Epilogue: After The Showdown

So what happened after the Time Toon Cops saved the world? It's a long story, but luckily we have a few pointers to give you of the post-mission days.

In the Supreme Court, Judge Sheik sentenced the villains to 2,000 years in prison, plus 1,000 hours of community service and cleaning up the highways. He also revoked Dr. Hamsterviel's Sent. Rights, so he'll not be president for 2,005 Years, too.

Bert and Lisa were finally married. They had a wedding at a church in Washington D.C. (the same one Charles and Blaze had gotten married in), with the reception taking place at the new Evergreen Cafe in the downtown area. Everyone was invited, including family and friends. Commander Armington, who was himself a close friend of Bert's, was the best man. The happy couple made their home in a house just several blocks from the Washington D.C. Police HQ (now known as the Time Toon Cops Headquarters). A year later, a child was born to them-a baby boy. He looked just like his now-famous father, with his bent ears and nose, as well as his twinkling black eyes. They even had a name for him: Bert Raccoon, Jr.

During that time, Charles had built a Freeze Machine. He wrote a note to Bert, and when finished he told Blaze to deliver the note to him and added that he will see her in 3009. After this, he went into his Freeze Machine, and there he was frozen for 994 years, with his eyes closed and his arms in an X-position.

At the White House, Blaze gave Bert the note and he began to read it.

Dear Bert,

I want you to become the new president of the USA. I changed most of it, but you need to change the rest, too. Since you want the US and Canada (your old home country) to join together, you can do that to make the United States of Canerica. Remember, this is your dream, this is your new life, and your legacy will live on. Your story of how you saved the world by stopping Dr. Hamsterviel with a stunner gun will be told for many generations to come (they'll even have a ballad for it, too). I will see you in 994 years, because you will have a future hero and a sidekick there. So, good luck becoming president, Bert, and give my regards to the future First Lady. I have faith in you.


Ex-President Charles Roberts

Bert smiled. He vowed that once he became president, he would keep his promise. And so he went home to tell his wife the exciting news.

The next day, it was told that Charles had resigned from the presidency. And seeing Bert as the hero of the Time Toon Cops, they chose him to be the next president. Bert became the new president of the US, and following his inauguration he announced that he would merge America and Canada into the United States of Canerica. Then, he went on to make this new world a better place for everyone, and all while following the example of the former president.

And what of Blaze the Cat? Bert allowed her to stay in the White House and told her that she would be living with him, his wife, and his child for all of her days. In turn, she sent the movers to put the frozen body of her husband in his Dragon Lair. As they did that, she kissed the glass and smiled, knowing that she will live forever.

"It's very nice of you to agree to Bert's idea of staying with us," said First Lady Lisa Raccoon, holding Bert Jr. in her arms. "I'm sure you'll never forget your husband."

"Yes," said Blaze under her breath. "And when the 994 years are over, I'll be waiting for him."

"Me, too," said Bert warmly. He then smiled cheerfully and said, "How about some Strawberry Kool-Aid with some oatmeal cookies? At least that will cheer you up."

Blaze smiled back and said, "Yes. I would love some."

And so, the new White House family went back inside their magnificent home. Bert's wish had come true, and only now he was able to write a brand-new chapter of a golden era. It was a brilliant end to a rocky situation, and if it wasn't for the ghost of his deceased mother, the world would've been in a far worse shape than it was today. Of course, it was her maternal wisdom and her virile wit that enabled Bert to make a decision that would change the outcome of the future-the future that was his own.

The End