Princess Daisy's stomach growled loudly as she and Toadette were in the Mushroom Gorge, trying their best to fight against their hunger, with Toadette having a stronger will than Daisy. As the two were walking on the wooden bridge leading to a red, bouncy mushroom, Daisy sighed as she closed her eyes.

"Man, it feels like there are knives stabbing me," Daisy commented on the pain she felt in her stomach, both of her hands placed on it. "I really wish I could have something to eat..."

Toadette tried comforting Daisy as she grabbed her hands. "Now hold on, Daisy, we can get through this! If you try, you can do anything!" She then glanced at the dirt paved road before the bouncy mushroom on the other side of them, noticing several bowls of cereal, her eyes widening. "My... those look nice..."

Toadette let go of Daisy as she hovered over towards the cereal with her pink pigtails, landing on the pavement as she picked up one of the cereal bowls and tried pouring it down her mouth, but she only ended up barfing it down the bottomless white gorge behind her, feeling a powerful, gross aftertaste as she shook her head, closing her eyes in disgust. Daisy gasped, covering her mouth with both of her hands.

"Yuck! This cereal is nasty!" Toadette commented as she opened her eyes, her lips trembling. "But... it looks perfectly normal... and good enough to eat, to boot..."

Dry Bowser chuckled as he watched Toadette and Daisy from the coniferous tree on the green grassy meadow nearby, keeping an eye on them to see how they were progressing.