Chapter 11: Bonus: Phone Calls (Drabbles)

Drabble 1: Just Like The Usual

It has been a while since they had a peaceful time together. Over the past few months, the model, Rei Otohata got too busy with his career. Since agencies here and there were already rushing for Christmas season - there were photo shoot, guesting, interview and sponsorship offers here and there. To say that Rei was tired and stressed was an understatement.

Aya Hoshino, on the other hand, finally had the chance to be hands on and get on the nursing field - she got an internship to a well known hospital in Shibuya. And, well... the beauty and elegance she always carry along with her sweet personality got her on-demand with the kids, as well as the elderly patients. She's been pulling all-nighters here and there and wasn't getting much rest either.

The couple had barely seen each other for almost two months; although they never forget their daily-nightly talks. Today was no exemption.

Aya had been talking for the past few minutes about how her day went, which patients she took care of, her kid patient that was attached to her and... well, how Heero Naga kept her company whenever he was free or during break times, how he kept thanking her because she always reminds him of what to do and correct him if he does it wrong, how he seemed so full of energy even if it seems like they have the same amount of load to take care of... how he...

"Hn. Seems like he's a handful."

"Rei! He's not... well, maybe he kinda is..." she sighs and finally gives in, "Fine. he's quite a handful but in a good way. He relieves some of my stress at the hospital."

"Ah. So that's his role, huh?"

"Mmmhmm..." Aya hummed with a happy-tone.


Knowing that he won't talk unless she probes, "So, how was your day? I've been talking non-stop and you've been quiet."

"Had two photo shoots today, one for This Magazine and the other for a billboard. Hn, the magazine also interviewed me but it wasn't that much. As usual, they keep on trying to know more about my personal life..." Rei answered in a almost monotone voice.

"Really? What did they ask this time?" Rei could almost see her lips curving for her signature teasing smile. She had always wondered how he, a person who values his privacy so much, can handle the never-dying interest of the media. It was also kind of ironic because they managed to patch their relationship through his media connections.

"How I'll spend my Christmas. The day before, the eve and the day itself."

"Hmm, so what did you say?"

"The truth. I'll spend the day before Christmas, probably in a party Kotubuki and Yuuya will throw. Then spend Christmas day with your family and mine. Just like last year."

She knew he was intentionally leaving out his Christmas eve plans. Well, two can play that game, she isn't giving in. "And the eve?"

"Hn. With my girlfriend of course."

He was smirking, Aya was sure of that. "Mmm, lucky girl then."

Rei guessed that she was smiling over the phone. "Hn."

But when Aya giggled over the phone, scratch guessing, he was pretty sure he made her smile. "Thanks for completing my day, Rei."

Beat that Heero Naga... you may relieve her stress at work, but Rei Otohata never fails to make Aya Hoshino's day complete.

"Hn. Goodnight Aya."

"Goodnight Rei."

Thus, their phone call ended - just like the usual.

Drabble 2.1: Day One

Aya Hoshino's hard work had been acknowledge by the head nurse and was granted a one-day leave, plus the weekend. Rei Otohata managed to convince his manager to leave three-days free, saying that he needs a break, with the underlying meaning that he wants to see his girlfriend. His manager agreed with the conditions that, he'll be in his tip-top shape to work once he returns and he'll still be on-call if there's a need.

So, finally, they had the same free time.

They spend the first day at their usual place, a cafe-book shop, 'The Sweetheart Cafe'. The manager knew them personally, he took quite a liking at the couple, he always gave them the best seat in the house - a private place near the bookshelves.

Rei went to the counter to get their order, he got an earl-gray tea for himself and a slice of blueberry cheesecake and strawberry smoothie for Aya. When he returned, he was surprised to see Aya not reading her book - instead she was standing at the corner and was on the phone, talking medical stuff, he was about to let it go when he heard her say...

"Heero, relax, you're on the right track. Then, tell me what happened next, the symptoms the patient said and the ones you saw..."

Rei placed the tray down, walked over to Aya and took the phone before she could protest,

"Hey Naga, it's Otohata."

"...oh, ah, Otohata!" Heero paused for a quick second then finally realized who he was talking to. "Hey man, I didn't know she was with you. Sorry! I'm just not used to being here without Aya to correct me. She always know what to do and..." Heero babbled, continuously.

Rei realized he really was like that monkey-friend of theirs, Tatsuki. But he was not about to lose the point of grabbing his girlfriend's phone, who now has THAT look on her face - that only meant either she'll get mad soon or she is questioning what he is doing. He just hope she understands... wow, talk about whipped. Good thing, he's cool... yeah, he's still cool.

"Yeah, I know. But, it's her day-off. She's not there to baby-sit you. Go find someone else to ask... wait, scratch that. Go figure it out yourself. Aya won't always be there to cover up your mess."


With that, Rei ended the phone call and gave it to Aya. She took the phone with a sigh, making a mental note to leave Heero an apology-message later, then walked back to their table. She smiled when she saw her favorite combination, blueberry cheesecake and strawberry smoothie. Yes, she's quite a berry-girl, he knew that.

Her smile didn't escape Rei's observing eyes. Good, that's a good sign that she's not that mad.

"You didn't have to do that, Rei." Here it comes, Rei thought.

"Hn. That guy depends on you too much." That was his only explanation.

Aya knew the underlying meaning of those words and his actions. He needed to stop bothering you on your day off. He needs to learn by himself, stop babying him. It's your you-time, no work, no worrying for others - worry about yourself too. And if she's pushing it, it could also mean, You're with me now, it's our time together. Need she say more?

Her boyfriend is a man of few words, but his actions always speak for him. She is past the stage of misinterpretations; for the years that they've spent together, she's quite confident that she knew how to read and interpret him like no other person could, she's proud to say she is a 'Rei Otohata Language Expert'.

"I just forget how much of a jerk you can be sometimes." Aya whispered with a smile as she took a sip of her smoothie.

Rei didn't know if he was meant to hear that or not, but since he did, he walked back to her, kissed her temple and whispered to her, "Thanks for staying with a me then."

After that, he took his seat, drank his tea and raised his book to read and cover his smirk as well. Cause no matter how long their relationship is, no matter how much more assertive, open and confident Aya gets, Rei still finds it amusing that he can still bring her face to blush - just like old times.

After all, she will always be his mole - and he, her ice prince.

Drabble 2.2: Day Two

Aya Hoshino woke up to a phone call from the head nurse asking her if she could come in for today. Apparently, the kids she was taking care of was not used to not seeing her for a day or two and were being rowdy - as rowdy as kids can get, tantrums and runaways. 'They are talented escape artists' head nurse complained. Having no will to say no to her sweet children patients, she said yes.

Rei Otohata woke up to Aya's phone call. She was canceling their supposed to be movie-date today because she got a call from her boss.

"I'm really sorry, Rei. I just couldn't say no to them. The kids..."

Rei massaged his temples, he wasn't mad, but he did want to spend time with his girlfriend. That's the main reason he took three-days off. But, he understood; he knew how much love Aya can give - to other people most especially, he is a testament to that - and he wouldn't hold that against her now. After all, being selfless was one of the reasons why he was drawn to her.

"Aya, I understand."

He heard her release the breath she was holding, "Thank you, Rei."

"Hn, what time are you needed there?"

"Around an hour and a half. Why?"

"Alright. I'll drive you there. Take your time."

"Wha-" Aya tried to protest. No doubt, it would be easier for her if Rei drove her to the hospital, but she did not want him to, because he could have more rest if he slept-in.

"I'm coming with you." He said with a final tone.

With a sigh, she knew that tone and his decision won't change anytime soon. "You don't need to though."

"I know. Didn't we agree to spend our three-day offs together?" He pointed out.

"Yeah, but this wasn't our plan. You can rest more if you stayed in." She tried to counter

"Its still our date, just a change in venue." He returned

"I'm not winning this, am I?" Aya realized

With a chuckle, he said "Nope."

"Thank you" Aya finally gave in.

"Get ready. I'll be there in a while."

"Hmmm. Rei?"


"Good morning."

"Hn. 'Mornin."

That was when Rei Otohata realized that he wouldn't mind waking to the sound of her voice, even if it was early in the morning. And that her 'Good Morning' greeting, probably just made his day.


The couple made their way to the hospital. They caused quite a commotion so early in the morning; it seemed that many of the nurses, including the head nurse was a fan of Rei Otohata. His career once again became his gate-pass to visit the kids. In the head nurses' words, 'Oh, how lovely. Im sure the children would love a visit from their idol.'

So, now, the couple is at the children's ward. The kids were really happy to get their favorite Aya-neechan back, especially the boys. The little girls however, were looking at the new visitor, who was with Aya, as if he came out from their fairy tale books.

A little girl tugged Aya's blouse. "Neh, Aya-nee? Who is he?"

Rei looked at Aya, wondering how she'll answer the kid's question. Aya looked at the girl with a smile and said, "Fara, he's my special person."

"Hmmm. Just like how special papa is to mama?" Fara continued to question.

"Mmhmm." Aya nodded getting to level with Fara. "One day, when you get better and grow up, you'll also find your special person. Alright? So let's drink your meds so you can get better, okay?" Aya said as she carried Fara to where her medicine were.

"Yes! Will my special person be as pretty as him?" Fara questioned.

That caused Aya to stop and laugh... Rei Otohata, the ice prince, being called pretty by a little girl right in front of his face. That was just a little too much to take in this early in the morning. So, while Aya was laughing, Rei took that as his opening and got the kid.

"Alright, lets get you to your meds. Looks like, Aya-neechan is laughing too much at your joke."

Fara looked at the pretty guy who was now carrying her, "But you are pretty."

Rei looked at the kid, smirked and said, "Nope, if you want to see pretty, look at your Aya-neechan."

Both Rei and Fara looked at the Aya who was still laughing a little, but was now surrounded with other kids.

"Still think I'm pretty?" Rei asked the kid who was still looking at Aya.

"Nope. Aya-neechan is the prettiest."

"Agreed... that's our secret okay?"

"Kaay! When I grow up, I wanna be like her." Fara said with a new goal.

"Hn. Get better then."

Aya was oblivious to what the two talked about and just saw them walking towards where Fara's medicines were. She trusted Rei enough to get the kid to drink, or else, he can just call for her. She then chose to leave the duo alone and decided to tend to the other kids who were trying to get her attention.


After tending to the children, Aya decided to visit some of her elderly patients. Rei was just watching his girlfriend interact with her patients. He was silently leaning by the door, admiring how much love she could give to other people and yet, have the tendency to leave so little for herself. It had been an issue when they were starting their relationship. But now, Rei realized that without her showing her unconditional love for him, he might not have been ready to let any body in and commit. Well, now, he's committed, to her. Only her.

A sudden touch on his shoulder brought him out of his reverie. It was Heero Naga.

"Otohata, right?"

Rei could only nod at the guy who was smiling at him. Their last interaction wasn't that pleasant; after all, he just told the guy to leave his girlfriend alone and then ended the call.

"Man, I'm sorry about last time! I didn't know she was with you. It's just that I was so used to being able to depend on her, you know? But you were right. I need to learn how to figure things out on my own."

Heero paused and looked at Rei, who barely acknowledge what he said, and was still looking at the his girlfriend. That made Heero smile, that simple instance made him realize how much his dear classmate, co-worker and friend is treasured by the ice prince. Rei may not say it out loud, but you'll have to be blind not to see it in his eyes.

"Your girlfriend. She's amazing." Hero said, while following Rei's gaze.

"Hn." He need not tell him what he already know.

That was the only acknowledgment Heero received from the other guy but, that said a lot since it was the first word he received from the ice prince. And yes, he knew it was considered a word when it's Rei Otohata they are talking about.

Heero was about to leave when Rei finally spoke, "Naga, we're good."

With a smile, Heero nodded and left to help Aya tend to the patients.


They left the hospital late afternoon and agreed to spend the night at Rei's condominium and watch a movie. After all, their original plan for the day was a movie date.


"Hmm. I'm fine. Thank you for coming, Rei."

Rei just took her hand and kiss her knuckles.

'Its nothing.'

Drabble 2.3: Day Three

Their last day together was pretty interesting. Rei Otohata woke up because his manager kept on messaging him. He was also surprised not to see Aya beside him - when usually, he encourages her to sleep in whenever they share the bed together.

Now, where did his mole run off to?

His thoughts were cut when his phone rang; it was his manager.

Seriously, sometimes he thinks that his manager is partly psychic. He can almost predict precisely when he's awake.

He answered the phone nonetheless. Better finish this now, then he'll find out where his girlfriend is.

"Rei! I've been leaving you messages! Did your read them?"

"I saw."

"How many times have I told you to tell me what you're about to do? You're lucky that this helps build your character. Imagine the media's surprise when the famous ice prince is seen volunteering to take care of the sick kids! But, next time you need to tell me, alright?"

"Do I need to tell you all my date plans with Aya?" Rei asked, somewhat irritated. There goes the media again, painting pictures, making stories and issues here and there - anything that could sell.

"Huh... date plans? Ah...that was the hospital Aya was working at?" His manager said, finally putting the pieces together - Rei wasn't really a volunteer in the hospital but was there to be with Aya.

"Hn. She was on-call yesterday. She couldn't say no."

"Ah, that sweet girl." His manager exclaimed then sighed, "Fine, I'll try to get this side of the story in there. God knows how much you hate wrong gossip. But, you should think more carefully of your actions. You're a model after all."

"I'll try."

"That's all I ask."

Their phone call might have ended but the media is in it for another story. The topic 'Ice prince Rei Otohata has a soft spot for children' might just be changed to 'Rei Otohata the ideal boyfriend'.


Rei found Aya cooking breakfast. The ice prince couldn't help but smile at how health conscious his nurse-girlfriend was basing from the evident full breakfast meal she prepared for the both of them. He went to her to greet her good morning by placing his hands on her waist.

"Morning Rei." That was the only greeting he received from his girlfriend as she continued what she was preparing.

"Hn." He replied, his forehead resting on her shoulder. "I thought we agreed to sleep in?"

"You did. Not me."

"Don't be a smart-ass." He paused for a few seconds, then continued, "Sometimes I miss the die-hard, love-sick fan that used to follow everything I say."

Aya smile. She knew he was talking about her past self. She knew he was making her realize how much she have grown and improved. How much things changed and how much matured and stronger they both got. "Hm, I wonder what happened to her."

"Hn, I heard shes currently happy with her relationship with some guy..." He teased, but then continued, "Seriously, Aya. Why are you up?"

She giggled and finally left what she was doing to face him and wrapped her hands around his neck. "I just wanted to thank you for yesterday and surprise you with breakfast. But, well, you ruined it. I'm not yet done." She said with a pout.

"You don't need to thank me."

"I know."

They stayed like that for a while - hugging each other by the counter.


"Hmmm?" Damn. She really was getting some of his mannerisms. Her answers are getting shorter and shorter.

There was a short pause. Until he broke it with two words,

"Marry me."

He felt Aya stiffened and pull back. Now, her hands was on his chest, her wide eyes staring at his. Seconds felt like minutes as the silence dragged on. He finally decided to talk again,

"Aya?" Rei began, only to stop when she giggled, then full on laughed. Well, he didn't see this coming. His girlfriend is laughing at him right after he proposed to her.

He was about to loosen his grip on her waist when she stopped laughing and tipped toed to give him a peck on his lips.

"You could have at least asked, Rei. I would have said 'yes' if you asked."

With that, Aya turned back and continued to do what she was doing with a wide smile on her face. After all, it was so like him to just be simple, direct and straight to the point. He was Rei Otohata after all, her very own ice prince.


In the next weeks, the media was pretty much curious about Rei Otohata's private life. What was he really doing in the hospital? Was he a volunteer or was he being the ideal boyfriend and helping his girlfriend who was rumored to be a nurse?

What surprised his fans and the media was when he honestly opened about the truth in an interview,

"So tell us Rei, what were you really doing in the hospital? In the children's ward to be exact." The interviewer said as she flashed some pictures of Rei in the hospital carrying a kid, with the other kids by his side.

"Is it really true that you were accompanying your long time girlfriend or were you just volunteering?"

Rei then answered, "Actually, neither."

"Oh? But, our source tells us otherwise. What's really the story behind the photo?"

Rei smirked and said, "I was accompanying my fiancée, Aya Hoshino."

Once again, Rei Otohata managed to craze the whole crowd, just like what he did when he confessed to Aya Hoshino.

Only this time, there were no second takes needed.

Finally, the end.


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