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Samantha's point of view

A whole week came and went by since me and Freddie broke up. That was the worst week in my life. Everytime I saw him I was thinking why we did it... What happened with us and with our "happiness?" It was really heart breaking to watch him how he was hurtinh inside, to read it in his eyes and not to be able to do something so he can feel better, to give him a kiss or something at all.

But this day changed it all. It was pretty rainy day and as usual I was on the playground where me and Freddie first met when we were like 5 years old. I was sitting there and waiting for the rain to start pouring and to take away the pain with it when it's over. There were thunders and lightnings and even a few raindrops but the rain still was far away. The strong wind was blowing my hair in different directions and my blue eyes were full of hot tears that were ready to find their way out.

As I was looking at the ground and studying the sand under my legs where I used to play with the other kids I suddenly felt someone grabbed my arm. I turned quickly around and there stood no one else but Freddie, my Freddie.

"What are you doing here Freddie?'' I asked him now ready to jump in his arms and beg him to take me back.

"The same as you. This place is really special to me. We met here for the first time." he said smiling a little as he was talking.

"I thought you would forget where we met."

"How could I forget Sam? I never will be able to forget the places that are meaningful to us, to me. Every night when I was coming here I was standing over there by the old oak that we used to pretend to be our house." he laughed at the memory of it "I was watching you silently how you were crying every time you think about us and that was tearing my heart in million pieces."

"Freddie... we broke up...I need time but I will get over it...You don't need to tell me stuff like this to make me feel better or something." I said now letting the tears come down my face.

"I am not saying it because I wanna make you feel better Sam. I am telling you the truth." he looked down and let a few tears on his own but quickly brushed them with his sleeve. "I love you Sam...I can't take it. I know what Carly said was true and sounded like she was talking to us but she wasn't. I need you Sammy. Look at me I am a mess without you. I need you next to me..."

"I need you too Freddie. Who will do my homework for me if you're not here. I love you...I never loved someone as I love you." I said through my tears.

"Come"he said

"I missed you calling me baby..." I said as I went to him and slowly snaked my hands around his neck and kissed him really softly on the lips. I felt how he put his hands on my waist and pulled me closer to him. It was like he was afraid that if he loosen his grip I will run away from him. In that moment we heard a huge thunder and the raindrops started to fall down. It was cold rain but we didn't really care. We were kissing in the rain for what feels like forever but actually it was around 15 minutes but we still did it. It was like a dream come true to me because ever since I saw it in one of the movie Carly make us watch I wanted to try it out and now I did...

If only we knew what waits for us in the future?...