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The war had been over for two years now. But people where still celebrating. Parades and cheers filled the city. Little kids ran through the street playing with fake guns and trash can lids that had red, white, and blue painted on the inside. Lovers still went dancing and to movies, enjoying being reunited once again.

Lucky stood in the entry way of her and Bucky's old apartment. Wearing her typical brown skirt, flats and white blouse with Bucky's old jacket. She finally had gotten the bandages and stitches removed from her fist. Dark brown scars where left in her flesh as a reminder everyday.

Peggy had gone back to England to see her family after she was released from her duties. They still kept in touch and planned on visiting each other that summer, though.

Alex and Lucky had both moved back to Brooklyn. Even though the place brought back memories of the two people she had lost, it was her home.

She and Alex hanged around a lot now that they had nothing to do, other than work. She rubbed her scar boredly as she waited.

Finally, Alex knocked on the door and walked in. "Hello." He greeted giving her a hug. "See you got your bandages off." He said running his thumb over her knuckle. Lucky nodded. She didn't really care much whether the bandages were on or off.

Alex looked at her with a look of concern. "Luck..." He squeezed her hand gently. "I'm fine Alex." She said with a flat tone looking down at her scars. He hesitated to start the sentence he had been wanting to say for months now. He just wasn't sure how Lucky would react.

"I know your still not ready..." He started slowly. "but when you are..." He paused. Lucky looked up at him confused. "When I'm ready for what?" She asked.

In answer, Alex leaned forward and kissed her gently. Lucky's expression didn't match the shock and slight spike happiness she felt inside.

He pulled away and flushed. "Look I know your not ready for a relationship or anything...but your one of a kind. I've never felt this way about anybody. If your still not ready i don't want to push you."

Lucky stared at him for a while. How would anyone react to this? After loosing her brother and her best friend. Lucky suddenly remembered what Steve had told her two years ago, less than a week before he died:

"Alex doesn't want you to give up. Peggy doesn't. I don't. And neither does Bucky. We all know its hard on you, but you can't just fall apart. Not like this."

She looked up at Alex with a small smile. "no. I am." She said squeezing his hand. "It's time I moved forward in life." Alex smiled and lead her to the door. "C'mon, I hear the local bar has a live band playing tonight."


-13 years later-

The world seemed to have moved on from world war 2. all it seemed to be was a chapter in the history books. no one seemed fazed by the deaths or the losses. Everyone casually walked through the park not a thought in the world.

A small family of four was enjoying the afternoon. The daughter was running ahead of her younger brother who was desperately trying to keep up. "Anna! Wait!" He called after the 8 year old. "C'mon, James!" She called back at the 6 year old. James huffed and chased after her.

Alex and Lucky trailed behind, hand in hand. "Don't run to far ahead you two!" Alex called after them. Anna and James raced back to their parents. "I win!" Anna cheered taking her father's free hand. "No! I did!" James snapped taking his mothers hand.

Lucky smiled weakly. They acted so much like her and Bucky when they where younger it almost hurt. James looks just like Bucky did at his age. Anna took after her as well though he had gotten Alex's brown eyes.

"You both won." Lucky said smiling. "Why don't we go celebrate?" James's crystal blue eyes light up at once. "Yeah! Lets go get ice cream!" "And cookies!" Anna added tossing a lock of curly brown hair over her shoulder.

The Becker family headed to the bakery. Along the way, James clung to his mother's hand and stopped her short of the pastry shop. "Momma?" Lucky looked down at her only son. "Why did grandma and grandpa name you "lucky"?"

Lucky smiled and waved at Alex to go on ahead with Anna.

She squatted down so she was at James's level.

""Lucky" is just my nickname." She explained. "You see I was a miracle baby. I was born so early I shouldn't have survived, but I did any way. Your uncle Bucky was playing with me one day when I was a year old and said I was so Lucky, it should be my name. And I've kept it ever since."

James furrowed his eye brows in confusion. "Then what's your real name?" He asked.

Lucky chuckled. "That was a big secret between uncle Bucky and I." She said looking around. "I'll tell you but you have to swear you won't tell anyone, ok?"

James nodded. "Cross my heart and hope to die!" He said making a "X" over his heart with his finger.

Lucky smiled. "Laney." She said simply. The 6 year old smiled and laughed. "Your Lucky Laney!" He said cheerfully. "Yep. But you can't tell anyone! It's a big secret!" Lucky replied standing and taking his hand. "C'mon, lets go catch up with your sister and father."

The Beckers enjoyed the rest of the afternoon in the park. Lucky sat with Alex while Anna and James ran around the park with their friends.

Lucky sighed and sat on the soft grass.

She remembered what Steve had said years ago after Bucky had died. How she shouldn't give up just because their gone, but use it as motivation to keep going.

she practically lived on that.

Everyday she kept waking up. Everyday she stayed strong. Not for herself, but for Steve and Bucky. Of course she stayed for her family, but for them more than anyone else.

Because she wouldn't have gotten here without them.

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