Me and Claire were getting ready for my bridal shower as the boys are getting ready for their Bachelor party. Claire was taking me to the round up which is a country club. I'm making sure my little Clairebear looks sexy tonight and she'll be walking out of that club with aleast a guy phone number in her pocket. She wearing a red dress and its strapless, her hair is curly and she wearing red high heels which makes her look taller. I was putting make up on her.

"I'm not even the bride and your making me look drop dead gorgeous." Claire said as I was putting eye liner on.

"Well, I'm not the one that need a boyfriend." I said, then I moved on from the eye liner to the eye shadow. "Close your eyes." I demanded.

She did. "I don't need a boyfriend, I have to much to worry about with work and school." She said

"The more you need a boyfriend to get your mind off things." Next, I started blushing her.

"That what I have you, Shane and Micheal for." Claire said. Someone, started banging on the bathroom door. "Hey got to pee here, what are you two girls doing in there anyway?" Shane said.

We both rolled our eyes, "We'll be right out." I screamed back at him, I handed Claire the lipstick. "I'm sure you could handle this by yourself."

She stood up and looked at the mirror as she started putting on the lipstick. I went to open the door, revealing Shane doing the pee-pee dance which was to funny and I could'nt help but laugh. "Hey nice dance, maybe you should join broadway."

"Screw you." He said as he moved past me. Once, he saw Claire he stopped and his mouth dropped open.

Shane POV

I totally forgot about using the bathroom, all I was focused on was Claire. Oh my god, she is so beautiful. I think I'm really starting to fall for Claire, first that kiss and now that dress. She look back at me through the mirror, her eyes were brown and they never looked so adorable. Then, she turned and smiled at me and that smile was the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. I been living with this girl for over year and now I'm starting to have feeling for her.

She walked past me and out to the hall closing the door behind her. I just stared at the door, where she was just at before she closed the door. She is so beautiful- her smile, her eyes, her lips everything about her is beautiful. What the point? We been living in the same house for a year and she never made any type of move on me. She probably thinks of me as a big brother.

I sighed and went to do my buisness.

Claire POV

Me and Eve were at the round up, line dancing. We also invited Miranda and Hannah to join our girls night out before the big day.

Anyway, my parents loved country and at parties and fiestas we alway had line dancing; so I knew this dance and as for Eve not so much. She keeps looking around, tryinging to copy everyone else and then she just gave up and did her own little dance. When we were done we headed over to the table we reserved.

The bartender came to the table to see if we wanted anything. Eve smiled, "A sex in the beach, please."

"Eve!" I scream, making her jump and everyone in the club turned to us. I was furious I could'nt believe she just asked a guy that; I mean what about Micheal. She just laughed at me, putting an arm over my shoulder, "CB Calm down, it just a drink."

Now I felt stupid, "Oh!" I wispered.

"Don't worry to much, it give you wrinkles." She said, as she pinched my cheeks which I glared at her for.

"Eve..." Hannah said, her voice all shaky. She looked her in the eyes. "You know your starting a riot, don't you? Today at City hall, all hell broke loose. Everyone, the human and vampires are all against each other. Saying, a vampire and human relationship is a mistake."

Eve glared at her, "Well, they should just stay out of it."

The bartender returned handing Eve her drink and he smiling at me which gives me the creeps. I mean, he isn't bad look but he's like in his late 20 or early 30 and I'm just 17. Eve saw us and turned to me, "See, I made you look sexy." Her should bumping me, "That guy was totally just checking you out."

"Yeah, and let just forget the age difference doesn't matter." I said, sircatic.

"Fine but we'll find a guy your age before the night is over." Eve said serious.

"They're coming..." Miranda wispered, her eyes went dark which is indicating she having a vision. "Everyone screaming and so much blood." She continued.

Eve grabbed her hands, "Mir, Who's coming." She wimpered back a tear and started shaking her head. Eve now went from holding her hands to holding her face, making her look at her. "Who's coming?" She repeated.


Then the club door slamed open, revealing about a dozen vampires and they had their fangs out and eyes red.