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"I hate winter..." Lucky cursed under her breath as she climbed up the mountain.

Why did Steve get to drive in on his motorcycle in the perfectly good warmth and they had to climb the long way up the freezing mountain?

"Are we there yet?" Lucky called below her. Everyone had insisted "Ladies first". The wind was blowing to fast in the snowstorm for her to see the closest person behind her.

"Not to far now!" A voice echoed back in her ear piece. Lucky cursed and continued to climb. "What's the matter, lucky?" A teasing voice asked her. "Jack frost nipping your nose?"

"Shut up." Lucky snapped as she reached the top. "You know I hate the cold." The others climbed onto the large ledge and looked at the hidden hydra base.

"Gotta admit... Rogers knows how to bust in." Someone mused. Lucky looked to see large explosions and lots and lots of smoke.

Someone whistled from behind as Lucky turned on her radio to listen to Steve. Voices came through but the wind and others where to loud to hear. She waved at the others to shut up and pointed at her ear piece.

"-what makes you so special?" A German male voice asked. Lucky heard Steve smirk a little. "Nothing." He said. "I'm just a kid from Brooklyn." Lucky heard the sound of Steve heaving over in pain. Someone had just punched him in the gut.

"Alright, ladies, lets get this party going." Lucky said grabbing one of the grappling guns and shooting it at the base.

With her zip line made, Lucky shot latched on her hook and zipped line down with the others.

There was heavy fire on them the moment the crashed through the glass. She saw Steve knocking out two guards and a red headed man.

Literally red-headed. He looked like he was a skull with bright yellow eyes, no hair, and... No nose...

Lucky fired at several guards before grabbing Steve's shield of the ground. "Hey, Cap!" She called tossing it to him. "Thanks!" He replied catching it and running after the skull guy.

Lucky and the Hollowing Commandos took out most of the guards in the base. It wasn't very hard. most of the guards where trying to stop the large wave of soldiers they had coming as they spoke.

One goon tried to run for it. "I got him." Lucky smirked aiming for the guy's head. He ran into the hallway just before being engulfed in white hot flames.

Two armed guards with flamethrowers walked out. "Against the wall!" Lucky yelled pulling two soldiers against the wall just as white hot flames shot past them.

Lucky squatted below the flames she aimed at what must of been some sort of fuel tank on his hip.

"Fire in the hole!" She yelled as she pulled the trigger.

The whole guard burst into flames. He thrashed around for a few minutes till Lucky sent a bullet through his skull.

"Let's move!" Lucky called running around the flaming body.

The other goon had apparently gone after Steve. Captain america was pinning himself against the wall while white hot flames shot past him.

Lucky was about to shoot this goon's tank as well, but Peggy beat her to it.

The goon exploded into flames and fell over onto his stomach.

Steve came out of his corner as soldiers ran through the hallways. Peggy walked strait up to him. "Your late." He told her, smiling. Peggy looked slightly impressed.

"Hey." Lucky said walking in between them. "Hate to ruin the precious moment, but-uh- there's a war going on here!"

"Don't you...?" Peggy said "Oh, right!" Steve said turning heel and running.

Peggy looked annoyingly at Lucky. "Hey your the one flirting with Captain America during a raid." She countered as they followed the soldiers into the heart of the battle.

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