Alright, there has not yet been many Hazel/Sawyer stories yet, so, here we are, enjoy J !

Chapter 1: For caring

Hazel's POV

Looking around, I notice that nobody else is here, perfect. Sliding myself down, I feel the usual coldness of the water hitting my bare legs. When I'm fully in Winter's tank, I go under, searching for her. I bob back up, needing to take a breath. I whistle the same noise that Winter makes when she's happy and get a response not that far away. I swim over and grab onto her fin, allowing her to pull me. It's been a week since she got her new tail and since then, either me or Sawyer would let her exercise every night. "Hazel? Is that you?" I hear the familiar voice ask from somewhere on the edge of the pool

"Let's scare Sawyer, okay Winter?" I whisper and she nods

I take a big breath and she pulls me under, so that when we pop up and scare him, we won't be seen and it'll be a sneak attack. I look up and see Sawyer standing there, in his swimming trunks. Winter jumps out of the water, me still hanging on. She side-flops down hard and I take most of the impact. I wince, swimming to the side of the pool as best I could, but the sudden urge to fall asleep got to me just as I reached the edge and Sawyer had a hold of my hand, ready to pull me up.

Sawyer's POV

Just as I was grabbing Hazel's hand, she went unconscious. "Winter, help" I say, adding a whistle at the end and Winter shoves her up

I wrap her in a towel and dial her father, the owner of the aquarium. I tell him what happened and he rushed over. He checked her out himself, then called a doctor, just to be sure. "She's fine, I suggest leaving her in this building because too much movement will cause pain, she's unconscious now, but tomorrow morning, she'll be fine" The doctor said and then went on, "The hard contact with the top of the water gave her a slightly fractured ankle, but other than that, she'll be okay, you did the right thing" She explained to me

"I'm going to grab some bandages" I said, then ran off to where the first aid kit was

Hazel's POV

I open my eyes and find that I'm still at the aquarium. Looking around, I notice that Sawyer is laying down next to me. I sit up and shake his shoulder, causing him to wake up. "Sawyer, did you sleep here all night with me?" I ask the obvious question

"Yeah, why?" He asks, rubbing his eyes and sitting up

I smile, knowing he cared. Only my father ever cared. Now I have my father and Sawyer. I leap forward, wrapping my small arms around his neck as we fall to the mattress that is set up in the middle of the floor. "Ow, what was that for?" He asks, rubbing the side of his head as he sat up

"For caring" I answer