Epilogue – Justice Is Served

The presses were running hot the next day with Lois Lane's story of Superman's seizure of a band of supposed bio-terrorists from a cargo ship out of the South Harbor of Metropolis was making waves. Clark Kent, Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane were sipping morning java in the office of Perry White. Lois and Jimmy were raving to Clark and Perry over their adventure with Superman.

"It sounds crazy, but you shoulda seen him, Clark," Jimmy rambled enthusiastically. "After he beat the metal guy, he whips this army of hooligans up like they were insects. Then he flies this boat back to port with Lois and me still on it. Absolutely astonishing."

"That's all good and fine, Jim, but this human robot… is that even possible?" Clark wondered, pushing up his glasses.

"In a world where a man can do what Superman does, sure," Jimmy reasoned.

"Besides, there is evidence of somebody's metal body down at Precinct 29," Perry offered, lighting up a stogie. "Otherwise this robot business wouldn't have made it to print. The Planet doesn't print lies. We are not the National Whisper."

"This thing was partially organic according to the police," Lois informed. "They even said that there was still brain activity. And the weirdest part is they also said the body was marked property of LexCorp."

"Well, I'd believe it, Lois, but I hope you didn't put that in your article. We can't have Luthor bringing a libel suit our way."

"Don't worry, Perry. Mums the word," Lois assured finishing her coffee. "Well, I've got a busy day, guys, I'm off."

"We all do," Perry agreed. "And what's news on that fisherman who was shot at the bar?"

"Well, according to Superman, he's still recovering and will be in the hospital for probably another few days."

"Alright, someone should write up a small get well soon piece for him. I always liked his bar. We can put it on page two. By the way, Clark, how's that human interest piece coming?"

"I should have it on your desk by tomorrow morning, Perry," Clark told his boss.

"Sounds great! Alright everybody, get out of here and get to the news," Perry ordered playfully as everyone scrambled out of the office.

That night, Lex Luthor sat in his favorite Corinthian leather chair in the Great Room of his Penthouse, high above the city. With the lights dimmed and soft classical music in the background, he was sampling a fine wine that he had recently acquired from Italy.

As he heard a tapping, he glanced momentarily at his balcony window only to see Superman standing outside. With a flip of a switch, the balcony window raised up, completely. Luthor was slightly nervous to see what he considered his arch-nemesis standing so tall and confident in front of him.

"Superman! To what do I owe the pleasure? Ah, no, don't tell me. You've changed your mind? You want to join my organization?" Luthor questioned with an apprehensive smile.

"Stop the games, Luthor. I've come here tonight for two reasons. First, I want to inform you that I'm on to you. I know who you are and what you represent."

"What's that Superman?" Luthor arrogantly scoffed.

"Greed, corruption and lawlessness."

"Well now, Superman, those are some pretty harsh allegations," Luthor smiled. "But you're wrong I'm afraid. All I ever wanted was the best for this city. My city."

"You're an egotistical monster," Superman declared, giving Luthor the dirtiest of looks.

"Again with these hurtful accusations. Don't you realize that I'm innocent until proven guilty?"

"You want proof? That's the other reason I'm here," the Man of Tomorrow offered, stepping back out onto the balcony momentarily before returning. "This belongs to you," Superman declared as he threw the heavy shell of what used to be John Corben on the floor.

"You beat him? How? I demand to know."

"I took out his heart. You'd know that if you'd read today's edition of The Daily Planet. But I guess that's another thing I can add to your charges. Torture!"

"Torture? Come now," Luthor sneered.

"Yes. This man, John Corben… He can't die. You saw to that by putting some kind of life support system in his cybernetic body. So even though he doesn't have a heart, his brain still functions."

"What's the difference? He can't feel anything. But, God help you if he ever gets revived, Man of Steel!"

"If that happens, I may not be the one needing help. He may just come after his creator."

"Enough of this, you bastard! Do you have anymore business or are we done here?" Luthor exclaimed, getting angry.

"We're done for now. But I'll be watching you, Lex Luthor. You can bet on that!"

At those words, Superman sauntered to the balcony, ascending slightly and then as fast as a bolt of lightning he was gone into the night.