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The time at the orphanage

In the Kitchen in the Jade Palace

The next morning Master Shifu met the five Po and Amy in the kitchen. Po made breakfast and the others started conversations.

After breakfast Shifu told them to come to the courtyard. They followed him. In the courtyard Shifu gestured them to sit. "So Amy.", he said. "Would you continue your story, please?". Amy nodded. "Well…", she started. "After I was introduced in to the camp, I got assigned to Miss Yami's group.

Flashback ten years ago at the orphanage camp

"Amy, would you come here, please.", Miss Yami said. Amy nodded and slowly made her way towards her. "What is it?", Amy asked politely. "I'm assigning you to be part of the wood gathering group. You go over to Jia she will take you and the others into the woods.".

Amy nodded and left with the group. After a few hours they returned. Everyone was chatting except Amy. After getting the fires were started every group gathered around one of them. Each caretaker had a group who each had a bonfire and the caretakers had one for themselves. Amy didn't like being so close to fires stayed apart of her group and just trained with her iron wood staff. "Look, Miss Mighty Blindness is fiddling around with her stick again.", a boy whispered all the others just laughed.

After two weeks the group moved out. Mr. Lee had left a day before to arrange an adoption seeing in the next village. Amy who didn't mind being left out of the most conversations just went along with the group in silence.

A day later they met up with Mr. Lee's group. Mr. Lee had arranged everything. The next day would be a special day for some of the orphans

The morning started as usual. Get up, getting a quick bath have breakfast and then do what you want until lunch. At lunch everyone was excited. The hall they stayed in was flooded with strangers, who were watching and talking with the children. Amy who sat in a corner sleeping was an orphan nobody even noticed. At the end of the day four children had been adopted and said their goodbyes.

After three years of travelling Amy still wasn't part of any group in the camp. As she was older kids from the camp started picking on her. She always tried to stay calm but the kids soon found the trigger words to tick her of so much that she was in a fury. Most children found it very amusing seeing her launching at them trying to punch them. After a few months Amy started with her vibration training again. And it worked wonders. She could now sense every species by their vibrations and started to become more sensitive at her feet. She used her skills to locate the children and surprised them with it. She also trained her nose and ears to a higher sensitivity level. Soon the children started to become more aggressive with her resulting with a seriously beaten and frustrated Amy. With each beating her anger grew and she always started to fight back. Of course the children wanted this to happen as they now had a reason to fight Amy. The caretakers noticed this and always broke up the fights. This mostly resulted in a big argument causing Amy to run off cry.

A few months later Amy has been running away to cry. Suddenly Mr. Lee was in front of her. She stopped crying and just looked at him with very sad eyes. "What do you want, Mr. Lee". "I wanted to ask you something?". Amy looked at him confused. "I spoke to Miss Yami and suggested to her that you could come over to the scouting party and she said if you would like to be in the scouting party she would stand behind you and encourage it. So what do you say, Amy?". Amy was amazed by the offer and was stammering something for a few minutes. "Sure.", she finally. "I would love to.". Amy went back to the camp with Mr. Lee. They went to the scouting group's bonfire. "Okay, folks.", Mr. Lee said. "We have a new recruit. I expect you all know Amy.". Many of the kids just rolled there eyes. "If you do dare tease her or worse there will be severe consequences. By the way we leave first thing in the morning.". With this he left the campfire and joined the other caretakers. Amy smiled and sat down at the fire. "Hi, I'm Yue.", said a black panther. She smiled at Amy. "could I ask you something personal Amy.". Amy looked at her nervously then nodded slowly. "Depends how personal your question is .". "I was wondering if you were blind, because I noticed you nearly never look at anyone when you're talking. Yet you know where and how many people are in front of you. How do you do that.". Amy looked startled at Yue. "Well it's kind of complicated.", Amy started. "My real father helped me to orientate myself without my eyesight. So he taught me how to feel and use my senses of feeling, hearing and smell for orientation. Over the years I have perfected my senses and now I just need my feet to feel the vibrations. And I now also just need the vibrations to identify your species. For example I know you are a panther next to you are fourteen pigs and next to me there are ten bunnies.". "Impressive!". Amy and Yue continued taking throughout the rest of the night.

The next morning grew closer and Amy and Yue took the chance to have a relaxing bath in the nearby hot spring. After the bath they went back to the scouting party. "How was your bath girls?", Mr. Lee asked. They both just looked at him and grinned. "Okay now that we are all here we can move out. We head north to the next village.". Mr. Lee led the scouting party off along a river. After a days walk they made camp on the river side. "Well done everybody we already managed most of the way. We will make camp here and tomorrow we will hit the village. Now you know the drill make teams of three, four or five members and then get on with the tasks you will get after the teams have formed. Of course my and Yue stuck together but they needed still a third member. Yue soon spotted a young bunny, which was walking around. "Hey Yin!", she cried. The bunny looked up. "Want to come to us?". The bunny nodded and darted towards them. "Good. Everyone seems to have a team. Here are the tasks. Amy, Yue and Yin cooking. You seven are building the tents up.". The seven bunnies he pointed to nodded. "You six are getting firewood.". The two bunnies and for pigs nodded. "You five come with me scouting and making prearrangements. "And the other five are on watch duty. Now begin.". With that he took the pig team and took off. Everyone did his task and soon Mr. Lee was back and they started to eat.

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