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The streets of Brooklyn where busy as ever on the hot summer afternoon. Business men and Families wandered through the streets trying to get home or to where they needed to be.

A little trio walked through the crowded sidewalks, hoping to get to the park before they had to return home.

One boy was rather scrawny and small for an eight-year-old, with blonde hair and ocean blue eyes was talking to his much taller, more built brown haired friend.

They talked about soldiers, guns and other military weapons while a little girl desperately tried to keep up, clinging the taller boys hand. Her crystal blue eyes looked annoyed.

"Bucky! Stop walking so fast! I can't keep up!" She whined jogging to catch up to the boys.

"C'mon, Luck, you can keep up." Bucky said tugging her hand to pull her forward. "You don't make it easy..." Lucky huffed as she threw one of her pig tailed braids over her shoulder.

The three children finally made their way to park where several other children where already playing.

"Hey Bucky!" A random red headed boy ran up holding a foot ball in his hands. "Want to play?" He asked indicating the large mass of boys that where Bucky's age.

"Can I play?" Lucky asked. The boy looked at her like she was plain stupid. "No way! Your a 6 year old girl." He retorted.

Lucky scowled at him. "I don't see why she shouldn't." Steve cut in. The red head smirked, "She would cry the moment one of them pushed her." He said. "And you," he said indicating Steve. "You'd be broken like a- OW!"

Lucky had ran up and kicked the red head in the shin. Before he could recover, she ran next to Bucky. The red head scowled and advanced towards her.

Bucky stepped in between them, blocking his little sister from view. He was a lot taller than the kid, and far more stronger. "I don't think I want to play today, Lenny." He said coolly while taking Lucky's hand.

The six year old looked at Lenny from behind Bucky and stuck her tongue out at him as he leaded them away.

"I think you over reacted I bit there, Luck." Steve said looking back at the kids.

Lucky scowled. "He said I couldn't play cause I'm a girl! And he said you'd snap like a twig." She added.

"Technically, you kicked him before he could finish his sentence." Bucky corrected her. "Still, I wasn't going to say "yes" any way."

"It was still fun." Lucky mumbled as they made their way to the swing set.

Few hours later, the sun was going down and the trio was ready to go home.

"C'mon, Luck." Bucky said extending his hand out to help her stand up out of the grass. "Bucky I'm tiered." Lucky yawned as she rubbed her eyes.

Bucky sighed and picked lucky up onto his back and gave her a piggy-back-ride home.

"Night, Steve." Bucky called to the small blonde as he made his way up the front steps. "Night." Lucky called. Steve waved goodnight and headed inside.

Bucky carried Lucky a block down to reach their own home. "C'mon, Luck, I can't open the door and carry you." He said setting her down.

"Mom! We're home!" Bucky called leading Lucky inside. "Hey! There's my favorite kids!" A

tall man with dark brown hair and brown eyes walked into the hallway wearing a military uniform grinning ear to ear.

"Daddy!" Lucky squealed running into her fathers arms. "Hey, Pumpkin." He said picking her up. Lucky pouted. "Daddy, my name is "lucky"! Only lucky!" She said crossing her arms.

"Only lucky, eh?" He asked. "I can't even call you "pumpkin"?" Lucky shook her head. ""Sweat heart"? "Darling"? Or even the name your mother and I gave you?" Lucky shook her head. "No. No. No. And no. Only "Lucky"."

He laughed as he hugged Bucky with one arm. "How us doing champ? Take care of your mother and sister while I was away?"

Bucky nodded. "It'd be easier if lucky wasn't running around and kicking people in the shin." "That's because Lenny wouldn't let me play football with them!" Lucky added defensively.

Their dad just laughed and kissed Lucky on the cheek. "That's my girl!" He laughed.

With Lucky in one arm, and the other on Bucky's shoulder, he lead them to the kitchen.

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