Derek's POV

He was in his kitchen looking over all the contents in front of him; he'd been pacing back and forth for almost 15 minutes before finally realizing that he should probably start cooking. Stiles would probably be there any minute. He still couldn't believe that he had finally built up the courage to ask the younger man out, he had been pinning for months now and every time he got even a little bit closer to Stiles he would automatically take two steps back and shut himself away. After what happened with Kate and his Family he never believed that he deserved to be happy again. Hell, he still believes that. But something about Stiles had gotten under his skin, the way he throws himself into dangerous situations to protect the ones he loves, how loyal he is. Even his constant chatter is something he finds himself enjoying, and he always catches himself getting lost in Stiles' bright beautiful eyes. Sighing he rubs at his eyes with the heel of his hand and goes to start peeling the eggplant. Back at the grocery store he had been so crazy with shock and happiness at Stiles saying yes that he barley remembers rattling off his address to the boy. Looking at the clock he wonders if maybe he even gave him the right one when a knock on the door comes. Jumping slightly from being caught off guard he takes a deep breath and wipes his hands on his apron and heads to answer the door. Halfway there he realizes that he's actually wearing an apron (so not sexy) and hurriedly rips the thing off and throws it onto the bar stool. He pauses for a minute, listening to the nervous beat of Stiles' heart, he smiles at that and swings it open. Stiles is standing there, cheeks slightly reddened in the most perfect and adorable way that he knows Stiles hates for some reason, smilingly shyly holding a case of beer. Derek smiles but lets out a snort and raises an eyebrow. Stiles face reddens even more. "How exactly did the Sheriffs underage son manage to buy a case of beer?" He asks as he takes the case from Stiles hand and gestures for him to come in.

"I may or may not have bribed a homeless man outside the grocery store to go get it for me…" He shrugs smiling, "I uh, wanted to bring somethingand wine was a little out of my price range, plus I like hate the stuff so I figured 'well everybody loves a good cold- or room temperature beer right?!'." Derek doesn't say anything because all he can do is smell the nervousness and excitement and even a tiny hint of arousal coming off of Stiles. Taking his silence as a bad thing the boy pushes on, "Sorry, the beer was probably a stupid idea… it's just that I've uh never done this before. Like at all." He looks down at his feet embarrassed. Derek frowns a little and walks over, he brings a finger up under Stiles' chin and tilts his face up. His eyes wide and mouth is slightly parted, tongue darting out wetting his lips. Something he seems to do a lot. Derek has a sudden urge to follow the trail of that tongue with his own, but he resist the urge.

"It's not stupid, it's thoughtful. Thank you." Stiles smiles then, his scent exuding happiness.

"Ok awesome! So you gunna show me around this bachelor pad of yours or what?" Derek smiles happily, something he senses that he'll be doing all night and grabs Stiles' hand. The boy's heart leaps a little at the contact. Derek drags him into the kitchen, sets the beers in the fridge and shows him around his tiny two bedrooms, one bath apartment. Once they end up back in the kitchen Stiles slides onto a barstool and Derek gets back to work on dinner.

"Kiss the cook?" He looks up from what he's doing to see Stiles smiling cheekily with an eyebrow raised holding up the apron. Derek shoots Stiles a sly smile,

"Only if you're good." Stiles faces reddens again, and he loves the fact that he'sthe one doing it. A surge of arousal comes off Stiles then and it makes his stomach churn with want.

They drink the beers while dinner cooks, Stiles talks about school and lacrosse and how Scott's a potato, making Derek laugh loud which in turn makes Stiles look slightly surprised but happy. Derek listens and talks about his time in New York and how Laura had dragged him to do cooking classes with her because she refused to eat take-out for the rest of her life. The laugh and smile and Derek feels freer than he has in a long time. When Stiles takes his first bite of dinner Derek stares nervously waiting for his reaction. Stiles lets out a loud moan that makes Derek want to reach across the table and take him right there, but instead he smiles and grips at his chair tightly.

"Holy crap this is seriously so good! Thank god Laura dragged you to those classes because dude, you just won some major points here!"

"Yea, I could uh, never really say no to her."

"She sounds like a totally awesome badass." Derek snorts,

"Yea she was. She was also extremely bossy and outgoing; you two would have gotten along well." And it's true; He knows that Laura would have absolutely adored Stiles. Hell if she was still around, him and Stiles would have probably gotten together a lot sooner. She always knew what Derek was thinking before he did.

The rest of dinner goes great, relaxing and perfect. They're in the kitchen again cleaning up and all Derek can think about doing is slamming Stiles against the wall and kissing him. Stiles his chattering away about something behind him when all of a sudden he feels Stiles close behind his back, reaching around his waist for the towel. He can't help himself then, he turns fast and pins Stiles against a cupboard.

"Stiles," he growls out breath heavy, "please stop talking." And he kisses him. Stiles relaxes into the kiss immediately, letting Derek kiss him hard, mouth closed. But he wants more so he pushes harder and wraps his arms tight around Stiles' waist. He feels the boys mouth part open slightly and he takes the chance to use his tongue and open it wider, letting Stiles' wrestle against his own before he's had enough and dominating the kiss once again. His tongue traces his lips and every inch of the boy's mouth. Stiles lets out a low moan and Derek's pants tighten at the sound. He ruts up against Stiles, feeling the hard bulge in the other boy's jeans as well. Stiles' hands are wrapped around his neck, fingers dragging through his hair, but it's not enough he needs to be closer. Breaking the kiss he move his hands down to cup Stiles' ass and lifts him, "Wrap your legs around me." His voice is hoarse and filled with so much passion it makes both their hearts stutter. Stiles does as he's told and Derek lifts him to sit on the counter. The heels of Stiles' feet are digging onto his lower back, pressing him in closer and tighter. Derek sucks on his lower lip and kisses him hard once more. He starts to pull away and Stiles nips at his bottom lip causing him to groan out. He moves to the neck, trailing his tongue along until he reaches the pulse point. He sucks hard wanting to mark Stiles, to make him his.

"Derek,"Stiles moans out. He sucks harder and bits down with blunt human teeth before pulling away. The pale skin is now marked with a red bruise and Derek growls at the sight of Stiles with hismark on him. He presses a kiss to it before kissing along the collar bone, all the way back up to his mouth. He kisses each corner of Stiles' mouth before finally pecking him on the lips and pulling away, "Wha-" Stiles' breath is heavy, face flushed and eyes wide, pupils blown with lust. "What are you doing? Why'd you stop?"

"You're underage." He states simply. He doesn't want to stop, he really, reallydoesn't, but Stiles is still a minor andthe Sheriffs son. "I'm not doing anything with you till you turn 18." Stiles gapes incredulously at him with his eyes narrowed.

"That's in like 9 months you ass!" Derek grabs Stiles' hand and presses it against his hard and throbbing dick that's causing his jeans to bulge, growling.

"You really think I want to wait?"

"Well what the hell was the point of all this then?" he waves his hand between the two of them.

"Sorry," Derek smiles and presses another kiss to Stiles' swollen lips, "I couldn't help myself."