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The Hydra base crumbled easily with their leader gone. Minions where either dead, captured, or fleeing for their lives.

Lucky made her through the original hydra base her shot gun in hand. Normally, she would've been doing security checks making sure every inch of the base was secured. But, She had been called to the main communication tower for some reason.

Even though the battle was over, and war most likely won, Lucky couldn't shake the fear in her stomach telling her something was wrong. Ever since Steve jumped onto the plane the Red Skull was on she had been unsettled. 'It's just nevers.' She kept telling herself over and over again.

Lucky turned into the control room to find Peggy sitting at one of the control chairs, sobbing over the disconnected radio. Howard was standing behind her with his hand on her shoulder. What had happened? they said they where trying to communicate with Steve...

Fear spiked Lucky like the dagger that had been shoved into her stomach.

"Peggy..." She said in a quiet voice. Peggy looked up from her cupped hands. Her eyes where red, and swollen and her mascara was running down her cheeks. "Where's Steve?"

Peggy placed her face back into her mascara stained hands and suppressed a sob. "Peggy, where's Steve?" She asked again in a slightly stronger voice. Still, Peggy didn't answer Rage started to boil up in Lucky. "Where is he?!" She barked. Peggy shook her head miserably.

Lucky could only stand there, eyes wide and mouth open in horror and shock as she slowly shook her head.

"No...No...no he can't...he can't be ...not after Bucky...I can't... I cant loose both of them..." She blurted in a trembling voice. She looked at Howard helplessly. He kept his head down looking his feet, Unable to meet her eyes.

the feeling of hot tears starting to burn her eyes. Dropping the shot gun, forgetting all about Howard and Peggy, Lucky turned and ran.

She should've stopped Steve when she had the chance. She was with him right before he ran after the skull. She could've stopped him. Now he's gone.

Lucky kept running, blinded by her tears. she ran till her legs refused to work. Even then she pushed on.

She stopped only when her legs where unable to go on. She stumbled and grabbed a support beam to keep her balance. Lucky coughed and gasped for breath as sweat dripped down her face.

Squeezing her eyes shut, instant Images of Steve and Bucky's graves filled her mind. They would of course have a funeral. Lucky thought of how Bucky died falling to the ground, and how Steve must've crashed or exploded. Their bodies crippled and bleeding laying helplessly on the ground with their eyes staring off into no where...

Loosing control, Lucky punched the steel wall as hard as she could, Driving her fist through the surface leaving a large hole. Her knees bucked from underneath her unable to carry her weight.

Lucky's fist was still trapped in the hole. she could feel her own warm blood spilling over her fingers. Tears finally broke free from Lucky's suppressment and fell down her cheeks as she slammed her free fist against the wall.


A pair of firm hands grabbed Lucky's arms, stopping her from banging and gently freeing her bloody fist. Lucky was turned around just as she slid onto the ground.

Alex. He had a long gash down the side of his face. Other than that he looked like he always did. Same messy hair, same military uniform, and the same shot gun strapped over his back.

Lucky must've looked pathetic. Here she was the great Lucky Barnes, crippled in shock, depression and horror from 2 deaths.

Alex didn't even say anything. he looked at her wounded fist. Blood was spewing from deep cuts the metal had created and two large pieces of metal could be seen sticking out of her flesh. Lucky couldn't even move her fingers.

"We need to get you to a medic." He said calmly. "You'll be alright."

Lucky started shaking uncontrollably. No she wouldn't be alright. She would never be alright. The cuts will heal and her bones with mend but the mental damage she has now will last forever.

Unable to suppress it any more, Lucky rammed her face into his shoulder and started to sob hysterically. Alex held her as she sobbed. "It'll be all right, Luck, I promise." He said calmly.

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