I have nothing to say for myself, except that English is not my mother tongue and I don't own Mummies Alive! Believe me, I'm deeply sorry for this stupid story.

Baby Mummy

It was a really special evening. The reincarnated prince plus his four undead guardians were located at Beefy Burger – and not just in the drive through. They were actually sitting on a table, eating in calm (as calm as it could get with Armons obnoxious munching), talking to one another. All of them knew just too well that each minute now, Scarab would fly through a window, the cashiers would turn out to be shabtis and/or a heated battle would start.

They all enjoyed the calm before the storm. Presley in particular tried to make the best out of it: "If two of you had a baby, would it be a mummy as well?" All mummies spluttered whatever they were eating across the table.

"Pardon me, oh prince, but what did you say", Rath questioned, being the first one to recover. The young boy sat there, thinking aloud: "You know?" They did not know. "All of you are undead. So I guess my question is: Would your kids be undead as well?"

"Not to avoid your question", the fearless leader started, actual with a fair amount of fear in his voice, "but we are all like brothers. What you are suggesting is just plain wrong." – "Why? You are a man, Nefer-Tina is a woman", Presley explained with childlike innocence.

"But she should be a boy", Armon said, downing another burger, "it's not the boy on outside that counts; it's the one on the inside. And inside Nefer-Tina is one of the guys." The female in question looked at him with a raised eyebrow, unsure if this was a compliment or an insult.

"Presley, I can't think of a way Ja-Kal and I could make a… a child", she stuttered, and was quite happy her body did not contain any blood – else she might have blushed. The young prince just laughed at her remark: "Oh it's easy, Ja-Kal can show you, he already had a child."

Now even the other three mummies would have turned red, but alas! no blood in their veins. "I do know how to make kids", Nefer-Tina quickly explained, looking rather angry and frustrated, "I saw Armon watching a documentary late at night on the spirit box." Rath was laughing dryly. "Yes, documentary", he mumbled more or less to himself.

Nefer-Tina shook her head, trying to explain again: "What I meant was: I don't know how we could have children, since I checked the canopic jars and all MY necessary reproductive organs are not with me."

"That's fantastic", Presley cheered, "so the baby would grow inside the jars and you wouldn't even look pregnant. You could even still be my guardian!" A blank stare was all he got from the female mummy before she spun to poke her finger violently into Ja-Kals chest. "You are forbidden from ever laying hands on my canopic jars", she told him angrily, then looked at the other two guardians: "Actually, you two also!"

Pleased with the shocked look on their comrades' faces, Nefer-Tina sat down and started eating again. Armon followed almost instantly, then Rath and Ja-Kal.

"Well prince, I can't tell you if our kid would really be a mummy", the leader stated, trying to close the discussion, "but I can tell you that: If I had a kid now, I would be a mummy." All of them snickered, only Armon looked confused: "So would that make Nefer-Tina the daddy?"