Shoppers Delight

Seeing Derek pushing around a cart at the grocery store is definitely something he'd never thought he'd see, but then again he never thought that he'd see an actual werewolf or giant lizard or anything vaguely supernatural in his life so he really shouldn't be surprised by much at this point. And, like the guys got to eat right? Though he had just assumed that Derek devoured helpless tiny forest animals for dinner. He was staring at Derek, stuck between going up and saying hi or just carrying on his way and maybe taking a picture for Scott because really, this was too amusing. And of course that's when he notices that Derek seemed to be debating whether or not to go with the fruity pebbles in his left hand or the lucky charms in his right. He cannot help the snort that escapes him then and really, it's not his fault that he can't hold in a laugh at seeing scary alpha sour wolf having a harsh debate over sugary goodness, it's really not. Derek looks up, scowls over, and throws both boxes in his cart and walks away to the check out. He blinks once and laughs, shaking his head as he moves to get his own cereal and- hey! Damn it Derek took the last friggen box of fruity pebbles. He looks in the direction Derek left in and throws him a scowl of his own.

The next time he sees Derek at the grocery store he's just trying to pick up some milk for him and his dad when Mr. Argent appears out of freaking nowhere blocking his way to the cash.

"Erm, hi there Mr. Argent you're looking as creepy and murderous as always."

"Stiles," he replies flatly "as humorous as always I see." Stiles shrugs,

"Hm yea sort of my thing being, ya know, "The Funny Guy" or "The Comedic Relief" or, my personal favorite, "The Incredibly Smart Witty and Attractive Human" Mr. Argent just stares so Stiles nods "Ok well this has been fun, great talk" he pats him on the shoulder then and smiles trying to maneuver his way around Alison creepy ass dad but apparently they guy's having none of it cause he just takes a step to the side and blocks Stiles again. Ok then, he huffs, a very loud "you're annoying me" huff and looks up at Mr. Argent raising an eyebrow.

"I'm just here buying some rat traps," they guy ponders out "you see, I'm afraid I keep hearing something scurrying along the roof at night and it's starting to go from being a nusense to needing to be put down." His face hardens and he's looking at Stiles like what he just said should mean something to him.

"Uhmmmm, that's cool, yea rats suck. I remember a bunch of them started living on our shed out back and dad had to-"

"I'm not so sure that this is a rat though." Mr. Argent cuts in, and wow rude, Stiles let him tell his weird rat story and- OH! Scott, he's talking about Scott who's probably sneaking into Allison's room. Groaning internally he puts on an innocent face.

"Weird. Well sorry but I can't help you." He starts to walk around him towards the cash again, and he finally thinks that the guy's actually going to finally leave him alone when a hand grabs at his wrist in a tight grip and pulls him back. "Owe man hey! Easy on the goods, Jesus!" Mr. Argents grip doesn't loosen and his face, now a lot closer, is tinged a little red with anger.

"You better tell that little friend of yours that if he doesn't back off, then I'll make him."

"And if you don't back off now then I'll make you." Growls a grumpy voice, and oh thank god, Derek grabs Argents shoulder tight and pulls him back. Finally the grip on Stiles' wrist loosens and he takes a step back.

"Derek." Bites out Mr. Argent.

"Back off, Stiles is human, and the least threating thing to you. You have no reason to even come near him. You want to talk about Scott then you come to me." He growls out and oh crap, his eyes are starting to bleed red with anger. Hmm wired, Derek usually has better control, especially when it's just dealing with Chris Argent and Scott's love life with his daughter. Chris looks from Derek to Stiles then and lets out a little laugh, earning him a scowl from Stiles, cause like really he can be a total freak sometimes,

"Sure thing," He smiles and slaps Derek on the back as he walks away leaving the two alone.

"Well that wasn't sufficiently weird or anything. Seriously though what is that guys problem-"He's cut off by a low growl as Derek grabs at his wrist, pushing up his sleeve. "Um," He yelps "can I help you?!" Derek just ignores him and turns his wrist over in his hands, his very warm hands, and, wow, he did not expect Derek's hands to be so soft, but I guess, werewolf healing and all, he wouldn't really have calluses or anything would he? He lightly brushes his fingertips over the light bruises that are starting to form there. His touch sending a little tingling sensation up Stiles' arm, making his face heat. He clears his throat then, "Whoa, he's got a tight grip hey?" Stiles looks up from his wrist to look at Derek and is surprised to find Derek looking right at him, they stare at each other for a long moment, and Just when Stiles thinks that he can't bare the quiet awkwardness any longer Derek speaks,

"Why are you blushing?" He tilts his head to the side like a puppy, and wow that was really cute and it causes Stiles face to heat up even more.

"What! I'm not blushing!" He pulls his wrist away then, thoroughly embarrassed "Blushing is not something I do, girls do it, but me? Nope" He pops the "p" and shakes his head averting Derek's questioning eyes. "Well thanks and whatever… I'm… just gunna go." He slips past Derek and heads to the cash and out of there as fast as he can; he'd like to leave with some of his dignity tonight thank you very much.

Stiles is starting to think that Derek lives at the grocery store because when he's there next with his dad he sees Derek… again. He and his dad are shopping for ingredients for his Moms famous Pumpkin pie to bake and bring over to the McCall's for Thanksgiving when his Dad mumbles something about going to get flour when Stiles isn't really paying attention because what he's actually doing is going to buy himself some bacon. Stiles huffs as he looks down at his, basically empty, basket and realizes that he's probably going to be shopping alone. He's strolling through the aisle looking down at the list when he bumps into something, or someone. He staggers back a bit and looks up to see a girl he goes to school with.

"Sorry! "Sorry!" They say together, the girl, Ella, smiles and laughs.

"Hey Stan, right?"

"No, Stiles… funny bumping into you here… literally." She laughs out loud at that and, ok he knows that he's totally funny but seriously, that was the weakest attempt at a joke ever.

"You're funny! I forgot how funny you were," She giggles again and pushes him lightly on the shoulder, he try's hard not to roll his eyes because really he's barley spoken ten words to Ella in their entire high school career. Why is she even talking to him now?

"Uh, yea well-"

"You're friends with Scott right? Are you guys going to Stacy's thanksgiving party this weekend? Everyone is going, you should totally come, maybe we could go together?" She smiles again. He barley has time to raise an eyebrow before a heavy hand lands on his shoulder, and if the immediate butterfly's he gets are any indication, Derek is now standing, very close behind him. Turning his head to the side a bit he sees Derek glowering right at Ella. This guy is so wired sometimes.

"Um oh," she stammers, clearly uncomfortable under Derek's gaze "I didn't realize that you had… that you were um… sorry." She mumbles and walks away.

"What even?" He breaths out, he feels the weight of Derek's hand lift off his shoulder and turns. "Dude, my life is so weird…." He shakes his head.

"Why?" Derek doesn't look all sourwolfy anymore; in fact he looks a bit pleased with himself. Weird... unless? Was he trying to like… scare Ella off out of jealousy or something? His face heats up at the thought, the possibility of Derek liking him makes his heart race and he chews on his bottom lip looking anywhere but at Derek.

"Uh nothing, it's just that was Ella Green, really popular captain of the cheer team. She and Lydia used to be friends…"


"So?" Stiles looks at Derek then, whose face looks all scrunched and irritated like something smells bad. "So she was like basically asking me out! Me! Do you understand what I'm saying here?" He asks incredulously. And ok yea, if Derek was jealous, that was totally the wrong thing to say, but he is only human and he's had too much shock in like one millisecond to handle. Besides it's not like he was actually interested in Ella. Derek looks full on grumpy now, arms crossed and mouth turned down at the corners in a frown,

"Stiles you're smart and funny, and… and even good looking." He says sounding tired now, "You can do a lot better than a girl who doesn't remember your name." Derek turns then and stalks off.

"Hey kid, there you are! I thought I lost you." His dad laughs lightly and slaps him on the shoulder. But all Stiles can do is stare wide eyed in the direction Derek left in.

"Ok seriously? Do you even like have a kitchen? Oh weird what is that?" Stiles asks as he and his very full cart pull up beside Derek in The vegetable aisle. Derek turns his head and raises a brow.

"Of course I have a kitchen," He tosses the purple weird fruit, vegetable thing into his basket. "And that is an eggplant." He starts to walk down further to the tomatoes and Stiles follows.

"What are you gunna do with it? And last I checked abandoned train stations don't have kitchens." Derek plucks a few ripe tomatoes and ties them up in a bag, turning to face Stiles as he puts them into his basket.

"You don't seriously think that I live there do you?" Stiles' eyebrows rise "Oh my god, you're supposed to be smart." He laughs a little shaking his head, and what? Derek laughed, he made Derek laugh. Indirectly of course, but still. "Stiles, I have my own apartment. The station is just for training and Pack Meetings. I do, believe it or not, enjoy having running water and electricity."

"Riiiight… ok fair point, but why hasn't anyone ever been there then?"

"I like my privacy…" Derek looks down at his hands now, almost, dare he say, shyly. "But if you uh… want to try eggplant parmesan tonight you can come by, if- if you're not busy of course and even if you aren't busy you don't have to come I was just…" Derek's face is a little flushed now, eyes looking anywhere but at Stiles and it is the most adorable thing that he's ever seen. Stiles is biting on his lip trying to hold back a smile as his heart feels like it's going to explode because Derek freaking Hale just asked him out. To dinner. At his house, that no one has even been in before.

"I would love to." He finally bursts out, smiling so wide that his cheeks hurt. Derek looks at him then eyes wide and mouth kind of hanging open in surprise, as if he had expected Stiles to say no. Then what Stiles finally said sinks in a huge grin breaks across Derek's face, and he looks happier than Stiles has ever seen him.