Billy- Ray Sanguine crouched in wait of his next victim. He wasn't entirely certain of why he was doing this, but if it was what his master wanted, then he would do it. His hideout wasn't even worth calling a shed. The air was musty, a bitter chill clung to his skin and, if he had eyes, he wouldn't be able to see two feet in front of him. The one thing that kept him going was the look on the Cain girl's face when he pushed her into the portal. This thought almost made him lose control of his actions, and laugh, but he didn't.

Five years ago, Cain had sliced open his stomach and, until three months ago, he had been robbed of his power, due to his injury. It was then, that his girlfriend, Tanith Low, had taken him to see Dr Nye. Dr Nye was the strangest thing he had ever met. It was neither male nor female, but it did repair Sanguine, while Tanith went to stab a prisoner. He now had his power back, and was stronger than before. Pushing Cain into the portal hadn't come close to repaying what she had done to him, but it would do for now. He had kept this quiet, but Sanguine was secretly hoping that Cain would return so he could torture her. He wouldn't kill her, Dusk had made sure of that, but he would hurt her until she opened her little girly mouth and screamed.

Footsteps were inside the shed, and looking around. They seemed to be beside the portal, so Billy-Ray jumped out, ready to push this person in. He hoped it would be the Skeleton Detective, so then he would have crossed off two people on his List of Revenge. Sanguine drew his straight razor, and was about to stab the person, when he saw who it was. He laughed, then folded up his razor.

Tanith Low laughed with her black Remnant lips. "It's me, Billy. I came to see how you were doing. I heard Val was missing, has it got anything to do with you?"

"Might do." He replied with a grin. "Hey, what's that?" More footsteps were outside now, but only one pair. Sanguine turned back to Tanith. "You aren't alone?"

"I came alone, but someone must have followed me. Wall, now." Sanguine slid into the closest wall, and Tanith shifted her centre of gravity until she was on the ceiling. The door opened and a boy with ridiculously spiky blonde hair strode in. Fletcher Renn had arrived. He stood in the middle of the floor, and called for Tanith. Nothing happened, so he called again. Tanith drew her sword from its scabbard, and jumped down from the ceiling. "Hello Fletcher." She remarked. "How nice it is to see you here. I like your hair, by the way. It's the spitting image of an electrocuted hedgehog." Fletcher stood up a little straighter. "Do not bring my hair into this. I have come because of Valkyrie."

Tanith laughed again. "Fletcher! You have a girlfriend back in Australia."

"I do. I am here to see Sanguine; I heard he pushed Valkyrie into the portal." Sanguine stepped out the wall and stared at Fletcher with those holes for eyes. This seemed to unnerve Fletcher slightly, but he tried not to show it. "I want to go through the portal." He tried his best to sound brave. Sanguine coked his head and began to laugh. "Sorry kid, I don't do favours."

"I have money." Fletcher replied evenly.

"Oh yeh, how much?"

"Ten thousand pounds."

"Why would you, a skinny kid, have ten grand on ya?"

"I'm a Teleporter; I can get what I want, when I need it."

Sanguine considered this. "You do realise that if I take your offer, and send you over there, you can't teleport back."

Fletcher swallowed, as if he was dreading this. "Yeh, I know."

Sanguine walked over to the symbols, and tapped three of them. The portal opened its gaping red mouth and stood there, waiting for Fletcher. "Now, the money." Billy-Ray held out his hand and Fletcher gave him the suitcase, and was about to step into the portal, when he teleported over to Tanith. She screamed, and Sanguine turned to help her, but Fletcher was quicker and he teleported himself and Tanith into the portal. The Remnant inside her bulged in her throat, and ripped itself free. Tanith, now unconscious, and Fletcher fell in the red light.