Queen's Notes: This chapter was co-written with In The Light

Fire From The Past

On arriving at the Kini Nui, Lhikan couldn't help but marvel. The temple really was beautiful, and exotic. A pair of Gukko birds could be seen flying over head as he took in the temple, "Wow. It's... amazing."

Macku beamed in pride, throwing out her arms and spinning ahead of the male, "Isn't it? And the Kini Nui is all Matoran made! ...at least as far as I know."

Lhikan chuckled. "Well, then it would certainly be a reason to be proud of. I know I would be, if my island had such a structure."

"You don't have a Kini Nui?" The Ga-Matoran paused in one of the archways that led into the temple, "Any Kini?"

"We do," he replied, following. "But it's small, and absolutely nothing compared to this place, I can tell you that."

"The Great Temple is the largest." Macku said as she trailed her hand over the carvings of one wall, fallowing it to one of the several sets of stairs. This set was larger, with wider steps in the middle and smaller to the sides, for both Toa and Matoran feet to fit as it lifted up to the top of the Kini.

Lhikan took note of the stairs with a small smile. Yes, the temple on his island home wasn't anything like this one, not by a long shot. In a way he was sort of glad they had to come here to call Toa Gali. More sightseeing for him.

"The teleportation system is on the very top level." The Ga-Matoran was saying as she took to the stairs, it would be a bit of a hike but she had done it before, and she, like the other Matoran of this island seemed to all be more active. "If Toa Gali is already in Po-Koro than she may come from there."

"Okay," the Ta-Matoran nodded, glancing upward at the very top of the stairs. A workout yes, but nothing he couldn't handle. It was better than having to swim in water currents or freefalling on the back of an eccentric seeming Kora.

"Not the same as getting a ride from a Toa or Kora," Macku said pausing at a window for a breather, reaching for a large white-root fern. Like the Le-Matoran had done she broke off a part of the root and munched lightly on it. "That's more fun than climbing all these."

"Heh," Lhikan gave a nervous smile. "I guess it can be... well, if you're not falling off a cliff maybe."

"Oh that's normal." Macku blinked up at Lhikan from where she was sitting on the window ledge.

"Hm. Well, for you, maybe," Lhikan answered, looking at his feet, "For me... ehh, no."

"There's nothing to be afraid of when falling." The girl tilted her head. "Not really, there's always something to do to stop yourself safely."

"Well, yeah... I just don't care for... heights too much, actually," Lhikan replied with a shrug.

There was a pause, and then a giggle, "You'll have to get over that real fast here on Mata Nui."

He rolled his eyes in good humor, and chuckled softly. "I had a feeling you'd say that..."

"Well it's true!" Macku giggled again before hopping down and starting back up to the temple stairs again.

Lhikan shook his head with a faint smile. "Oh boy, Mata Nui..." and he turned, following the Ga-Matoran once again now that their breather was over.

"What?" the girl glanced back.

"Hm? Oh, nothing." he replied with a smile. "I just have a feeling by the time I go home I'll be used to heights."

"Probably will!" Mack laughed as she continued up, they emerged into a wide, high roofed room at the top of the temple. There was an open ring in the center of the room, letting one see the sky above, a prime view of Bara Magna, and at night there would be thousands of stars. "This is the teleportation area." The Ga-Matoran said, running her hands over the detailed carvings on one of the six pillars holding the open roof up.

"Wow," Lhikan marveled, coming over to look around, turning around to get a full view of everything inside the temple. If it was amazing on the outside, then amazing was an understatement for as far as the inside went.

Each column had the classic colors of elemental energy, and each on the inward facing side was the deeply carved in, corresponding symbol with that element. The colored inlays continued down into the ground and making a swirling pattern in the wide, bare floor to the middle of the chamber. Something to take note of, in each symbol was a glowing crystal, like the power stone Lhikan had, only larger, and radiating not just elemental energy but something else...

It felt safe, and warm, and powerful.

Toa Stones.

Lhikan's eyes were wide as he stared at the stones for a long moment, in wonder. He smiled. "I've always... always wanted to see a Toa Stone." he remarked.

Macku moved to the closest pillar, stretching up to reach in and taking out the black Toa Stone, pausing a moment before walking over and putting it in the Ta-Matoran's hands. "This is Onua's."

The gold-masked Matoran made a strange sound that couldn't exactly be called a squeak, but it was something along those lines. He stared down at the ebony stone in his hands, eyes wide. "Whoa..." he said. Then he grinned. He was holding a Toa Stone for the first time!

"After Takua used them to summon the Toa Mata- what the Nuva were before becoming Nuva, they did something to the stones," The Ga-Matoran said, "Takua says they put a little bit of their own Toa energy as well as elemental. Like what they do for disks the Turaga and Guard Captains."

"Then that explains why these still have power, and aren't useless," Lhikan said, turning the stone over in his hands as he let his eyes drink in every detail of the powerful stone.

"You can call any or all the Toa with them here in the Kini." The Ga-Matoran said as she walked around another pillar, one that had vibrant emeralds.

"Huh," Lhikan said softly, still looking the stone over before he finally looked up. "So, how is it that I'm going to call Toa Gali?"

"Go ahead and put that back, but don't turn the stone." Macku said as she walked over the water emblem, arranging the lower stones in a set pattern that would basically say, 'The villages are safe but please come.' Then she took the Toa stone out and waited for Lhikan. "You put this all the way in and turn it twice to the right. It'll feel a bit weird but that'll be the elemental energy going up your arm, that's the way Gali will find you."

Lhikan listened to Macku's instructions before nodding slightly and putting Onua's stone back, before he headed over to put Gali's back like the Ga-Matoran said. He murmured something to himself quietly as he turned the stone twice.

There was a pulse of energy, calm and cool and alive. For a moment before Lhikan let go of the Toa stone, there was an eerie and at the same time familiar feeling. For that moment, Lhikan was linked with the Toa Nuva of water.

"Oh..." Lhikan murmured in awe on feeling the connection. He blinked after a moment before letting go of the stone, looking a little awed and nervous.

"You okay?" The blue Matoran asked, reaching out to touch the male's arm.

He nodded. "Yeah... that was a little strange, but... oddly familiar. Huh."

"Toa Gali is a water spirit," Mack pointed out, tugging Lhikan to fallow her to a spot outside of the open space, smiling as she sat by the red pillar for him.

Lhikan smiled a little and nodded, taking a seat next to Macku. For a moment he thought about the strange little feeling he had felt when Kora Storm touched him, but decided it wasn't anything important at the moment.

"At least you're only calling Toa Gali." Macku happily pointed out, motioning to the six element symbols, "I can only do one... I don't know how Hahli and Takua can activate all the stones."

"Perhaps you can ask them sometime," Lhikan answered, looking over at the six symbols thoughtfully.

"They don't know either." Macku frowned a little, "Jaller has done a full calling of the Toa once, and Hewkii has too."

"Really?" Lhikan asked, raising his mask ridges. "Huh... interesting. So, only a few select Matoran have done a full calling?"

The girl nodded, "The Turaga can too, but for Matoran only a few can." She said as Macku stood to go get something to the side and came back, seemingly fiddling with several ferns and a loop of vine.

"I wonder why," Lhikan said quietly, thinking about it to himself as he glanced over at Macku and her ferns and such.

She was weaving the plants together and then with a flourish rocked up to her knees for the moment it took to put the fern crown on the Ta-Matoran's head. Then Macku dissolved into giggles.

The victim of Macku's newly made fern crown blinked once it had rested on his head, before a faint flush formed on his mask. He lifted a hand to touch it and adjust it better, smirking. "There's a way to pass time..."

Macku paused, tilting her head at him, "Weaving?" She smiled, "I'm better at making boats but it's still fun."

"I can see that," the Ta-Matoran chuckled, still messing around with his little crown, suddenly wondering if she did this to the other males. Somehow the thought of Takua with one was very amusing. Then again, Takua seemed to be the kind of Matoran that would make the best of it and have fun. It was also when it came down to it time spent with a Ga-Matoran. Lhikan chuckled again as he took the crown off and idly fiddled with it in his hands as he leaned against the pillar behind them.