a different part of their bodies; the mummy, his stomach, the other boy, his face, and the girl the small of her back.

He then appeared back where he was standing when he thought of this idea. He vaguely remembered this technique worked a lot like his father, the Yondaime's, famed Hiraishin, except his jutsu didn't involve teleporting his entire body… yet. He then quickly breathed a ball of fire to his hand, taking care to spread chakra to his palm to prevent burns, and held the fireball outwards, and forms a shield of fire in a clockwise motion, spread the fireball thin and forming it. He then sent wind chakra to his index and middle fingers on both hands, and stabbed through the 'shield', using the chakra to carry out pieces of fire that flew out incredibly fast, the small fire darts vaguely taking the shape of swallows. "Fire Release: Homing Swallow!" He yelled, and much like he said, his barrage of flaming birds were following the Oto genin wherever they dodged, intent on making contact.

Upon hitting the black haired genin first, the birds of fire exploded, knocking him back into a tree. The birds repeated this on the other two genin, knocking them to the ground. The Oto growled lowly towards Naruto, and he smirked as he seemed to be on a roll right now with spontaneous jutsu. He smirked and remade the Homing Swallow 'nest', but in a complete circle around him. He channeled the wind chakra to his fingertips again, this time all ten, and spun on his heel, much like the Hyuuga's Kaiten, and jabbed his fingers out whenever he could. "Fire Release: Flocking Inferno!"

His Homing Swallow repeated, but it was a huge flock around him that sent a barrage towards his opponents, almost blinding his view of them from the flying fire. He slowly stopped and, landing on both feet, slightly dizzy, and looked at his handiwork.

He saw that the forest was scarred before him, and the genin were hidden behind what was left of some trees, but surely had severe burns around their arms and legs. He smirked to himself, impressed with his work. "I hope you get that that means 'stay away from my team!'" He yelled to them, seeing the mummified genin narrow his eye at him and jump out from behind his tree, rearing his left arm back. Naruto prepared himself to block the attack, but was truly unprepared when the arm made contact with his crossed arm block and he heard a ringing sound, and suddenly his vision was swimming and the ringing was deafening. He gritted his teeth, feeling the blood ooze out of his ears and stumbled back, just as he started feeling a surge of some sort of foul chakra behind him. He blacked out before he could see what happened.

(Sasuke and Sakura)

Both teammates of our resident blonde were standing on their feet, fully awake, and changed. Sasuke had flame patterns creeping along his skin from the mark on the left side of his neck. Sakura had lightning marks over her face and shoulder from her own mark. They were both standing in a torrent of foul purple chakra, intent on killing everything. They saw that their teammate was done, surely from being attacked while protecting them during their rest. They saw those who were surely the attackers; that team from Oto. They smirked as they approached them.

Sasuke immediately appeared behind the black haired genin, Zaku. Sakura appeared behind Kin.

Sasuke slammed the bottom of his foot into the small of Zaku's back, sending him to the ground, but grasped his arms and held them up, smirking evilly. Sakura repeated the action with her foot but grabbed hold of Kin's hair, smirking equally.

"You seem quite attached to these arms of yours. Perhaps we should fix that." Sasuke offered, his voice dripping with murderous intent. Sakura said nothing to her hostage, only pulled on the hair in her hand, eliciting a yelp of pain from Kin.

"W-wait! What're you doing?!" Zaku yelled as he felt Sasuke put pressure on his back and pull his arms. He started to grit his teeth, then yell in pain, as Sasuke slowly, painfully, ripped his arms out of their sockets, rendering them useless.

Sakura repeatedly bashed Kin's face into the ground, her face progressively becoming worse, with a broken nose, swollen cheeks and broken teeth, and a black eye. She then slammed her head into a tree, rendering her unconscious.

Both cursed genin smirked at their prey, stalking towards them to kill them. Before they could do so, a shadow blurred behind them, and with two well placed chops to their necks, they were knocked out, the Curse marks receding.

The remaining Oto genin was wide eyed as he saw his prey and the bubblegum haired weakling almost kill his teammates. He quickly reached into his pouch and laid his teams Earth scroll on the ground near Sasuke, retrieving his teammates and running away.

Naruto awoke with a groan, holding his aching head. He sat up and looked around, seeing his unconscious teammates have somehow moved and there was a small depression in the ground near Sakura littered with blood. Hastily checking her, he found it wasn't her blood. He was confused beyond hell when he saw the scroll his team needed near Sasuke. He felt as if he missed something really important.

"What da fuck?" He intelligently yelled out to no one, confused to the point where it added on to his headache from the mummy genin's weird attack.

He shook his head and retrieved the scroll and picked up his teammates, Sasuke over his shoulder and Sakura under his arm, and made his way to the tower, with no difficulty from the added weight of his teammates, as the insane training from the gruesome twosome of Gai and Lee made him able to handle weights almost tenfold of theirs.

Arriving at the tower entrance, he felt his teammates stir, and laid them on the ground. He watched as they awoke the same manner he did, holding their heads and groaning. Catching them up on the current events, they nodded to enter and read the odd inscription on a board inside; something about Heaven and Earth and mind and the body. Feeling too tired to give two shits, they just opened their scrolls and tossed them to the ground, watching as they poofed into a cloud of smoke, revealing Iruka Umino.

"Hey guys. Wow, you look like you went through hell. Sakura is that blood on your hands?" He greeted, commented, then asked, shocked.

Sakura checked her hand and jumped, seeing her sensei was right. Instead of shrieking like a banshee and waving her arm around in a futile attempt to get the offending liquid off, she merely wiped it on her battle kimono. "Yes it was, sensei." She said simply.

Iruka was slightly disturbed that she just shrugged off the fact some sort of mystery blood was on her hands but chocked it up to her finally growing out of her fangirl tendencies, silently thanking Kami for that. "Well guys, congratulations on completing the second part of the Chuunin Exams. There are rooms upstairs to rest, and the messhall is down the hall." He offered, but didn't get the chance to continue as all three genin ran upstairs to the rooms.

He shrugged it off and chuckled, feeling proud the group of genin he taught making it so far.

The Chuunin Exams were going to be interesting, that was for sure.

End Ch. 8

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