Nobody ever does Cameron Boyce fan fictions, which is ridiculous! Anyways, this fanfic is about a regular 13 year old who moves to New York( I'm not sure where they film Jessie, so I just said that they filmed in New York), enters a contest where you get to meet the cast of Jessie, star in an episode and help out with Hair and Make-up for the rest of the show, what happens when she wins and suddenly is friends with the actors and actresses of Jessie? What happens when she falls hard for someone in particular? On with the story! :)

Chapter 1: Once in a lifetime chances

Dylan's POV

"Dylan! Come down, I know your upset for moving, but you don't have to stay in your room all day on your laptop!" I hear my mom yell

Okay, so here's the sich, my family and I moved a couple of weeks ago. I got upset because my only friends were in Denver! The upside to living in New York? Movie stars, actors, actresses, singers, surfers, all of which I can apply for if I ever need a job.

Sighing, I looked at the screen ahead. Bing! Yay! New email! I open it up and immediately jump off my bed and through my door with my laptop in my arms. I run downstairs and sit on a chair next to the counter. "You guys want to know what I'll be doing for a couple years as a job?" I ask my family, my mother, my step-father, my sister, and half-brother

They all look up from their lunches, confused to the Max. "Listen to this" I tell them and they nod

"Dear Dylan,

We are pleased to inform you that you have won the Jessie contest. We expect you to be at the studio by 3:30 on weekdays, 7:00 every morning on weekends, be ready for the cast and to help with the appearance of our stars. You will be starring in an episode, we decided to let you choose which one and who you wish to be. We are also pleased to tell you that you will be receiving $50 per day, we expect you to use it wisely. Down below, we have the studio address, cast e-mails, a map of the studio, and a schedule.


The producers of Jessie" I say, earning a squeal from Emily and a high-five from Matthew as he went to put his dishes in the sink

"Oh, that's wonderful, dear" Mom says, clapping her hands together

"As long as you have fun" Step-dad says

"OMG, I should e-mail them back" I say, already writing a reply

Dear producers of Jessie,

Thank-you for the opportunity of being involved in your show, it is a great honour. I usually wake up at 6:00 every day for an hour run, so I will be at the studio by 7:00, awake and ready. I am ecstatic that you will be allowing me the choices of the episode and the person. I promise to use the money wisely! Again, thank-you for this fantastic opportunity!


Dylan Tombman

As I finished, I sighed, spell-checked, then pressed send. "I'm just going to go over everything" I say, grabbing my laptop and walking upstairs

I walk to my room and check the time. 5:00. Oh no! I sign in online and check to see if everyone is still there. I fix my hair and click my class list.

"Hey girl!" Jazz says

"What's it like in New York?" Becky asks

"Did you see the statue of liberty yet?" My teacher, Ms. Deery, asks

"Have a chilli dog from the streets yet?" Devon asks

"Guys calm down!" I yell as I'm bombarded with questions

"I won a contest and I'm going to be spending a whole lot of time with the cast of Jessie, isn't it cool?" I ask

I'm answered with many levels of enthusiasm. I laugh, which is extremely rare in my case. They all start looking puzzled. "Got to go, I need to go over my schedule and things, I'll call tomorrow after my new job" I say, earning either a "later" or a "See ya" or in Ms. Deery's case, a "have fun with the homework"

I sign off and start checking out my things. After I'm done, I get dressed for bed, since I get up at 6:00. I turn off my laptop and climb into bed, excitement oozing out of my pores. Closing my eyes, I fall asleep, dreaming of different ways of meeting and becoming friends with the cast.