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~Chapter 2 of Changeling~

A blond and a pink-haired mages are walking on the way to Fairy Tail Guild.

All eyes are on them, who won't be? They are walking weird.

Lucy who is Natsu is walking hands on the back of her head with a grin on her face and legs wide spread in walking (imagine Natsu walking, it's like that).

While Natsu who is Lucy is walking while her right hand on his face and walks like a girl.

Someone whispered "hey! That is the salamander and the stellar mage right?"

Someone whispered back "yeah! Why are they walking weirdly?"

Natsu who is Lucy heard them (because of Natsu's Heighten senses) glared at them and shouted "I'm not weird!"

Lucy who is Natsu looked at him saying "yes you are!"

Natsu glared at her, she gulps and stuttered "m… maybe not!" and smiled nervously.

Natsu sighed and hold her wrist saying "come on! Let's hurry up, I don't want to stay in this filthy body of yours!" that he earns a "hey!" from Lucy and continued running towards the Guild weirdly.

~at the Guild~

A blond haired stellar mage kicked the Guild door wide open with a grin and shouted "good morning!"

All eyes are on her mouth wide open and thought in unison "did she just kick the door?"

Erza stands up from her spot and walked towards her and asked "I thought you and Natsu are going on a mission?"

Lucy grins and shouted "I'AM NATSU!"

Then after that Natsu is seen entering the guild doors sighing.

That made Gray and Gajeel faint while the others jaw drop on the floor and thought in unison "HE JUST SIGHED!"

Erza looked at the two of them and said "don't tell me…"

Natsu who is Lucy nodded and said "I'm sorry to disappoint you! But yes it is!" while Lucy who is Natsu just grinned on her spot.

Then Erza continues and shouted "YOU'RE PLAYING A GAME!"

Everyone fall on the ground and shouted in unison "NO IT'S NOT!"

Erza is dumbfounded and said "isn't that a game you call changing-your-personality?"

Natsu who is Lucy face palmed and said "do you guys remember the changeling?" he asked.

Everyone nodded except for Lucy who runs to the bar who orders food immediately.

Natsu who saw this, dragged her out on the bar and gave a piercing glare and threaten her "if ever I got fat, I'll definitely kill you!"

Everyone sweat dropped while Happy just put his paw on his mouth trying to maintain his laugh and said "pfft… you're already fat Lucy!"

Everyone turn white and thought in unison "poor Happy!"

Natsu who is now Lucy is now covered in flames, raging of anger, and some dark aura is emitting from his back while cracking his knuckles and muttering something like "you just wasted your life, you damn cat!"

Happy gulped and said "Natsu's gonna kill me! Lucy heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!" he whines flying towards Lucy.

Natsu again crack his knuckles and said "I'M LUCY, YOU DAMN CAT!"

Happy stops and looked at him covering his mouth with his paw and said "pfft… I never thought you like to be Lucy, Natsu!"

Another dark aura was seen on his back and saw Lucy glaring at him and she said "that's our secret Happy!" she pouted.

Everyone falls on the ground and thought "he wants to be Lucy?" while sweat dropping.

Natsu who is Lucy is now seen in ashes fading away.

Lucy who is Natsu covers her mouth and asked "did I just say that out loud?"

There you go Natsu who is Lucy came back to life then glare daggers at the two while cracking his knuckles and shouted "so you guys planned this out?"

Lucy and Happy hug each other and gulped and thought in unison "we're dead!" followed by Lucy's imagination "I can never see Igneel ever again!" then Happy "goodbye fish!"

~moments later~

Lucy is found on the bar sulking with Happy beside her (Natsu who is Lucy's punishment is just a one month not coming to her house and no food after the changeling deactivate).

Natsu continue in what his saying while Gray and Gajeel are just waking up from their slumber earlier.

"That idiot bring that request paper and when I came out of the bathroom I hear him muttering at something and the changeling activated!" he explained while pointing at Lucy then sighed.

Again the two is seen fainted on the floor hearing Natsu sighed.

Then he added "where is Levy-chan anyway?"

Mira answered "the team shadow gear is on a mission for 2 months!"

Natsu jaw drop and shouted "whaaaaaaaat?"

Erza spoke "don't you remember, changeling must be deactivated in 30 minutes if you want it to deactivate!" she stated straight face.

Natsu is now seen stone mouth wide open and shouted "noooooooooooooooooo…"

Mira smiled "it's been 2 hours isn't it?"

"Goodbye my beautiful life!" Natsu who is Lucy thought.

Then Mira added "but maybe Levy can help! Let's just wait for 2 months for them to return!" she said with a smile.

Natsu looked at her then grinned "maybe, right!" and thought "please Levy-chan come home immediately! And please help us return to normal!"


Author's note:

What will happen to the two months between them and will Levy help them deactivate the changeling? Find out sooooooooooooooooooooooon… hahaha

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