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Title: Naruko, Season 1. Life Of The Fox

Warnings: Abuse, possible rape if I feel weird and sadistic, and I cant decide who Naruko should be with. VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE~! =3. ^-^. As well as there will be major violence. o3o Be warned.

Full Summary: Naruko Uzumaki. A young girl(Also boy, to those who don't know). Though there's one secret. The day she was born, Naruko's father, The Fourth Hokage, sealed away a demon. Inside his own daughter. And Naruko, only knowing the hatred of others, though having no idea why. She plans to become a leader. So everyone will respect her! No one can NOT respect her if she becomes Hokage, right? So, then they'll stop hurting her. Right, right?

Author: Geo and Neo

Beta: No-one. Hiring=3!

Rating: Rated M, for Mature.


"Kyuubi Talk"



Chapter 2

Naruko stifled a whimper as Mizuki landed another blow to her leg. She heard the sickening crack of a bone breaking. She wasn't able to stop the scream.

She knew if she made any sound, it would just make him angrier. But it hurt so much. The pain was everywhere. Her stomach, her hands, her arms, her feet, her fingers, her legs, her chest, it was everywhere!

Naruko didn't know how long his game had lasted. She never did. She normally counted, but she lost track after a while.

She hated him. She hated them. They people who hated her. Why did they hate her? It wasn't fair. What'd she do? Why, why, why, why, why, why, why?!

Another blow to her head caused her vision to go blurry, and she felt the warmth of unconciousness.

As she felt the welcoming embrace of darkness, she heard a low, seductive, yet very very very pissed off voice say, "Mizuki... Your a sick bastard."

Kakashi POV:

Kakashi stared coldly through his eye at Mizuki, before he slowly turned to look at the girl he had just stopped abusing.

She was cute, like a lolita. Cherubic features, pale yet sinfully full lips. Her cheeks were marred by three whisker marks, each in the same place. Her normally tanned skin was marred with bruises and scarpes, and her golden locks were coated in mud, and lay in matts of knots to the small of her back. Blood caked most of her lithe body, her normally clean skirt was cut and chapped, and her jacket was ripped, and coated in tried blood. Her knee length combat boots were covered with blood stains, ranging from old to new. Her normally bright cerulean hues were dulled, and slowly closing into unconciousness.

All in all, she looked like hell.

As Kakashi knashed his teeth together, his fist flew forward, and Mizuki was spiraled back into the tree. Kakashi jumped forward and wrapped a hand around the bastard's neck, pinning him to the tree.


That all he said.

Mizuki's pale face curled into the picture of pure insanity and hatred, as he laughed, "She's the monster! Everyone knows it! She's the Nine-Tailed Fox! She's a freak!"

The words seemed to affect the Copy Nin, because he brought his knee up, burrying it into Mizuki's stomach, causing the air to rush out of the physcotic in a large whosh.

With a low growl of, "Your an abusive little fuck, you know that?"

Mizuki only laughed again, "She's not even human, Kakashi! Shes' the Nine-Tailed Beast!"

With a low hiss, Kakashi threw the man to the other side of the clearing, glaring at him through one narrowed eye, the intent the kill practicly radiating off of him, "No, your the beast here, Mizuki. She can't even defend herself! You just want to have someone as your little toy!" With a low growl, Kakashi kicked the man again, causing him to lose conciousness.

The silver-haired man turned and knelt by the twitching girl as she whimpered, even in unconciousness.

"Don't worry about anything, Naruko. It's ok, now."

He watched sadly as she slowly stopped whimpering, and the twitching slowly faded.

The Next Day:

A low groan slid from Naruko's throat and she winced as she felt the sting of her wounds.

'Normally it hurts more...' The thought went through her head, and she slowly forced her tired lids to open.

She was in the hospital. She could recgonize the white walls anywhere, the IV, (Of course she remebered that.), and the window that showed the garden that sat in the middle of the hospital.

As she pushed up to a sitting posistion, she heard the old man's voice cut in, "I've told you not to go out of the village, Naru..."

She turned to look at the wizened Hokage and she gave him a small, apologetic smile, "I'm sorry, Grandpa. Iruka-sensei..."

"I know what Iruka did.. I just wished you hadn't run away." He cut in.

Looking down at her hands that were grasping eachother, Naruko sighed, talking quietly as she said, "I had to.. It reminded me to much.. Of them."

It shocked the old man at how much hatred and betryal laced her soft, lyrical voice. Really it did. Naru was normally happy, and kind, but... Those villagers were jerks. Treating her like they did. It was sickening. And he couldn't do anything.

All because of the Council.

That's where the problem lay. The Council didn't trust her because of her genes. And the thing sealed inside her. Hell, they probably hoped that the villagers killed her someday. All because they don't think that she can be controlled. Espically with all her pranks.

Sick bastards, He thought darkly.

With a sigh, he stood, "Well... I'll leave you to it. Good bye, Naru," He walked over, and pressed a kiss to her forehead, before he turned around, and left.

2 Weeks Later.

Naruto Uzumaki ran a hand through her newly cut hair. She had cut it so that it would go to her shoulders. To her, it looked cute.

It had been two weeks since Mizuki's "Attack" on her, and she had long since gotten over it.

A soft sigh escaped her lips as she walked into the slightly run-down Ninja Academy, walking to her classroom.

Let the hell begin, She thought sarcasticly as he opened up the door.

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~Geo And Neo