Prologue – A Doomed Planet

The seismic tremors had been going on periodically all night. The entire planet of Krypton, in an unknown galaxy called Xeno, was being shaken to its core. Violent quakes were causing entire cities to collapse in a matter of minutes. Rock was crumbling and giving way to hot magma. Vegetation and animal life was rapidly being wiped out. Homes were being decimated in the blink of an eye and the Kryptonian people were being swallowed up in the streets as their planet deteriorated.

The troubled world's inhabitants were doing everything they could to find ways of coping with the danger that was laying waist to their ways of life. Some tried being proactive, scrambling to find safety for their families. Others looked to science to find a way to stop the madness that was destroying their world. Some prayed and some had given up hope altogether, turning to suicide.

Two people, a young scientist, Jor-El, and his wife, Lara Lor-Van, knew enough about the situation to simply accept the inevitable: this world was doomed and absolutely nothing would change that fact. Jor-El was one of the planet's leading scientists. He had expected the violent quakes to occur for a long time. He had presented his hypotheses to his colleagues in the Kryptonian Science Council, but sadly, everyone dismissed him as fanatical. They claimed that their findings had not indicated such a disastrous scenario, but Jor-El knew that the Science Council was in denial. After all, Krypton was a planet that valued science and reason over everything else.

It was the dismissal of his conclusion that forced Jor-El to concoct a desperate plan. He designed an escape rocket for the entire population to leave the planet if and when any danger would occur. After the people refused to go along with him or help him build it, the distressed scientist realized there might not be time to build such a lavish vessel. He instead began work on a more modest version of his design. It would be enough to save himself, his wife and their infant son, Kal-El. Only now, time was running out and he wasn't sure if any of them could be saved. The inevitable had happened and the end was nigh.

Jor-El sat working at the monolithic super-computer in his study as the chaos continued outside. The garbled noise only created distractions as the scientist was finishing downloading all the accumulated knowledge of Krypton into a slender, tube-like crystal object. As the download was complete, the crystal hummed with a strange magnetic energy.

"Are we ready?" Jor-El called out to his wife, Lara, who was sitting in a chair in the corner of the study, rocking their baby.

"Yes," she responded, getting up to turn on the lights to an adjacent research laboratory, as heavy vibrations were felt from all around.

"Good. Let's get going," Jor-El demanded in a panic as they both entered the spacious lab.

The frantic scientist moved to the center of the brightly lit workshop, where the rocket lay dormant, preparing to prep the machine. As he opened the hatch to the rocket, he began putting various items into the rocket.

"Bring me my son," Jor-El looked up from the rocket.

Lara wrapped the black-haired, blue-eyed child in a red blanket and carried the babe to the small ship, placing him gently inside. The couple looked adoringly at their baby and then at each other.

"There's still time for you to go my darling," Jor-El offered, grasping Lara's hand tightly.

"Jor-El, if you won't go, I see no reason for me to go," Lara replied anxiously.

"Then we die together," the scientist informed with a hopeless sigh.

Jor-El stooped down to kiss the boy and then pressed some buttons on the rocket's control panel, setting its trajectory for the far away planet known as Earth. Lara reacted by placing a kiss on the infant's forehead.

The trembling continued all around them. Glass was shattering. Floors and ceilings were falling in. Loud explosions could be heard from all around, getting louder with each passing moment. Jor-El and Lara looked anxiously at each other. After countless hours of aggressive quakes and hours of suffering and death, they knew this was the end.

Fiercely pulling a switch on the far wall, Jor-El watched as his creation, the fully functional escape rocket, activated. Fire ferociously shot out of its jets as the thing slowly lifted off the ground. It hovered for a moment below the ceiling, before abruptly and swiftly launching through the roof's skylight. Jor-El and Lara struggled to watch the ship ascend into the sky as glass from the window of the skylight rained down upon them.

Jor-El and Lara stared into each other's eyes, lovingly for their final moments. They were both proud and humbled to know that their legacy, the legacy of Krypton, would have a chance to survive.

The vicious shakes suddenly became even more brutal as Jor-El and Lara struggled to hold onto something. The blaring noise became even louder. Eruptions began to break down their final resting place, until finally a massive detonation forced the entire world to shatter into a million pieces, like broken glass. As the deafening and violent explosion quickly evaporated into the frozen calm of space, all was quiet. There was nothing left. Krypton was no more.