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Lucky sat in the back of a cab wearing a military uniform along with Steve as they headed to the undercover base.

Ever since Steve had gotten Lucky into better shape, he had returned to his silent,depressed, brooding attitude.

They both sat quietly either looking at their laps or out the window while they waited to get to their destination.

Finally the car stopped and the two of them thanked the driver and headed inside. Lucky had expected the old woman who ran the shop to give them a good greeting, but then she remembered she was dead.

Instead, an old man walked up from behind a curtain and smiled at them.

"Lovely weather today." He mused while wiping a counter. "Yes," Lucky replied. "But I always carry an umbrella." The man smiled as he pressed a button underneath the counter. Two large doors opened up and allowed them inside.

Lucky and Steve pretty much knew the undercover base by heart. They walked past the laboratories to see they where still attempting to fix the super soldier chamber. Steve gave a grunt as they passed. Obviously he still hadn't gotten over the pain.

They finally made it into the map room to see Peggy, Howard and the rest of the Hollowing Commandos where already there waiting for them, along with General Douglas MacArthur. Steve sat at the end of the table while Lucky sat next to Peggy.

MacArthur went strait to the point. Pulling out maps of the hydra base he cleared his throat to get everyone's attention.

"Well, my new best friend just told me some valuable information." Douglas started. "Johann Schmidt is the leader of hydra. He thinks he's a god and is willing to blow up the world to prove it."

Lucky sighed aloud and leaned back in her chair. "So we're dealing with a murderous psychopath who thinks he's an all powerful spirt with enough explosives to destroy the planet." She summed up crossing her arms. "This will go well."

Steve sat quietly staring at the table. No one was even sure if he was listening to what they where saying.

"Well what are we going to do?" Someone asked. "Not like we can just go through the front door." "Why not?"

Everyone turned to look at Steve. He looked up from the table to everyone else raising his eyebrows.


"-and this switch activates the flame throwers. It only has one go so use it wisely." Howard instructed Steve. Captain America and Howard Stark where currently going over the tricked out bike he had made for Steve.

"That should be about it." Howard said standing up and wiping his hands. "Good luck." He said shaking Steve's hand. "Thanks." Steve replied.

Steve was strapping on his shield when Lucky walked up dressed in her military uniform with several pistols and two shotguns strapped on her back.

"You ready?" Lucky asked adjusting the straps. "As I'll ever be." Steve replied putting on his helmet.

"Be careful, alright?" Lucy told him as she watched him flip one leg over his newly tricked out motorcycle. "I already lost one brother, I don't want to lose another."

Steve got off his bike again and held out his arms out for a hug. Lucky gladly accepted it.

Lucky patted Steve on the back then backed away. "Stay safe." She told him. Steve got on his bike and smiled. "You too." He replied.

"Hey," he said getting Lucky's attention once more. "Once it's all over, the war will be done and Hydra will be defeated. That or the world will be blown up."

"Great pep talk." Lucky joked. "Definitely not feeling the pressure." They both laughed half-heartedly.

"But really, stay safe and if get yourself killed, I'll kill you." Lucky said. Steve smiled. "I'll keep that in mind." He replied. Lucky patted him on the back and headed to join the rest of the Hollowing Commandos.

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