Author's note: Not really sure where this one came from. :) Slightly poetic due to the hours of poetry I have been reading for school. Just a short one-shot. Edmund POV. Hope you enjoy it!

My Brother's Keeper

Am I my brother's keeper? Once I ignored it. That only caused more damage. I learned. I learned from my mistakes. And now…

Am I my brother's keeper? I will not ignore his silent plea for help. I see the tired look in his eyes; the avid pain wearing at him. He is bruised and worn. His strength is almost gone. I know he cannot carry on. The fight has been too hard on him.

"Tarry here, my brother," I quietly plead. "Find your strength again. Where is your golden magnificence? Where has your merry laughter departed to?"

Am I my brother's keeper? There is despair in his eyes as he looks at me and mourns. "Golden is gone. Magnificence has deserted. Laughter has been devoured. Take me away from this land. Take me away. Take me home."

"Soon, my brother," I answer. "Soon we shall be at home. But not yet. Nay, the battle has not been won." I take his arm and help him limp off the field, away from death and destruction. Away from this forsaken place.

"You must rest," I urge.

"I can't," he answers. And I know this is true. He has no time to waste idly regaining his strength. We are on campaign. We are in a battle. A struggle of life and death. Curse those barbaric foes. Their sly manner of speech has woven this fine web of trouble. Death awaits us on every side. I hold my brother up, lest his foot slips and he finds himself snatched away by their schemes. Snatched away from me.

My brother looks at me. He knows the anger in my heart. He knows my anxiety for him. He knows my dark side and my secrets. He whispers, "Don't, brother-mine. For long ago, I made my vow. I will never let you down. I will never let you fall. You will never be alone, while I am always near."

Am I my brother's keeper? Now it is no longer a question; nor a surging doubt. I know the answer now. I am my brother's keeper, and he is mine.