This is partly based on a hetalia rp that I do with CeCe. I rp England, Germany, China and Japan while CeCe rp America, Italy, France and Russia. I'm also basing this on other hetalia rp that I have been doing

The day of America's birthday came and America was wondering why his brother wanted him out of his house. "So why did you decide that we hang out of a while I mean not that is bad or anything but you don't normally ask me to hand out with you?" America asked while eating a burger. His brother Canada had been chosen by France to distract America. "Well I thought that it be good as we don't hang out as much" Canada says in his normal quite voice. At America's the other nations were getting the party ready, they were pretty much finished so France rang Canada

"We have finished so both you and Amérique can come back, also Angleterre said that he would come this year" France says

"Ok, we'll be there soon" Canada says in a quiet voice. America hadn't really heard what Canada had said as he wasn't paying attention. They eventually got back to America's, America got a bit of a scare when everyone that had been helping set the party up jumped out shouting happy birthday to him. America would never admit that he had been scared as hero's don't get scared, the party was in swing before France came over to Canada and Japan "Angleterre said he was coming" France says to the them. "Maybe he is running late" Canada says in his quiet voice

England had in fact been running late, it was about an hour since the party had started when there was a knock at the door. England was feeling quite dizzy and uncomfortable warm however thought nothing of it, he had been feeling a little unwell the day before however felt alright to travel however he was feeling the same as he did the day before. America rushed to the door and opening it, he was over joyed that England had decided to come; next thing England knew was that he had been pulled into a tight hug. England let out a cough due to the hug being quite tight and seemed to be cutting off his air supply "Amer...ic..a" England managed to get out, America quickly let go allowing England to be able to breathe again "Sorry dude, I'm just happy that you came" America says

"Don't do that ag…" England was saying however interrupted by a cough that came from his mouth. The cough sounded painful slightly, this made America smile slip from his face "England you ok?" America asked worriedly. England told America he was fine however that was far from the case. England followed America inside, he felt the dizziness get worse as he moved around to the point that he blacked out. Lucky for England France caught him, America took England from France before carrying him to the guest room that he had; he laid England on the bed before placing a hand on England's forehead before pulling away quickly at how hot it was. France came into the room with also a worried look on his face "Any idea what is wrong?" France asked

"I think he has a fever" America says. After some time that had been confirmed and America even though he didn't have much experiences with look after a sick person. With that America ended the party early and went about looking after England.

America placed a damp cold wash cloth on England's forehead, England was running a fever of 103, America was a bit worried however not too worried as the fever wasn't that bad at the moment however America was worried that it would get worse and go to 105. Sat by the bed wondering when England would wake up, he wondered what England had gotten him for his birthday however he decided to wait until England awoke before going to look at the present

To be continued

Ok well this is the end chapter 3, sorry it is short, I promise that the next chapter will be longer then this. I don't know how long it will be before I put chapter 4 up.