Chapter 2: Meeting the cast

I woke up and yawned. Looking over at my clock, I see that it's only 5:00. Oh well, not like I can go back to sleep now. I jump into the shower and wash up. When I'm done, I drape a towel over my petite figure. Without drying my hair, I braid it. I pick out a simple yet professional outfit and put it on. I run downstairs and get myself some Cheerios. I devour them and dash back upstairs to grab my things. I get my laptop, purse, and get the rest of me ready.

"Hey mum" I say as she enters the kitchen, wearing her nightrobe

"Hello, Dylan" She replies groggily

"Can you drive me, mum?" I ask

"Sure, hun" She says, taking a sip of her tea

"Ok, can you, like, drive me in a couple of minutes?" I ask

"I'll go get dressed" She says, leaving with her cup in her hand

Looking through my bag, I grab an apple and take a bite. All of a sudden, my apple's gone. I glance up and see Matthew, eating the apple. "Give it back" I warn him

"Nah, it's too good" He replies, taking another bite

"Screw you" I say, grabbing another apple from the counter

"Loves ya too, lil sis" He says, walking out and upstairs

"Okay sweetie, let's go" Mum says, grabbing her keys and opening the front door

I shove on a pair of high-heeled boots and grab my house key and phone. "Alright, let's go" I say, biting my final bite of my apple

Jumping in the car, I shove my key and phone in my messenger bag. I show mum my directions and she drives to the studio. "OK, bye mum, I can figure out the rest" I say, giving her a kiss on the cheek and opening the car door

"Bye sweetie, have a nice day" She yells before I shut the door

I walk over to the guard and say, "Hi I'm Dylan Tombman, I'm supposed to be working on set of Jessie"

Holding out my hand, he takes it. "Hello, Dylan, I'll get someone from set to get you, one second" He says

"Oh, never mind, there's Cameron, I'll get him to show you around before they start actually taping" He says, pointing to a limo

Cameron? Cameron. Cameron! He's the one who plays Luke! I think to myself. I look in the direction that he's pointing and sure enough, the Cameron Boyce steps out of the limo. He smiles and waves, walking towards us. I smile, knowing I have to show a happy version of me. When he's close, he asks, "Hey, your Dylan, right?"

"Yup, that's me, let me guess, sunglasses, high tops, leather jacket, your Cameron!" I answer

"Yeah, your funny" He says

"Don't forget sarcastic!" I add cheerily

Then the guard interrupts, "Cameron, can you show Dylan the set before taping?" He asks

"Yeah, sure" He answers, smiling

"Thanks, I'm most likely going to get lost in a place like this" I joke and he laughs

"C'mon, there's going to be a lot of things to show you" He says, walking to the gates

The guard lets us through and hands me a key. "You can paint it if you want, it's for the front gates when I'm not here, just flash this baby and you'll get in" He says

"Oh, thanks, I might need this later" I say, putting the key in my bag

"Your welcome!" He replies as we walk towards a building

"One second, I'm probably one of the first as usual" Cameron says, opening the door

"Yeah, I'm the first" He concludes

"Cool, so, you going to show me around or what?" I ask

"Sure" He replies, grabbing a random key off the wall before closing the door

"Here, you can drive, wait, I can trust you not to ram into a building, right?" He asks, flashing the key in front of my face

"Nope, I'll be bumping into everything, wait, I am driving a bumper car, right?" I ask in a serious tone

He just looks at me then we both crack up laughing. That's basically how we spent that morning, cracking jokes and having fun on our tour. I'm really hoping everyone else will be this nice.