Mori glanced up as his cousin entered the Club's headquarters, immediately looming over the small male.

Honey licked the swirled rainbow lollipop in thought, eyes unfocused.


The blond smiled, tilting his head up.

"Hello Takashi!"

"You'll get a cavity again." The tall cousin warned.

Tamaki peered over his regal red couch with bated breath, twins statues beside him.

"Not if I brush my teeth really well." Honey pouted, lowering the swirled candy.

Mori hummed and returned to his chair, opening the book he had left on their small table.

Honey lifted himself onto the chair opposite Takashi, settled Usa-chan in his lap and returned to his unfocused train of thought.

Tamaki blinked.

"What just happened?"

Kaoru grinned.

"All aboard the Train of Thoughts! The Train of Thoughts is leaving the station~!" He bolted backwards.

"WHOO WHOO!" Hikaru laughed, grabbing Haruhi and following his twin around the room in a conga line.

Kyoya rolled his eyes.