This is partly based on a hetalia rp that I do with CeCe. I rp England, Germany, China and Japan while CeCe rp America, Italy, France and Russia. I will be doing this mostly about the relationship between England and America and this is a guy on guy so you have been warned

England was arguing with France as he normally would. America was going on about some hero that would save the planet from global warming. Germany was sat next to Italy; he was getting annoyed with most of the countries fighting and if this kept up would end up having to take control of the meeting as he normally would.

"Angleterre black sheep of Europe" France says out loud as England is trying to strangle him. Most of the countries didn't take much notice of France and England as they normally did this type of thing

"Shut up frog" England growled before punching France hard in the face, he was in the type of mood that if you annoyed him then he wouldn't hold anything back. France held his nose (This is where England punched him) and kept saying something about his beautiful face being ruined. America laughed "Hey Iggy what's up with you today?" America asks. England hated it when America called him by that name

"It's England you git" England says the sound of anger in his voice, he was only like this as he had been having dreams about the past and it was going to be America's birthday soon, it wasn't that he hated America far from that it was just the whole point that America had left him.

Germany had spoke up now having enough of the fighting and now the meeting was getting under way. America was sitting next to England "Iggy, your coming to my birthday right?" America asked quietly only to receive no answer from England "is it because I won and becameā€¦." America was saying before going quite when seeing that England had stormed from his seat and stormed out of the room. England didn't stop walking even when the others called for him to come back. The attention was now turned to America who had no idea why England had walked out of the room 'was it something I said' America asked himself; America made the choice to go after England and because of this Germany had decided to postpone the meeting as they would not continue without all the countries present. England was now walking away from the building that they had been having the meeting.

America ran out of the building before grabbing hold of England's wrist, the rain was coming down however a light drizzle. "Arthur what's wrong?" America asked him, England was a little pulled back by the fact that America was using his human name; he came back to reality before trying to pull away from America "Let go of me you git and leave me alone" England growled angrily

"No way, not until you tell me what's wrong?" America says pulling England closer to him; England knew that America wouldn't let him go 'Fine if he wants to know why then I'll tell him' England thought to himself "Fine, you want to know why" England says he knew that he would end up shouting the next part, America just nodded, "IT IS BECAUSE OF YOU" England shouts at America. America didn't understand why it was his fault "Why is it my fault Iggy?" America asks not really understanding what he had done

"YOU LEAVING, YOU BECOMING INDEPENDENT" England shouts, tears falling down his face "I LOVED YOU, NEEDED YOU BUT OH NO ENGLAND JUST FINE BEING ALONE, NO ONE CARE. ALWAYS MENT TO BE ALONE" America was shocked and his hand slipped from England's wrist, England took his chance and ran quickly down the street. Before America was able to realise what had happened England had disappeared from sight. America ran in the direction that England had ran in. he called for England but he received no reply.

England could hear America's calls but didn't answer him, he had slipped down a nearby alley away and stood against the wall and leaned against it. He knew that he couldn't face America after what he had said, tears still fell against his face but now it looked more like the rain had caused it as it was now pouring. England when hearing America's voice start to fade he moved away from the wall however that was a bad idea as something was pinned against his back, "Give us all your money and we'll be on our way" a voice came from behind him. It was not long after that two guys came in front of England, England wasn't going to give in.

America was still calling for England when the sound of a gun being fired was heard 'England' Was America's first thought. He quickly ran to where the sound had come from, He saw three men standing around England. One of the three seemed to be taking something out of a brown wallet. He could see that England was lying unmoving. America clenched his hand into a fist before running at the three men; the men didn't have a chance to react. America unarmed the one that had the gun and before long they ran off very quickly. America leaned England against a wall; he could see blood seeping through England's clothing, He quickly unbuttoned England's shirt so that he could have a look at the wound. He once having a look at it removed his jacket and held it against the bleeding wound, using the other hand held his mobile and rang for an ambulance to come; he explained to them what had happened, once he knew that the ambulance was coming he tried to see if he could get England to wake up. He began to call his name at first to see if it would work which it didn't. He hit England on the cheek (It was a pretty hard hit around the face) England opened his eyes and looked at America before going to close them again however America wasn't going to allow him

"Come on Iggy, you need to stay awake for me ok" America says

"Git" England says weakly as his eyes start to close, America hit him across the face again "Stop that" England growled

"Stay awake then" America argued however he saw that England was unconscious again.

The next few days were the worst for America. He felt that it was his fault that England was now laying on a hospitable bed unconscious with a breathing apparatus attached to him as he needed it to keep him being able to breathe as he had at one point stopped breathing much to America's worry. He held England's hand the hold time England was laying there. He didn't want to leave England's side not even once as he wanted to be there when England awoke.

France entered the room along with Japan. They were worried about both England and America; Ok sure England and France fought a lot but that didn't mean that France really hated England. "America-san maybe you should rest" Japan says to America "You have been by his side for days and you need sleep"

"This is my fault that he was shot and is now like this" America says not even bothering to look at them. France walked over to America before placing a hand on America's shoulder "Angleterre would not blame you for what happened" France says. America didn't look at them he kept his hand in England's "Just wake up" America says quitely to england

To be continued

Ok well this is the end of the first chapter, will england wake up find out in chapter 2

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