The adventures of Dr. Lemon

From humble beginnings

Dr. Lemon can be sweet or sour, loved or despised and just like the fruit, people have many different opinions of him, but everyone knows his name. Dr. Lemon the son of a priest was raised to be a gentleman, a highly respected man, and to the other inhabitants of his small town, he was highly respected. Lemon was of average height, with broad strong shoulders and a well-muscled neck; his hands were large yet looked so gentle you could not imagine them even crushing a small field mouse. His face was handsome, with his high cheekbones and well defined brow, his small blue eyes seemed mismatched, for they often showed all of the feelings the Doctor ever felt. His build led to him being part of the rugby team, not one of the best on the team but as a quick, level headed thinker, his tactics often allowed them to win most matches. Despite his sporting talents he was a well-educated man, top of his class, which led to him studying medicine at Cambridge in 1878. Being a Doctor was always the dream for Lemon, as a boy he would often spend most of his time in a hospital, while trying to resist the pressure of following his father and becoming a priest. In-between his studies Lemon often dappled in sports thought of as forbidden by his father. The Doctors favourite hobby to rebel against his father with was shooting. Armed with his service revolver Lemon could hit any target shown to him within 700 yards, this made him the best marksman at Cambridge University.

Shooting was a popular sport at the University, a sport of talent, tested by the players' mental strength as few men could fire their weapons to another human. 700 yards; the length of which Lemon could shoot was a first for the University, his tutor Sargent Kennedy assured him that after he qualified as a Doctor he could join the army. Sargent Kennedy would often talk about future Careers the aspiring young doctor could join; none of them however excited him as much as working in a hospital, for it was the variety of cases that took his fancy. He wanted the rush of bullet wounds, burns, broken bones and even the common flu. He was also interested in the affect these could have on the human body, especially the effect of poisons. One of the exams that built up to his qualification was based on poisons, and due to his passion for the deadly substance he easily passed it. However though Lemon was intelligent, sporty and friendly he also preferred to be alone, this meant he went through University with no friends. He would spent morning, evening and night alone, it wasn't that he wanted no company, it was just he couldn't find a friend that liked the same things as himself. Being unaccompanied by a friend, which Lemon could have probably described as a lap dog, did have its benefits, those included a greater ability to concentrate on topics, and an open mind; Lemon often believed most that he read and focussed hard to prove them right. He once read a story about a man and his dog that saved his life, the story included a villain, hero and a problem, in this books case the man was under fire from the villain, and a life threatening bullet was hurtling towards the unexpected hero but moments before impact his trustworthy dog took the blow.

After reading this story, Lemon was so inspired that he bought a dog of his own. He bought the dog from a small pet shop, which was just a ten minute walk from his accommodation. The shop was called 'Pete's Pets', on the outside the small shop looked derelict for the outside was left unpainted, showing the plaster, cracks, and cardboard used to cover up what one could think of as more cracks or maybe even a small cave. The door was falling off its hinges, and although it was the only part of the shop pained the old blue paint was slowly peeling from the wood, it gave the effect that some poor unwilling dog had once tried to claw its way back. Once inside Lemon founds rows of cages each containing various different breed of dogs and cats, hanging from the ceiling was an array of bird cages containing exotic birds from the Caribbean. When looking around for his own life saving dog he found a scruffy sad looking bulldog. The dog was lying down in the corner of its cage slavering away and looking most unhappy for itself. The dogs' eyes were deep, allowing Lemon to see the poor animals' life replay itself. The dog instantly caught the heart of the trainee Doctor, and for a measly price of which Lemon would have happily paid more, the bulldog called Dexter, was to live with Lemon.

The dog did mean that Lemon would have some company and for a few weeks Dexters' company was willingly accepted. After his studies Lemon would play, walk and talk to Dexter, the dog became the man's first friend since he was a boy. As he progressed through his studies he had little to do with his father, the Priest would often write to his only son, but never did he get a reply, in fact hardly ever was he blessed enough to have his letter read. Despite the lack of connection however both seemed to know exactly what the other was doing, this was because of several newspapers which regularly reported on religion and University affairs. Lemon also often sang the praises of his father to anybody that would listen; this was often to those students with a larger wallet than others, as they loved to listen to him, but then taunt him more as his fortune was less than others. The professors however often took a different approach when Lemon was chanting the usual stories about his father, they would simply just not listen, and when asked by lemon for their opinion on the matter they would just agree with him, Lemon was not however unwise as he knew this was happening so he often had fun finding out how far he could take the conversations and what unusual requests he could bribe them to perform. Talking about his father did have its disadvantages as Lemons father would often have very bold ideas about religion, many of them not easily accepted by the other followers of the Church of England. This then led to the Priest being on the wrong side of the law and loathed by the traditional church followers. Lemon received much taunting every time his father became trapped in trouble, and this caused the trainee some issues, as this then stopped the small bags of cash being sent to Lemon, leaving him hungry on many of these nights.

As the years passed Lemon became closer to reaching his dream, he sat more exams all of which he passed better than the last. The young son of a Priest was slowly becoming one of the best Doctors seen by the University. His strength both physically and mentally improved, as did his bond with Sargent Kennedy, they would spend more nights together practising techniques to improve Lemons shot. On June the 23rd, the final exam for the Doctor had finally arrived, it was only hours until his fate was to be decided by the results that would turn up at his door in a few weeks' time. As always the Doctor was well prepared, he spent hours the night before in his small, dimly lit student room, revising just the topics he had struggled on over the past weeks. When asked on how confident he was the Doctor would just say 'I know enough', this was partially true, as one man could never know everything but simply enough to pass whatever test it shown to him. When the exam was due to start Lemon was already in his seat, he was observing the scenes around him. He was observing the eyes and expression of the professors who has first peek of the exam before any student, from the professors however he could determine nothing of their feelings, this was due to his lack of attention to detail, which when faced with this problem only months before would have easily guessed their thoughts. When sat down he watched fellow students moan about how unstable their desk was or how cold their chair was. Silence then fell on the room, which was formally a dining hall, the professors then handed out the papers and the exam began.

During the exam many peoples concentration strayed far from their work, they would often gaze at the figures, perfectly painted and framed on the wall in front of them. These figures were of many great successes in the medical industry and managed to attract the attention of everyone but Lemon. Lemon was highly concentrated on the task ahead, the three hour exam on the medicine he had learned. He was hastily writing every word of knowledge he knew onto his paper, he had already passed his final practical work all he needed was just one more pass. As the time ticked by, everyone was becoming closer and closer to finishing their test, and when time was finally called Lemon was sure every answer was written to the highest standard.

The weeks crept by, everyday Lemon reviewed that crucial day; the day of the exam. He constantly thought of ways he could have improved his answers, he unlike others could not lift himself of anxiety as easily as them, mostly because other students did this by talking to their friends. The only hope Lemon had was to spent time with Dexter. More days passed until Lemon had almost completely forgotten about the exam he sat. It wasn't until one Monday morning a very official looking letter arrived at his door. The letter was in a brown envelope, it has the word private stamped on the front in a way that could represent just how little care was took during the delivery of the letter, but more important was the print on the three lines it read; Mr. J Lemon, 44 Victoria close, room 37. Lemon opened the letter with great care and slowly pulled it from the envelope, inside was a letter from the University. He read the first two sentences once; he could not believe what he was reading, all of his work had gone in to that one test. Lemon then placed the letter even more carefully on the edge of his desk, while he slowly lowered himself into the old, oak chair, which was carefully decorated with red silk. He then continued to read his letter, and then he simply laughed a dramatic cheerful laugh and shouted to the world

'I am Doctor Lemon'.