Harry was not having a good day, at all. He had been paired with Malfoy a few weeks ago in potions for the year's on-going projects and the guy was not easy to work with. He seemed to be squabbling with the Slytherin more and more and their argument were just petty and they both knew it. They had managed to resist actual fist fighting but it wasn't a brilliant situation; they just kind of stuck to heated words and nine times out of ten Harry left the classroom with a headache and in a foul mood.

The two had been paired by Snape in the first lesson of the year who had decided it was time for them to put aside their differences, suck it up and actually just stop fighting. They had gone to McGonagall to complain but it turned out she had been in on it too. When Snape found out, he might have had to threaten the use of Veritaserum on the two boys but they could neither confirm nor deny this as they were afraid it might find their way into their evening cocoa.

"Potter, what the hell is this? This is foxtail, we need foxroot, ROOT. Are you a first year? Being with those muggle lovers and muggle-borns is ruining that brain of yours. Of course it-" Malfoy rattled on to himself more than anyone else as he pulled out his potions kit and selected the correct knife to use.

"Malfoy, my mother was muggle-born and so is Hermione and they are amazing people. Do you have to argue and insult them constantly? You don't even believe in blood supremacy anymore! You make my blood boil!" Harry fumed back.

The two of them had made is twenty-five minutes into their lesson before they started fighting which was actually a new record but Harry knew it was nothing to be proud of. They were seemingly going to fail another potion; Snape was going to kill them. They had managed to be civil enough at the beginning to sort out who would play what role in their potion brewing. It was mutually decided Malfoy would do most of the practical work as he was seemingly the only person in the class who was there because he enjoyed the subject. Harry was to write all the notes and collect the ingredients which he had done wrong today, according to Malfoy anyway. Normally it was the blond git who made mistakes because he couldn't read Harry's illegible scrawl but seriously, that wasn't Harrys fault! He wasn't going to sit and practise calligraphy for Malfoy!

"—isn't up to scratch anyway. You barely scrape your way through school. You're more interested in breaking rules and pissing me off! –" Draco started sorting through the ingredients and shoved the foxtail to one side. Harry had got used to the fact he sorted the ingredients into the order of use most the time and liked to do all the dicing because Harry did it wonky. Harry started to turn on the heat on the cauldron; it went a little high because he wasn't concentrating properly. He soon fixed it though before Malfoy noticed and could complain about something else. He was such a ponse and his voice was seriously starting to grate away at Harry.

"Pissing you off? Pissing YOU off? Malfoy, you constantly go out of your way to torture me, every day. I would have thought you would be more mature seems we agreed to be! You're such a spoiled child, your parents—" Harry had now given up trying to adjust the temperature and ignored the cauldron completely, folding his arms moodily.

At the front of the class Snape was sat helping Dean Thomas who was confused with the potion, he rolled his eyes and let the boys get on with it, they would learn the hard way though turned in his chair to keep an eye on them.

"Now don't bring my parents into this Potter, they are good people—" Draco stopped cutting the boomslang and pointed the knife at Harry, threatening him.

"Oh, sure, Malfoy! We all know that the only reason that daddy still works at the Ministry because he bought his way back in—" He taunted as he grabbed the knife off the other boy and slammed in down the on the table angrily.

"He did not BUY his way in! I'll have you know he works hard! And at least my family has money; don't think nobody had noticed you wander around in those oversized hand-me-downs. Famous Harry Potter, poor as a Weasley—" He snarled back, voice getting louder and sounding more irritated by the second.

Everyone was mostly ignoring them; they were so used to this behaviour by now that even Snape had started tuning them out, convinced it wasn't going to progress to anything serious.

"Now you leave Ron out of this! He's a better man than you'll ever be!"

"Thanks mate," Ron nodded from across the room butting into their argument and attempting to stop them.

"And I'll have you know I have a fuck load of money! Unlike you who only has his daddies money—"

"I'll be inheriting that, peebrain!" The blonde yelled, frustrated.

"Ohh, creative! I didn't know we had gone back to being children!" Harry snapped. "Put in the powder." He said crossly, his voice quieting again as he tried to calm down. Draco fumed, his face falling into a scowl.

"Well you act like a child constantly! And why don't you put the powder in? You have hands!"

"Can you two shut up? You're BOTH like children." Hermione interrupted.

"SHUT UP!" They both yelled simultaneously turning away from each other to shout at the girl. Hermione shook her head, rolled her eyes and turned back around. "Professor, are you going to do anything about this? They're so distracting!"

Snape shrugged, "Potter, Malfoy, shut it." He ordered, glaring at them annoyed because he was trying to help poor Dean who was just not getting it.

"Hey, don't speak to her like that!" Harry carried on, ignoring Snape. The man shrugged at looked at Hermione as if to say, 'I tried'.

"You just did!" Draco scowled.

"I can! She's my friend!" Harry defended, shoving the foxtail powder into the cauldron in the heat of the moment. Both boys exchanged looks of dread.

"Um, Professor…" Malfoy said, trying to get his attention but Snape had had enough and was ignoring them. The blond started edging away from the cauldron slowly as it started to smoke, it started to shake and Draco grabbed Harry's arm in panic and yanked him backwards a second before the mixture turned an angry red and exploded.

Everyone in the class yelped at the bang and jumped away from Neville who was on the other side of the classroom before they realised it was Harry and Draco.

"Thanks guys." Neville muttered sarcastically but immediately went back to his potion, terrified that it would happen to him too.

Harry didn't dare to look at Malfoy because he knew that all he would hear was more insults and he didn't want to be yelled at for messing up the potion, he knew he fucked up and he didn't need to hear it. He just didn't want the disapproval from that idiot right now, the Slytherin really had a way to make him feel so small.

He shook Malfoy's hand off him gently from the crook of his elbow and stared at the floor humiliated yet again. Ouch, that boy had a hard grip. He didn't know why he had pulled him back, maybe it was an automatic reaction or had he actually wanted to help him? Either way he was grateful, he was sure the potion would have ended up on his face and he was blind enough as it is.

Snape was on them like a bat out of hell within seconds, furious. "You two imbeciles, I've had enough of you! Get to Pomfrey now! Out of my sight! You aren't the only people in this class and if anyone fails I'll be docking your grades too!" He cursed as he vanished the mess off them. "Ten points from Gryffindor and twenty from Slytherin!"

"That's not fair!" Malfoy complained before shutting his mouth when he looked at Snape's face.

Harry was so relieved that he wasn't hurt from the potion and then he had been excused from the class that he didn't even argue. He grabbed his bag and left, leaving Malfoy tidy up, the Professor might change his mind and give him detention. Yes, Snape was nicer now but that didn't mean he wouldn't make him put brains into jars. He didn't look back as he scuttled out of the classroom, trying to put as much distance between himself and that horrid class.