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"Wish I was heading out there with you right now." "na, trust me, a long train ride in this uniform isn't a good uniform." Bucky joked as he stood leaning against the pay phone, talking to Steve through it.

"Listen, " He said coolly. "Till Luck leaves, I need you to take care of her, alright?" Bucky looked around quickly. "Don't tell her I said so, but she has a pretty big mouth and attitude that gets her into trouble." Steve smirked through the phone. "Wonder where she gets in from."

"Agh." Bucky cursed. The pay phone was running out of time. "Gotta run. Take care of yourself and don't do anything stupid." "How can I? Your taking all the stupid with you." Steve mused. Bucky smirked. "Bye." "Good, luck." Steve said just as the phone hung up.

Lucky made her way through the crowd of families wishing their sons, brothers, husbands, cousins, or boyfriends good-bye. Bucky had called her a few hours ago saying he was going strait to the train station and for her to meet him there.

Lucky looked through the crowds till she finally saw him. Bucky was in his military uniform, supplies at hand and looking around for her in the wrong direction.

"So, where's the Bucky fangirl club?" She said aloud right behind him. Bucky jumped and spun around. Lucky laughed. "I see your already for the battlefield."

Bucky grinned. "Have to be. Don't want my baby sister crushed if I die." Lucky smirked. "Doubtful." She said. "Besides I'll be out there to keep an eye on you." Bucky laughed. "You'll be keeping an eye on me? More like the other way around."

"B****, please." Lucky said waving her hand. The siblings laughed and hugged each other. "Save some German ass for me to kick." Lucky said pulling away. "No promises." Bucky teased throwing his bag over his shoulder. "Wasn't a question." Lucky retaliated.

They hugged each other again before the whistle blew. "But really, take care of yourself, alright? At least till I get there." Lucky said in an unnaturally serious tone. "Of course I will." Bucky replied as ruffled her hair.

He headed off on to the train. He stopped midway and turned around. He gave Lucky a solute. She copied pursuit and smiled. With one last wicked grin, Bucky jumped on board.

Lucky waved goodbye till the train was off in the distance. She stood there while everyone else left. Lucky had a strange feeling in her stomach. She couldn't help but feel like, for the first time, the war has really begun.

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