Chapter 2: Playing

"Okay then, let's go play with Winter" He says, standing up and helping me up

"But I don't think I can swim" I reply, adding a pout at the end

"I'll stay close, I promise" He says, "Trust me, you will be safe"

"Okay, but stay really close" I warn him

"Promise" He says, smiling at the end, knowing he got me

We both slowly walk to the edge of the pool. I sit on the side, waiting for him to jump in first. I look down and realize that I still have my pyjamas on. Wait, my pyjamas? I remember clearly that I didn't have pyjamas on when I went to bed. I glance over at Sawyer just in time to see him pull his shirt off. My eyes widen. I quickly flick my sight back to Winter's pool. I smile as I see Winter swim out. She makes that little noise that means she's happy and swims closer to me. I pull off my pyjama shirt after I notice that my bathing suit was underneath it. I look behind me and I see Sawyer pulling a bunch of noodles and floaties out of the storage room. I stand up and yank off my pyjama pants. "Here you go" Sawyer says, throwing in a noodle

Winter happily snatches it and swims in circles. Sawyer jumps in and waits for me. I sit on the edge and hesitantly slide in the water. Sawyer quickly floats over, making sure I'm okay. "I'm okay, Sawyer" I say

"Okay" He says, but still holds my hand

"Sawyer, I need to use that hand in order to swim or float" I quickly lie after I notice that I'm blushing

He drops my hand and I instantly fell cold. Okay. Weird. Winter brings us her duck and Sawyer throws it across the pool. "Ouch, my feet hurt" I whimper in pain

"What's wrong, Hazel?" Sawyer asks, speeding to my side

"My legs hurt" I say as the pain increases

"It's ok, I'll pull you to the side" He says, already halfway there

I look down and I don't see my regular legs that were once there. No, I see a tail, as in, a mermaid tail. My eyes widen. I move what used to be my feet and the flipper moves as well.

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