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Taking Chances

A.N. I really like the character of Audrey, basically because so little is known about her other than the fact she's Percy's wife, it gives me the chance to be a bit more free with what I write and I can't make her OOC because no one knows what her character is like.

So I decided to write a few snapshots into her life with Percy and the Wesley's.

They will just be one shots because I don't really have the time to plan out a chaptered fic, but hopefully they will be in chronological order to show the progression of their relationship.

The predictable redhead

Three times a week.

His routine was like clockwork, he would be in every week, three times a week, on the same days every week.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. Always showing up at 6pm on the dot.

Audrey had found herself waiting for his arrival on slow days, hoping she could unravel him a little bit more.

Not that she ever managed it, he was polite but aloof, he replied when spoken to directly but never revealed more than he had to.

In her nature Audrey was friendly and outgoing, it was pretty much a requirement of being a waitress, but she never really knew what to say to him, he seemed happy enough on his own and she didn't want to bother him.

She was stood behind the bar doodling absentmindedly on an order pad when he walked in, her eyes automatically flickered to the large clock on the wall. Six o'clock, bang on time.

"Hi Percy." she smiled in greeting "Table for one?" she asked knowing the answer already.

He smiled back warmly, he may not speak much but they had formed some kind of friendship over the many months he'd been coming in.

"Yes please."

She led him over to his usual small table in the corner handing him a menu before heading back to the bar to fix his usual drink, sparkling mineral water.

Audrey liked that he didn't drink, all her friends were heavy drinkers and most weekends found her stumbling around town in varying states of drunkenness, it was nice to know there was someone out there that didn't need to drink to enjoy himself.

He was different to anyone else she knew and she liked that, she just wasn't quite ready to admit to herself how much, no matter how obvious it was to everyone else.

Two of her colleagues exchanged a knowing smile as she practically skipped back to Percy to take his order.

"So what will it be tonight?" she asked with a smile "Wednesday is usually grilled chicken with the white wine sauce" Audrey reeled off without thinking, her smile faltered as she saw Percy's face fall a little, and was left standing there awkwardly as he frowned down at the menu.

"Am I really that predictable?" he finally muttered, though it was so low Audrey wasn't sure if he was speaking to her or just himself.

She chewed her lower lip a little not sure what to say to make him feel better.

"Well." she began slowly "You come in every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6o'clock on the dot, you always drink sparkling water, you always order one of three meals, and as you had the pasta last night and you usually leave the steak until Thursday I would say yes you are that predictable."

Percy stared up at her making Audrey think being her normal blunt self hadn't been the best way to go in this situation, until he laughed.

Letting out a small sigh of relief Audrey grinned down at Percy as he got his mirth under control.

"I suppose I asked for that." he chuckled "Are you always so brutally honest?"

Audrey felt her cheeks heat up a little "I am." she admitted "I always find it best to be honest, and I'm not saying it's a bad thing to be predictable, in fact I think it must be nice." she added still worried he could take offence.

Still chuckling a little Percy looked back to the menu before closing it with a shake of his head.

"Well may as well stay predictable, I will have the chicken please."

Audrey nodded making a pointless note on her order pad, before picking up the redundant menu and heading back to the bar to place Percy's order.

The rest of the evening went smoothly until it came time for Percy to leave, he seemed nervous as Audrey took his bill over on the small plate with the mint she knew he would leave.

Today however, he picked it up twirling the wrapping between his fingers making Audrey pause by his table.

"It's Audrey isn't it?" he asked his attention focused on the mint between his fingers.

"Err, yeah." Audrey replied not sure what else to say.

"Do you really think it's nice to be predictable?" he finally asked after a few seconds silence.

"Oh." Audrey was stumped for a moment, although she should have known "Well yes." she admitted.

Percy gave her a disbelieving look so she expanded slightly.

"For me" she began slowly "I never really had the chance to be predictable, to do the same thing week in week out, I just think it must be nice to have that stability." she trailed off not wanting to delve deeper into her life with a virtual stranger.

Percy was nodding slowly, digesting this new information "I never knew I was so predictable." he admitted "Although my brothers always used to tell me as much."

Audrey shrugged "Well I can't really say you're predictable in every aspect of your life, for all I know when you leave here you're a secret agent or something." she joked missing the slight tightening of Percy's jaw before he relaxed and laughed along with her.

"I can assure you I'm not that exciting at all." he told her.

"Well maybe I'll find out one day." Audrey said without really thinking as her attention was caught by a large group of people now entering the restaurant "I'll see you Monday Percy."

"You're not working tomorrow?" he asked quickly.

She grinned back at him "Nope day off, sorry." she shrugged before heading over to help Amy heard a rabble of rowdy city types to a corner table before they disturbed too many customers.

By the time she returned Percy was gone, all that was left was his money, the mint and a small square of paper folded in half.

Audrey checked there was no one that needed her attention before unfolding it and reading the neat script.

To Audrey, it was lovely talking with you today, and thank you for being honest I appreciate that.

Percy Weasley.

P.S. Have fun on you're day off, I'll miss you serving me.

P.P.S. Enjoy the mint, I always leave them for you.


Audrey couldn't stop the smile that spread across her face. Maybe Percy wasn't so predictable after all.

So this is just an introduction to how they met, I hope you liked it let me know what you think and hopefully I'll have the next one up soon.