"Tsukiko, you better be awake. You have the entrance examine in a few hours!" My big brother's voice woke me from my sleep. "I'm up I'm up!" I groaned as I stretched, sitting in bed for several more minutes before getting ready. After what may have been an hour I walked down stairs dress and ready to go with my duel disk strapped on my wrist and my deck tucked away in the case. "Morning Kiko" My grandfather greeted smiling behind his counter. "Morning grandfather" I smiled as I walked over to him. "Where is Yuugi?" I questioned noticing my big brother wasn't around. "He's outside waiting for you" He laughed heartedly as I raced to the door, shouting farewell to my grandfather, and met up with Yuugi. He was much taller than he was a few years ago, well ten years ago, and his voice was deeper, I think the Pharaoh took over his body. "Ready to go?" I nodded happily as we began walking to the exam. "Are you nervous?" He asked noticing my fidgeting. "A little" I admitted. He laughed, which caught me off guard, "My little sister is nervous for the first time in her life because of dueling?" He chuckled. I hit his arm lightly and playfully glared at him, "Not that! I know I'll beat whoever I go against" I grinned. "Then why are you nervous?" He asked seriously. "Well… It's just once everyone hears my last name they will know who my brother is, and then I wouldn't exactly fit in because of who I am, but of who you are… If that makes any sense" I sighed.

He paused for a moment before he turned to face me, "Tsukiko, if they like you because of me then they aren't true friends. Plus I fixed that problem already. Kaiba changed your name in the data base. It is Kikyoko Takahashi" He smiled. "You'll find true friends. Everyone will love you." My duel spirit agreed as she finally appeared by my side. I smiled at them both, "Thanks guys" and we continued on our way.

After what seemed like forever, only thirty minutes, we arrived to the exam area, "I guess this is where we part?" Yuugi smiled and I looked around not looking at him. "Something wrong sis?" He asked worriedly. I turned to him, hugging him tightly, allowing my tears to spill, "I'll…. miss you…. brother" I sniffed as he comforted me. "I'm only an ocean away" he joked as he hugged me back. "But I'll miss you too little one" he whispered. I have never done anything without him by my side, and vice-versa. I was there when he was at Battle City and Malik trying to take over the world, when those guys with motorcycles took my brother's God Cards, and to the end when the Pharaoh sealed away the Millennium Items for the final time (Well more like I was with my Aunty Aniko and Aunty Akino to seal their other halves away). I was there in them all supporting, and helping, him, but now it was like it was my own journey this time. I pulled away from him a bit and looked at him, smiling softly; "I should go" I sniffed one final time looking at the building ahead of us. He nodded, "Go teach those punks what a true duelist is. Also this is a gift from Aniko" he joked making me smile lightly as he handed me a deck of cards. " Is this… Her deck?" I grinned. He chuckled, "Of course. Aniko said knock them dead with her cards!"

I grinned widely as I put her deck in my spare case, "I will, but I'll also use mine. Tell my nephew I'll see him after the school year!" I started walking away, looking back once mouthing 'I love you' which he mouthed it back, and I went inside, after clarifying who I was, waiting for my duel, sitting away from the crowds of people. "Daichi Misawa arena one, Ayame Mori arena two, Hisoka Mori arena three, and Kikyoko Takahashi arena four for your duels. Reminder: Once again, all Academy applicants who have already passed their duel entrance exam please proceed to registration. For those who have failed, better luck next year." The loud speaker announced. I stood and walked down to my arena feeling the eyes of people staring at me as I activated my duel disk. "Are you ready Miss Takahashi?" My test proctor asked kindly. I smiled and nodded. I wasn't being treated any different than just another student which he seemed to catch my surprised reaction when he acknowledges me just like he had done to the many kids ahead of me. "It's time to duel" I smiled at myself as I drew my cards. "I'll start!" He shouted, so I could hear him, as I contemplated my moves. "I set a card face down and two more on the field and I end my turn" his voice snapped me out of my thoughts. "My draw" I shouted staring intensely at my monster I drew, smiling widely. I didn't care how many people were watching me at this point. I was going to enjoy myself to the fullest, but I guess it was time to give them a show. "I use my magic card 'Pot of Greed' to draw two more cards to my hand." I drew two cards. "I summon my card Fake Princess Kikyo to the field (Atk/500 Def/2000) and when she is summoned successfully I can special summon Princess Warrior Mulan (Atk/2100 Def/1500). I also activate the magic card Princess Makeover! You know the tale of the ugly duckling, right? Once an ugly duck becomes a beautiful swan… Well my fake Princess can evolve and become a real princess. There is a catch. If she is attacked her actual attack point will return. Fake Princess Kikyo evolve into Princess Tikyo Swan (Atk/1500 Def/400). Now Princess Tikyo, attack his face down and I forgot to mention her special effects makes all magic and traps unusable against her. Princess Mulan attack him directly…"

Proctor… 5900 Me… 7500

"You are probably wondering why I lost 500 life points. It's because when I attack with Princess Warrior Mulan if I am attacking directly I pay 500 per attack. I set two face downs and I end my turn. "My move! I use my trap card 'Call of the Haunted' to bring back my 'Armaill' (Atk/700 Def/1300), but he won't stay very long because I'll sacrifice him for my 'Curse of Dragon' (Atk/2000 Def/1500) now 'Curse of Dragon' attack her Princes Tikyo!"

"No! My Swan!" I shouted.

Proctor… 5900 Me… 7000

I growled, "I use my trap card 'Huntress Rapunzle Tower'. You know every Princess in fairytails are damsels in distress, but my princesses aren't. Since my trap is out I can summon my Huntress. Think of this as her calling signal AND her hell!" A tower appeared before me and was instantly knocked down as Rapunzle kicked it down with her bow and arrow positioned to attack. "What happened to her tower?" My proctor asked. "Well you know the tale of her. Locked away in a tower and a prince saves her. In my story she broke out of her prison and became one of the most vicious princesses ever. With her out on the field as long as there is another Princess on the field with her she gains 100 attack points." I explained. "I set another card on the field and I end my turn."

"That will be your last turn at that! I draw!" I shouted as I smirked as my card. "I activate my magic card Princess Final Dance. Since I have a Princess in the graveyard I can pick a card from my deck, no matter what level, and summon her to the field. I summon my Princess Geisha Kyoko (Atk/3500 Def/1200) With her on my field any monster with Princess are absorbed in Princess Geisha Kyoko, so I'm sorry Princess Mulan you are done here!" Princess Geisha Kyoko (Atk/5600 Def/ 2700) Huntress Rapunzle (Atk/1900 Def/1400). "Now Huntress Rapunzle attack his Curse of Dragon! By the way when she attacks her attack increases by 400."

Proctor… 5600 Me… 7000

"Now Geisha show him your final dance! Fans of the dance !" I shouted as I pointed directly at the proctor.

Proctor… 0

"And that's game!" I smiled as everything disappeared. "Congratulation on passing." My proctor announced. "Wooooow! I did it!" I shouted as I jumped up and down. "Excuse me… You did it?"

I chuckled, "I'm sorry Kyoko… WE did it!" I smiled holding up a peace sign at her.


I came in at the last minute seeing a girl and boy in two arenas, "So what's going on?" I asked noticing the anticipation on everyone's faces as they looked at the girl. "You see the girl. She's beat her proctor in two turns. I wish I could have been that good I almost lost my duel" a boy with glasses sighed. After her duel we watched the guy finish off his duel, "Wow, that last guy tore it up!" I grinned at my competition. "Yea, Daichi Misawa. They say he got the second highest score on the written exam of all us applicants." The boy explained. "Wow, I just barely passed. Wait then who was the highest" I chuckled. "Yeah, me too. My name's Shou, by the way, nice to meetcha. I kinda have a thing where I get test anxiety; I don't know how I won my match… And do you really have to ask. That last girl that dueled last." Shou sighed. I slapped his back friendly and grinned, "Congratulations! I'll be in, too, as soon as I win my duel!" I grinned confidently.

Daichi took a seat in the top of the bleachers and I looked at him, "Tight duel, Daichi!" "Thank you" he replied getting a better look at me and Shou. "From the looks of it, you just might be the third best duelist here" Daichi gasped as Shou stared at me but before either could respond the loud speaker made an announcement. "Judai Yuki, please report to the exam field four."

"Ah! Go-Time! Wish me luck, guys!" I smiled. "Hey, wait… If I'm the third best, who are the first two?" Daichi asked. "Well first would be yours truly and second would be that last girl! It's what I'm best at!"


"Wow. He's so sure of himself. I wonder if he's really that good." A nerdy boy with glasses wondered. "He's going to need to be; look who he's dueling" Daichi commented as I looked at the arena seeing Professor Chronos standing there waiting. I sat beside the nerdy glasses boy, mostly because my original spot was taken, and I noticed the boy was about to faint. "T-T-That was a p-pret-pretty c-cool du-uel back t-th-ere" he stuttered. I smiled softly, "Thank you nerd boy" I replied. "O-oh my name… my name is… is…" he seemed to have forgotten his own name and I lightly shook my head. "Shou! My name is Shou" he suddenly shouted. "Nice to meet you Shou I'm Kikyoko Takahashi, or Kiki for short" I shook his hand, even though he pretty much died. Daichi came over, "I am Daichi. I heard your duel lasted two turns. That is a new record." He chuckled. "Nice to meet you Daichi. I'm Kiko" 'wow two friends in a matter of seconds' I smiled.

It was the end of the duel and I smiled when Judai played 'Winged Kuriboh' because it was originally my brothers. "All right! Yeah, Judai!" Shou shouted. I looked at Daichi and I could tell we were thinking the same thing, 'Nice. I could use a little competition' Judai blew a kiss to the audience before I noticed him talking to his deck. 'Winged Kuriboh' I smiled weakly.

The next day

We made it to the academy in our uniforms, I was possibly the only girl, as we stood in the middle of a classroom in rows. I was the standing in the row with Judai close by me wearing the same a red blazer as I. Suddenly, a strange looking man appeared on the screen, "Good morning and welcome, my students! I'm Chancellor Sheppard, the headmaster here, and you are the best and brightest young duelists in the world!" The strange guy welcomed us as I giggled at a snoozing Judai next to me. "Now please, get yourselves settled in at your assigned dorms. I think you'll find them quite comfortable... depending upon how you ranked, of course. Hohohohohoho!" He continued. 'Great… Santa is coming to town' I groaned as I quietly face-palmed myself. He allowed us to leave and Judai sat by Shou one some rock as Daichi and I began talking about dueling, "So maybe when you duel me you can find my weaknesses and try to beat me." I suggested

We walked up to the two Osiris guys, "Hey Judai! Hey Shou!" I greeted happily. "Hey—you in Red, too?" Judai asked. Daichi looked down at his outfit, "Well, now, let's see here; yellow sleeves, yellow, buttons… I don't think so" I chuckled at his sarcasm. "Judai, I'm in red with you guys" I smiled. "Oh, I get it, so that's why Shou and I are in red!"

"Oh geez…" I sighed. "Please don't tell me that you JUST figured that out now." Judai looked a little angry, "So what, ever think I'm colorblind?!" He replied. "Well no, actually I didn't. Are you colored blind?" Daichi replied drolly. Judai grinned, "Hehehaha! No, but I coulda been! See you 'round the dorms!" Judai laughed. Noticing Daichi had already started walking without me I stayed where I was, "I doubt that your dorm's over there" he pointed the opposite direction from my own dorm. "See you later Daichi" I shouted. I walked with Judai and Shou as they started talking about the duels. "Well boys I've gotta find my dorm. See you later." I smiled as I went to find my room. I walked in my dorm noticing the curtains closed, "How gloomy…" I whispered as I pulled them open. "Hey! I had those closed for a reason!" A guy snapped as I closed the curtains fast and gasped. "I'm sorry. I didn't know I had a roommate already.."

"I'm Kikyoko, Kiki, for short."

"Yea whatever." He growled as he turned away. "Rude much." I sighed as I walked out.

As I went looking for the boys after no success at the dorm I ended up running into a few Obelisk boys, "Hey Manjoume. I think that's the new girl everyone is talking about" a southern accent boy commented as they saw me walking past. "Hey new girl, come here" he commanded. I looked at him shocked, "Excuse me?" I placed a hand on my hip. "Come here"

"I don't deal with disrespect." I growled. "Do you know who this is?" the southern boy asked astonished of my attitude. "No, I'm glad I don't either" I smirked as I turned away from them and continued on my path of finding Judai.


"Boss, she just back-talked you" one of my followers announced. "Who is that girl?" I asked angry. "Well sir. That'd be Kikyoko Takahashi. She scored the top of the written exams and she was the girl with Princesses in her deck." the southern one replied. Someone did their research. I smirked, "Let's go" I commanded as we walked off.


I found Judai walking towards a stadium, "Hey Judai!" I grinned. "Hey Kiko! You find your dorm alright?" Shou questioned. "Yup! Except I share with this one rude guy." I nervously laughed. "Hey us too!" Judai replied. We walked in finding a small stadium inside, behind us was the crest of Obelisk's head. That gave me shivers when I remembered times in Battle City with Malik and my brother duel to decide the fate of the world… and what happened to me after that duel. "Kiko? You ok?" Judai's voiced called me out of my memory. I shook my head clearing the thought before nodding happily. "What did you say Judai?" I asked him. "I said this is the sweetest dueling arena I've ever seen!" He repeated in his astonished voice. I chuckled, "You must not have seen many arena then"

"I bet it would be amazing to duel here!" Shou chuckled. "Well let's find out!" Judai exclaimed. "Judai, I don't think we are allowed here." I whispered. "Sure we're allowed; we're students here and this is our campus, right?"

"Wrong! This is the Blue Obelisks' campus!" The guys from before grunted. "An't you Slifer Red rejects aren't welcome here. Ya got that?" The southern boy continued and I glared at him. The brown hair looked at the crest, "This arena's our turf!"

"Manjoume! That applicant who beat Professor Chronos is here! Check it out!"

"Judai, maybe we should be leaving." I suggested. I hated confrontation after the years I had dealt with my brother's and his enemies. Manjoume challenged Judai to a duel and I groaned along with Shou. Asuka came in before they had begun their duel, "This sure is a motley crew" I waved at her as she gave me a small smile. "Hey, Asuka. Have you come to watch me mop the floor with my new little friend Jaden here? It'll be a short duel, but an entertaining one, for sure." Manjoume tried impressing Asuka. "I'm here to remind you about the Obelisk welcome dinner, you're late." Yea… he failed… horribly might I add. "Sorry if Manjoume rubbed you the wrong way. All of us Obelisks aren't like that; he's just a jerk. Especially with Osiris." We parted ways and we went into the dinner. I sat with Judai and Shou and the rude guy in my dorm room, "Hey Kiki, this is Hayato." I rolled my eyes. "We met. He's my rude roommate."

"Sorry. I am really moody when I'm awaken." Hayato grinned.

"Wait- you are his roommate? We are his roommates." Shou replied. "Seriously?! How cool. We are stuck together." I joked.

After dinner was finished I went for one of my nighttime walks. I didn't watch my surrounding and I was quickly grabbed and a hand went over my mouth before I could scream. "Boss, we got 'er!" That dumb southern boy reported in as they forced me to walk with them, removing their hand after I bit them. We arrived in the arena and I glared at Manjoume, "You are so dead" I growled.


Shou and I looked at each other, weirded out, until I started beeping. "Huh?" I took out my PDA out of its hip holster. I had a message. It's a video message, from Manjoume. I played it, "Hey, Osiris slacker. Don't think you're off the hook. Tonight, at midnight, it's on. Oh, and why don't we make it interesting. Whoever wins, gets the other guy's best card, but if you don't come she'll pay the price!" He threatened showing Kiki pissed off. I glared at the PDA, "He didn't have to take my friend for me to duel him" I put my PDA away as Hayato looked over his shoulder, "If that's Manjoume you're dueling, all ya got is trouble!"


Judai showed up and the boys released me as I walked over to Shou, so the two boys could duel. "You ok Kiko?" Shou asked quietly. "I'm fine" I smiled. During the duel Asuka appeared knowing we were here, "Actually I didn't want to come. I was kidnapped by his goons." I pointed out as Asuka shook her head muttering 'idiot boy' under her breath. "You can say that again." I giggled.

Asuka and I look at each other worriedly, "We got company. Campus security. If they find us all in here, we'll get seriously busted." We all escaped and parted to our dorms, "So ummm guys…" They all turned to me as they got into bed. "What's up?"

"Where will I sleep?" I asked. "Well… ummm you can share with me, but I snore." Shou blushed. "I toss and turn a lot." Hayato also blushed. Judai chuckled, "You can share with me."

"No touching or I hurt you, got it?" I threatened and he nodded. "Don't worry I won't do a thing." He scooted over, but I pulled him out of the bed and crawled to the side by the wall. "I feel safer behind you. Sorry" I smiled. He laughed, "No problem." A few moments later Winged Kuriboh appeared, "Kurkur." I gasped in delight. "I missed seeing you." I grinned. "You know Winged Kuriboh?" Judai whispered. I blushed, "Umm… yes. I saw him when I first met Yuugi Mutou." I lied. "You met him?" He asked astonished. "Yea… In a tournament a few years back."

'If only I could be honest.' I sighed. 'No one said you couldn't be honest.' My Duckling Princess smiled as she appeared before me. "That may be… but I can't just say. Hey. I'm Yuugi Mutou's sister… I can't make real friends that way." I sighed before I turned my back to Judai's sleeping figure and fell asleep.


'No one said you couldn't be honest.' Another voice began. "That may be… but I can't just say. Hey. I'm Yuugi Mutou's sister… I can't make real friends that way." I heard Kikyoko sigh before she turned and fell asleep. 'She's Yuugi Mutou's sister?!'