AN: When a simple retrieve data and get out mission goes totally out of control, Nell has to protect herself and Eric from merciless criminals…

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I'll be there for you

Chapter 1

Nell and Eric now went on their only second field trip in their year's long career at OSP and both of them where extremely happy to get out of OPS for a change. Even if he didn't show it openly, Eric of wasn't as relaxed as Nell but tried to play it down that he indeed was totally nervous, because he couldn't really say that he had any good memories about his first ever field trip. She on the other hand knew pretty well, that Eric was still a little bit scared of field trips even if she was there with him at his side all the time to protect him and she totally understood that, because in the end he was just a person that was used to working in the office all the time and certainly hadn't got the training for working in the field. Together the two finally reached the server room of Binary Solutions, a company that designed a lot of software for the Navy; the two of them had to be on sight to get information about a security breach which had resulted in the consequence: Classified Software getting into the hands of known terrorists.

They had tried to regain control over the servers that been taken over by a hostile force, but whoever did pull that thing of had blocked any access from the outside so that somebody had to regain control of all this highly classified data quickly before it landed on the Black Market.

When Eric sat down at the main terminal in the server room Nell said to him: "While you get to your work here, I will be at the Software Development Lab downstairs trying my best to secure some software codes because those PCs are not connected to the mainframe anymore. "

"Oh ok but don't be away for too long and you why I ask that." Eric answered which made her smile a little, she kissed him on right cheek and answered: "I won't be I promise." She then walked down the corridor, as she left the server room and thought to herself:*I hope this whole thing goes down without any incidents, because shooting at the shooting range is one thing but actually putting that to use in a real field mission is something else entirely.* Meantime Eric hoped that their work was done better sooner than, even if he felt a lot more safer with knowing for fact, that Nell was the one that carried a gun to protect them, he definitely wasn't the kind of person who liked it very much to be stuck in a fire fight with some criminals that showed no mercy.

Eric finally got his part of the work at Binary Solutions done and now was anxiously waiting for Nell's return. * Don't panic, don't panic she will be back soon, then we can get out of here and back to our secure workplace at OSP.* As Eric was busy with keeping his emotions in check, Nell encountered some unexpected problems when she tried to secure the classified software codes from the main workstation in the software lab.

The professional hackers had somehow planted a virus in the software lab main workstation, before it had been separated from the main frame, Nell didn't know what to do for the first time ever because that virus behaved like she had never encountered one ever before. Meanwhile back in the main server room, the door suddenly flew open with a big bang and Eric, who was located at the end of the room quickly, got under the next table and was now really panicking.

Nell stopped what she was doing as she heard the big bang upstairs; she got out the one thing out of the holster she really hoped that she didn't have to use: her service weapon. She took one deep breath and thought: *Focus Nell! You can do this, now it's time to show that all that hard field agent training has paid off.* Quickly she got up the flight of stairs to main server room but certainly without making too much noise, as she didn't want to give away her position to the attackers.

*I really hope that Eric is alright, he probably is totally scared right now and I have to get us both out here in one piece.* As she reached the server room, a fire fight between her and her opponents ensued at once and after having to take cover a couple of times, with two precise shots she could finally take out one of the gunmen. Suddenly one gunman attacked her from behind coming practically out of nowhere sending her weapon flying, but Nell quickly recovered and send her attacker with some well- timed kicks and punches to the ground.