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Sargent James Barnes sat comfortably at the kitchen table, wearing his army uniform while Reading the daily news paper. Sitting next to him was his best friend, Steve. The boys where currently at Bucky's apartment, enjoying Bucky's last day before he went into the military. Steve was currently looking through papers for the millionth time, running a hand through his bright blonde hair.

Steve sighed and threw his form to the side. He had tried signing up for the military. Again.

"I don't understand why you keep entering. Your breaking the law by faking your information, 'Steve from California.'" Bucky mused picking up the form. Steve huffed. "There men laying down their lives. I have no right to do anything less."

"Hey, Sargent Dorkus." Bucky turned his head, only for a pair of men's undergarments to go over his head. "Stop leaving your underwear in the bathroom sink. Especially your dirty pairs."

Steve laughed at Bucky's little sister. She was probably the only girl who actually liked hanging around Steve.

She had her brown hair pulled up in a pony tail. She had on a typical white blouse and black skirt with bare feet. She never wore make up, Which was odd in his opinion, because every girl Steve had ever seen wore tons of the stuff.

Bucky cursed and ripped the undergarments off his head, messing up his brown hair.

"Hey, Lucky." Steve said shaking her hand. No one out side their family, not even Steve, knew Lucky's real name. Even her old teachers called her Lucky.

Bucky scowled at her. "I don't leave them in the bathroom."

She rolled her crystal blue eyes "yeah, because I just totally stole them from your room. " She then turned the fridge.

The second her back was turned, Bucky jumbled up the undergarments and threw them at Lucky's head. At that moment she bent over to get something and Bucky's underwear went flying into the fridge.

Both Lucky and Steve laughed. "Nice aim, commando." she said closing the fridge without bothering to get the clothing.

"Make fun of me now." Bucky said as Lucky headed out. "You'll cry when I'm gone."

Lucky smirked. "I'm being shipped out too, smart ass." She stopped and looked sympathetically at Steve. She knew he wanted to go as well. But they all knew he had far to many physical disadvantages to go out to war.

"Right, well I'm going to be heading out." Steve said standing suddenly and putting on his coat. "See you later." Bucky said shaking his hand. "Bye." Lucky said as gave him a quick hug. Steve headed out the door quickly and headed down the street. Both Barnes children knew exactly why and where he was going.

"He's going to sign up again, isn't he?" Lucky asked taking a sip of milk. "Probably." Bucky said standing up. "Well I got to get ready. Got a double date tonight." Lucky raised an eyebrow. "Let me guess: you didn't tell Steve?" "Nope." He said getting his underwear out of the fridge. "It's my last night in town. He can't say no." "Good luck getting a girl to go with him." Lucky said heading upstairs. She respected Steve more than anyone, but when it came to girls. He wasn't a ladies man like Bucky.

"I'll tell them all the good things about him." He said fixing his hair in the hallway mirror. Lucky snorted. "Yeah, 'kind, great personality, no idea how to talk to women and just over 5 feet tall'. She'll be all over him."

Bucky winked and tossed his underwear to her. "Don't doubt my skills. I'll be back later." Lucky caught the undergarments and held them up with two fingers. "Good luck. You'll need it." Bucky smirked and headed out the door.

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